Sluseholmen Canal District
Sluseholmen Canal District (Danish
Danish language
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: Sluseholmen Kanalby) is a residential development, located on Sluseholmen
Sluseholmen is a peninsula in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark. Part of the Southern Docklands of the Port of Copenhagen, the area used to house heavy industry, but since the turn of the millennium Sluseholmen has undergone massive redevelopment, transforming it into a mainly residential...

 peninsula in the South Harbour
Kongens Enghave
Kongens Enghave , also known as Sydhavnen , is a district in southern Copenhagen. The area has historically been one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, dissected by major transport corridors and characterized by social problems as well as industry along the harbour-front.Since the turn...

 area of Copenhagen
Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark, with an urban population of 1,199,224 and a metropolitan population of 1,930,260 . With the completion of the transnational Øresund Bridge in 2000, Copenhagen has become the centre of the increasingly integrating Øresund Region...

, Denmark
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. The development comprises 1,350 apartments. The apartments are built on eight artificial islands, separated by dug-out canals. On each island is a closed block of townhouses, 4-7 stories tall, built around a sheltered courtyard
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 with public access. The houses are frequently stand directly on the canals, while bridges, wharf
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s and "ghats
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" create direct contact to the water.

The development was designed by Dutch architect Sjoerd Soeters
Sjoerd Soeters
Sjoerd Soeters is a well-known postmodern Dutch architect. Among other projects, he is known for his work on Amsterdam's Java Island project, the apartment complex "The Pyramids" , and for the redevelopment of Amsterdam suburb Zaandam....

 and the Danish architecture firm Arkitema
Arkitema is Danish architectural firm headquartered in Aarhus with branch offices in Copenhagen and from 2012 Oslo. In Sweden it is a majority owner of Arkitema Dot...

 but to ensure a veried cityscape, the facades of the individual townhouses were designed by 20 different architecture practices.


The Sluseholmen peninsula used to house heavy industry, including a Ford
Ford Motor Company
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 cars factory. As the industry left the area, a plan was conceived to develop Sluseholmen into a canal district. The plan was a result of a cooperation between Sjoerd Soeters, Arkitema, Port of Copenhagen
Port of Copenhagen
The Port of Copenhagen is the largest Danish seaport and one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea basin, with a total annual traffic capacity of around 18.3 million tonnes of cargo.-Statistics:...

 and the City of Copenhagen. Construction started in 2004, the first residents moved in in 2007 and by 2008 development of the new canal district had been completed.


The general concept for the area was developed by Sjoerd Soeters and Arkitema with inspiration from the artificial island residential development in Amsterdam. Arkitema also developed the shell structures.

To ensure a varied cityscape, inspired by Copenhagen vernacular architecture
Vernacular architecture
Vernacular architecture is a term used to categorize methods of construction which use locally available resources and traditions to address local needs and circumstances. Vernacular architecture tends to evolve over time to reflect the environmental, cultural and historical context in which it...

 from around 1900, the facades of the individual townhouses were designed by 20 different Danish architecture firms. Arkitema drew up a set of dogma
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, governing the materials used, colours smd proportions of the facade designs. It was also decided that at least five different firms had to be involved in the design of each island. The result is lively and imaginative block housing, with individual houses highly diverse in appearance.

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