Soyuz TM-27

Mission accomplishments

  • Docked with Mir
    Mir was a space station operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001, at first by the Soviet Union and then by Russia. Assembled in orbit from 1986 to 1996, Mir was the first modular space station and had a greater mass than that of any previous spacecraft, holding the record for the...

  • Exchange part of crew
  • Carried out French
    The is the French government space agency . Established under President Charles de Gaulle in 1961, its headquarters are located in central Paris and it is under the supervision of the French Ministries of Defence and Research...

     mission PEGASE
    PEGASE is a proposed space mission to build a double-aperture interferometer composed of three free-flying satellites. The goal of the mission is the study of Hot Jupiters , brown dwarfs and the interior of protoplanetary disks. The mission would be performed by the Centre National d'√Čtudes...

  • Conducted routine science experiments

EVA schedule

  • 03.03.1998 aborted due to faulty hatch
  • 01.04.1998 (6h 40m)
  • 06.04.1998 (4h 23m)
  • 11.04.1998 (6h 25m)
  • 17.04.1998 (6h 32m)
  • 22.04.1998 (6h 21m)
  • Over the course of these 5 walks, the cosmonauts repaired the Spektr solar panel
    Photovoltaic module
    A solar panel is a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells...

     and installed a new VDU station orientation system.

Mission notes

Both cosmonaut
An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft....

s and astronaut Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas
Andrew "Andy" Sydney Withiel Thomas is an Australian-born American aerospace engineer and a NASA astronaut. He became a U.S. citizen in December 1986, hoping to gain entry to NASA's astronaut program...

 (arrived on STS-89
STS-89 was a space shuttle mission to the Mir space station flown by Space Shuttle Endeavour, and launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on 22 January 1998.-Crew:-Crew notes:...

) became the 25th resident crew. Eyharts landed on 19.02.1998 with Soyuz TM-26-spacecraft. Included astronaut from France.
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