Streamline may refer to:
  • Streamlines, streaklines, and pathlines, in fluid flows
  • Streamline Airlines
    • Streamliner
      A streamliner is a vehicle incorporating streamlining in a shape providing reduced air resistance. The term is applied to high-speed railway trainsets of the 1930s to 1950s, and to their successor "bullet trains". Less commonly, the term is applied to fully faired recumbent bicycles...

      , any vehicle shaped to be less resistant to air
  • Streamline (swimming)
    Streamline (swimming)
    Used most typically in competitive swimming, the streamline position is the position a swimmer takes underwater after pushing off a pool wall. To streamline, a swimmer must tuck the head into the collar bone, pointing both arms straight ahead in a tight line. The underside of both arms should be...

    , the position a swimmer takes underwater after pushing off a pool wall
  • Adobe Streamline
    Adobe Streamline
    Adobe StreamLine is a discontinued line tracing program by Adobe Systems. A test of the native Illustrator 9 auto-trace function by Creative Pro in 2002 concluded: "The premier tracing utility is StreamLine, which is infinitely controllable and very accurate." Adobe Illustrator CS2 introduced a...

    , a discontinued line tracing program made by Adobe Systems
  • Streamline Cars Ltd
    Streamline Cars Ltd
    thumb|right|250px|Two versions were made; this one had a vestigial bonnetthumb|right|250px|The Streamline was not a small carStreamline Cars Ltd was the company responsible for making the Burney car designed by Dennis Burney....

    , the company responsible for making the Burney car
  • Streamline Distributed Debugging Tool
    Streamline Distributed Debugging Tool
    The Distributed Debugging Tool, Allinea DDT, is a commercial debugger produced by Allinea Software of Warwick, United Kingdom, primarily for debugging parallel MPI or OpenMP programs, including those running on clusters of Linux machines, but also used by many for scalar code in C, C++ and Fortran 90...

    , a debugger produced by Allinea primarily for debugging parallel programs
  • Streamline Moderne
    Streamline Moderne
    Streamline Moderne, sometimes referred to by either name alone or as Art Moderne, was a late type of the Art Deco design style which emerged during the 1930s...

    , an architectural style related to Art Deco
  • Streamline Pictures
    Streamline Pictures
    Streamline Pictures was an American media company that was best known for its distribution of English dubbed Japanese animation. -Founding:Founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1988, Streamline Pictures was one of the first North American companies that was created primarily for the intention of...

    , an American distribution company best known for distributing English dubbed Japanese animation
  • Streamline Studios
    Streamline Studios
    Streamline Studios is an independent outsourcing and game developing studio. It was founded in 2001 in Hilversum, the Netherlands.-History:Streamline Studios worked on Gunman Chronicles , Unreal Tournament 2004, Saint's Row, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 among others.Black Hole Recordings, an...

    , an independent Dutch outsourcing and game developing studio
  • Hal Roach's Streamliners
    Hal Roach's Streamliners
    Hal Roach's Streamliners were a series of short comedy films created by Hal Roach that were longer than a short subject and less than a feature film not exceeding 50 minutes in length. Twenty of the twenty-nine features that Roach produced for United Artists were in the streamliner format...

    , a series of short films made in the 1940s


  • Streamline (band)
    Streamline (band)
    Startisan, formerly known as Streamline, is an American rock band originally from Rochester, New York. They have released two independent EPs. The band consists of Mike Hogan, Jon Scholl and John Viavattine. Brian Ireland and Brad Ourso are former members...

    , a band featuring Brian Ireland of Something Corporate
  • Streamline (Lenny White album), 1977
  • Streamline (Lee Greenwood album)
    Streamline (Lee Greenwood album)
    Streamline' is a studio album by Lee Greenwood released on August 5, 1985. It was number one on US Country charts.-Side One:# "Streamline" - 3:20# "Lonely People" - 2:56...

    , 1985
  • "Streamline" (song)
    Streamline (song)
    "Streamline" is a song composed by a Spanish band called Newton. It was released in 1994 and its style is Makina. When the song was released, it was only famous in Spain and some Latin American countries like Mexico. However, in 2006 this song was featured on a Pepsi commercial featuring Jimmy...

    , a song by Spanish Makina band called Newton
  • "Streamline" (System of a Down song)
  • "Streamline", a song by Pendulum, from the 2005 album Hold Your Colour
    Hold Your Colour
    Hold Your Colour is the debut full-length album by Australian drum and bass band Pendulum. The album was mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis in London. It was released in 2005 and reissued in 2007 by Breakbeat Kaos...

  • "Streamline", a song by From Autumn to Ashes, from the 2005 album Abandon Your Friends
    Abandon Your Friends
    Abandon Your Friends is the third full-length audio CD by American screamo band, From Autumn to Ashes.Released on August 30, 2005, it is the band's second album on Vagrant Records. The album shows a slight departure from their traditional sound...

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    Drag (physics)
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    Process optimization
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  • Streamlining the cities
    Streamlining the cities
    Streamlining the cities: Government proposals for reorganising local government in Greater London and the Metropolitan counties was a government white paper issued in 1983, by the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher which led to the abolition of the Greater London Council and the...

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