Studentenstadt Freimann is a student housing complex in Munich
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, Germany
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Built in two stages, 1961-1968 and 1970-1977, it is Germany's largest student housing complex with 2,478 residential units in 14 buildings, and next to the Olympic Village
Olympic Village
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, the second large complex, Studentenwerk München. In order to create affordable housing
Affordable housing
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 relatively quickly, several "Wohncontainer" (similar to mobile homes) have been set up near the original buildings. Today, more than 2,500 people live in "StuSta". Besides these provisional additions, several building expansions are planned for 2006. The streets that run through Studentenstadt are named after the World War II
World War II
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 era resistance group, the White Rose.


Studentenstadt is located in northern Munich (Freimann) between the Autobahn A9 and the northern part of the Englischer Garten in the neighborhood of Schwabing
Schwabing is a borough in the northern part of Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria. It is divided into the city borough 4 and the city borough 12...


The Residences

The Studentenstadt has two primary areas: "Altstadt", consisting of several 2 to 3 floor buildings plus two 9 floor towers, and "Neustadt", where students live in 7 - 20 floor towers.

Altstadt has 627 single-room apartments with a size of 8 - 20 square metres. Each one contains a washbasin. Kitchens, showers, and toilets are shared by all. There are also community lounges.

Neustadt has 1,458 single-room apartments. All apartments have a kitchenette
A kitchenette is a small cooking area.In motel and hotel rooms, small apartments, college dormitories, or office buildings a kitchenette usually consists of a small refrigerator, a microwave oven or hotplate, and, less frequently, a sink...

, shower, and toilet. There are also 54 married couples apartments with 35 - 77 square metres of living space. They have two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The Manhattan

The Manhattan is a bar and restaurant located in the tallest building in the Studentenstadt. It claims to be the highest biergarten in Munich. During the summer it is located indoors on the 20th floor. When the weather permits, the Manhattan uses the west terrace on the 19th floor.
It is operated by a group of students who live in the StuSta and subject to the jurisdiction of the "Heimrat" (the city council of the StuSta).

Cultural Life

The highpoint of cultural life at Studentenstadt is the Student Culture Festival, or StuStaCulum, a festival held annually since 1989 in early summer by many theatre groups, bands, and artists. It attracts about 20'000 visitors every year.

Public transportation

Adjacent to Studentenstadt is the Studentenstadt subway station
Studentenstadt (Munich U-Bahn)
Studentenstadt is a Munich U-Bahn station in the borough of Schwabing-Freimann. It services the Studentenstadt that provides accommodation for university students.-References:...

, which provides access to the U6 line and some Metro bus routes. That station is one of few stations that are built above ground.

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