Teso District, Kenya
Teso District is an administrative district
Districts of Kenya
The provinces of Kenya are subdivided into number of districts .- List of districts of Kenya :Following a High Court ruling in September 2009, there are 46 legal districts in Kenya :Coast Province:...

 in the Western Province
Western Province (Kenya)
The Western Province of Kenya, bordering Uganda, is one of Kenya's seven administrative provinces outside Nairobi. It is west of the Eastern Rift Valley and is inhabited mainly by the Luhya people. Quakerism is widely practised here. Kenya's second highest mountain, Mount Elgon is located in...

 of Kenya. Its capital town is Amagoro
Amagoro is a town in the Western Province of Kenya. It is situated approximately 7 kilometres from the border of Uganda. It is the capital town of the Teso District....

, next to Malaba a border town between Kenya and Uganda. The district has a population of 181,491 and an area of 559 square kilometres (215.8 sq mi) . The district has one electoral constituency, Amagoro Constituency
Amagoro Constituency
Amagoro Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya's Western Province. It is the only constituency in Teso District. Sospeter Ojaamong currently represents the constituency for the Orange Democratic Movement in the National Assembly, and has done so since 2002. In the 2007 general...

 . Alupe Leprosy Hospital is located in this district.
Local authorities (councils)
Authority Type Population* Urban pop.*
Malaba may refer to:*Malaba, Kenya, a town in Teso District, western Kenya, on the border with Uganda*Malaba, Uganda, a town in Tororo District, eastern Uganda on the border with Kenya*Malaba, Ngounié, Gabon*Malaba, Nyanga, Gabon*Malaba, Cameroon...

Town 33,163 7,302
Teso County 148,328 0
Total - 181,491 7,302

Administrative divisions
Division Population* Urban
Amagoro 33,954 4,208 370
Amukura 48,067 0 264 Amukura
Angurai 44,501 0 306
Chakol 54,969 7,883 393
Total 181,491 12,153 325 (average) -
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