A sovereign
Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a geographic area, such as a territory. It can be found in a power to rule and make law that rests on a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be provided...

is the supreme lawmaking authority within its jurisdiction.

Sovereign may also refer to:
  • Monarch
    A monarch is the person who heads a monarchy. This is a form of government in which a state or polity is ruled or controlled by an individual who typically inherits the throne by birth and occasionally rules for life or until abdication...

    , the sovereign of a monarchy
  • Sovereign Bank
    Sovereign Bank
    Sovereign Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Grupo Santander. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the bank—whose principal market is in the Northeastern United States—has more than $77 billion in assets, operates 723 retail banking offices, over 2,300 ATMs and employs approximately 8,500...

    , banking institution in the United States
  • Sovereign (British coin)
  • Sovereign Hill
    Sovereign Hill
    Sovereign Hill is an open air museum in Golden Point, a suburb of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Sovereign Hill depicts Ballarat's first ten years after the discovery of gold there in 1851. It was officially opened on 29 November 1970 and has become a nationally acclaimed tourist attraction...

    , Victoria, Australia
  • Sovereign Limited
    Sovereign Limited
    Sovereign Limited is a financial services company that provides life and health insurance, home loans, investment and superannuation products in New Zealand and is part of the ASB Group of companies.-History:...

    , Insurances company of New Zealand
  • Sovereign Pontiff, a title for the Pope
    The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, a position that makes him the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church . In the Catholic Church, the Pope is regarded as the successor of Saint Peter, the Apostle...

  • Sovereign wealth fund
    Sovereign wealth fund
    A sovereign wealth fund is a state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, property, precious metals or other financial instruments. Sovereign wealth funds invest globally. Some of them have grabbed attention making bad investments in several Wall Street financial...

    , type of investment funds


  • Lady Sovereign
    Lady Sovereign
    Louise Amanda Harman , better known by the stage name Lady Sovereign, is an English rapper & grime artist. She is noted for her professional success in performing styles of music generally dominated by males...

     (born 1985), a female MC and performing artist for Def Jam Recordings
  • "Sovereign Light Café" a song by Keane (band)


  • HMS Sovereign, the name of more than one English warship or British Royal Navy ship
  • Sovereign of the Seas
    HMS Sovereign of the Seas
    Sovereign of the Seas was a 17th century warship of the English Navy. She was ordered as a 90-gun first-rate ship of the line of the English Royal Navy, but at launch was armed with 102 bronze guns, at the insistence of the king...

    , also known as HMS Sovereign, an English warship launched in 1637 and in service until 1696, renamed Royal Sovereign in 1660
  • USS Sovereign
    USS Sovereign
    USS Sovereign may refer to:Ships*More than one United States Navy ship:** USS Sovereign , a steamer in commission from 1862 to 1865** USS Sovereign , a patrol vessel in commission from 1918 to 1919Fiction...

    , the name of more than one United States Navy ship


  • Sovereign class starship
    Sovereign class starship
    The Sovereign class is a class of Starfleet starship in the fictional Star Trek science fiction franchise. The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E was designed by Herman Zimmerman and illustrator John Eaves for Star Trek: First Contact...

    , in Star Trek
  • The Sovereign, Hercules's evil alter-ego in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a television series, filmed in New Zealand and the United States. It was produced from 1995, and was very loosely based on the tales of the classical Greek culture hero Heracles...

  • Sovereign, leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent on the television show The Venture Bros.
    The Venture Bros.
    The Venture Bros. is an American animated television series that premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on February 16, 2003. The series mixes action and comedy together while it chronicles the adventures of the Venture family: well-meaning but incompetent teenagers Hank and Dean Venture; their...

  • Digimon Sovereigns, fictional creatures from the anime series Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Tamers

Video games

  • Sovereign, a cancelled Sony Online Entertainment game
  • Sovereign, the sentient warship in the game Mass Effect
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