Malaba may refer to:
  • Malaba, Kenya
    Malaba, Kenya
    Malaba, Kenya is a town in Teso District, Western Province, on Kenya's western border with Uganda.- Location :The town is located on the main Nairobi-Kampala highway, approximately , by road, west of Nairobi....

    , a town in Teso District
    Teso District
    Teso District may refer to:* Teso District, Kenya* Teso District, Uganda...

    , western Kenya, on the border with Uganda
  • Malaba, Uganda
    Malaba, Uganda
    Malaba, Uganda is a town in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda, on Uganda's eastern border with Kenya.-Location:The town is located on the main highway between Kampala and Nairobi, approximately , by road, east of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city...

    , a town in Tororo District
    Tororo District
    Tororo District is a district in Eastern Uganda. Like most other Ugandan districts, it is named after its "chief town", Tororo.-Location:Tororo District is bordered by Mbale District to the north, Manafwa District to the northeast, the Republic of Kenya to the east, Busia District to the south,...

    , eastern Uganda on the border with Kenya
  • Malaba, Ngounié
    Malaba, Ngounié
    Malaba is a village in Ngounié Province, Gabon....

    , Gabon
  • Malaba, Nyanga
    Malaba, Nyanga
    Malaba, NgouniéMalaba is a village in Nyanga Province, Gabon....

    , Gabon
  • Malaba, Cameroon
    Malaba, Cameroon
    Malaba is a village in the South Province of Cameroon. It is located on the Atlantic coast north of Campo....

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