Kongens Enghave
Kongens Enghave also known as Sydhavnen ("South Harbour"), is a district in southern Copenhagen. The area has historically been one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, dissected by major transport corridor
Transport corridor
A transportation corridor is a tract of land in which at least one main line for transport, be it road, rail or canal, has been built...

s and characterized by social problems as well as industry along the harbour-front.

Since the turn of the millennium, this picture is starting to change. While the district in general remains a relatively poor neighbourhood with social challenges, the harbour-front areas of Sluseholmen
Sluseholmen is a peninsula in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark. Part of the Southern Docklands of the Port of Copenhagen, the area used to house heavy industry, but since the turn of the millennium Sluseholmen has undergone massive redevelopment, transforming it into a mainly residential...

 and Teglholmen
Teglholmen is a peninsula in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark, located between Sluseholmen and Enghave Brygge. As part of the Southern Docklands of the Port of Copenhagen, the area used to house...

 have undergone massive redevelopment into new residential neighbourhoods which have been praised for their architecture. A significant cluster of IT
Information technology
Information technology is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications...

 and telecommunication
Telecommunication is the transmission of information over significant distances to communicate. In earlier times, telecommunications involved the use of visual signals, such as beacons, smoke signals, semaphore telegraphs, signal flags, and optical heliographs, or audio messages via coded...

s companies
A company is a form of business organization. It is an association or collection of individual real persons and/or other companies, who each provide some form of capital. This group has a common purpose or focus and an aim of gaining profits. This collection, group or association of persons can be...

 have also emerged in the area.


Kongens Enghave covers an area of 4.46 km², has a population of 15,414 and a population density of 3,455 per km² (2008). It used to be one of 15 administrative districts of Copenhagen, but since an administrative reform in 2006-08, it has been part of the official district of Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave
Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave
Vesterbro/Kongens Enghave is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The district has an area of 8.22 km² and a population of 53,351.* Vesterbro* Kongens Enghave...


Kongens Enghave is bounded by the Carlsberg area
Carlsberg (district)
Carlsberg is an area straddling the border of Valby and Vesterbro districts in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It covers an area of 33 hectares and is the former industrial site of the Carlsberg Breweries, which decommissioned their Valby brewery at the end of 2008, concentrating their production of...

 to the north, Vesterbro to the north-east and Valby
' is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen, Denmark. Located in the southwestern corner of Copenhagen Municipality, it is a heterogeneous mixture of different types of housing - including apartment blocks, terraced housing, areas with single-family houses and allotments, as well as remains...

 to the west, while Copenhagen Harbour to the east and south separates it from Amager Vest
Amager Vest
Amager Vest is a district of Copenhagen, Denmark, located on the western part of the island of Amager....



The Kongens Enghave district developed around the heavy industry of the Southern Docklands. The residential areas were built to satisfy a demand for workers for the many local companies and it has thus always been considered a working class
Working class
Working class is a term used in the social sciences and in ordinary conversation to describe those employed in lower tier jobs , often extending to those in unemployment or otherwise possessing below-average incomes...

 neighbourhood. Gradually, Kongens Enghave gained a reputation for being the area in Denmark with most people on social welfare
Transfer payment
In economics, a transfer payment is a redistribution of income in the market system. These payments are considered to be exhaustive because they do not directly absorb resources or create output...

, the lowest education rate and life expectancy
Life expectancy
Life expectancy is the expected number of years of life remaining at a given age. It is denoted by ex, which means the average number of subsequent years of life for someone now aged x, according to a particular mortality experience...

 and high incidence of all major social problems.

From around the turn of the millennium, the picture has partially started to change. A large number of multinational companies have located in the area, while at the same time, the redevelopment of the harbour-front into attractive residential and mixed-use areas have attracted new residents. Dramatically rising real-estate prices and a shortage of cheap accommodation in Copenhagen during the last half of the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s have also drawn new income groups and students to the area.

Kongens Enghave today

The parts of Kongens Enghave attracting most attention today are the redeveloped harbour-front areas of Sluseholmen and Teglholmen. In particular, the Sluseholmen Canal District
Sluseholmen Canal District
Sluseholmen Canal District is a residential development, located on Sluseholmen peninsula in the South Harbour area of Copenhagen, Denmark. The development comprises 1,350 apartments. The apartments are built on eight artificial islands, separated by dug-out canals...

 is generally recognized as one of the most successful new neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, for which it won the 2009 Danish Urban Planning Award.

The most important green space
Open space reserve
Open space reserve, open space preserve, and open space reservation, are planning and conservation ethics terms used to describe areas of protected or conserved land or water on which development is indefinitely set aside...

s of the Kongens Enghave district include Vestre Cemetery
Vestre Cemetery
Vestre Cemetery is located in a large park setting in the Kongens Enghave district of Copenhagen, Denmark. With its 54 hectares it is the largest cemetery in Denmark.Beautifully landscaped, it also serves as an important open space,...

 and the semi-natural Sydhavnstippen area.

A cluster of Danish headquarters of multinational companies such as Nokia
Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications corporation that is headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighbouring Finland's capital Helsinki...

, Sonofon
Telenor Denmark is a Danish mobile telephone operator with a customer base in excess of 1.4 million customers. Since 12 February 2004, it has been a subsidiary of the Norwegian mobile telephone company Telenor. Before 15 June 2009 was known as Sonofon....

, Philips
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. , more commonly known as Philips, is a multinational Dutch electronics company....

TDC is an initialism that may refer to:*Hong Kong Trade Development Council*TDC A/S, the largest Danish telecommunications company*TDC, the U.S...

, Statoil
Statoil ASA is a Norwegian petroleum company established in 1972. It merged with Norsk Hydro in 2007 and was known as StatoilHydro until 2009, when the name was changed back to Statoil ASA. The brand Statoil was retained as a chain of fuel stations owned by StatoilHydro...

, DaimlerChrysler
Daimler AG is a German car corporation. By unit sales, it is the thirteenth-largest car manufacturer and second-largest truck manufacturer in the world. In addition to automobiles, Daimler manufactures buses and provides financial services through its Daimler Financial Services arm...

 and BMW Group has formed in the Sydhavnen area.


There are two S-train
The S-train network is a combined urban rapid transit and suburban rail network of Metropolitan Copenhagen, Denmark. It connects the city center with the inner suburbs of Copenhagen, and has close to half of the stations within the urban city. The first line was opened in 1934...

 stations located in Kongens Enghave: Sydhavn station
Sydhavn station
Sydhavn is a station on the Køge radial of the S-train network in Copenhagen, Denmark. The station is named after Sydhavnen , a district of southern Copenhagen....

 and Sjælør station
Sjælør station
Sjælør station is an railway station on the Køge radial of the S-train network in Copenhagen, Denmark....

, both of which are on the Køge radial
Køgebugtbanen is one of six radial S-train lines in Copenhagen; it connects the city center to communities along Køge Bugt and terminates in the city of Køge about 35 km southwest of central Copenhagen.- Stations :...

 of the S-train network. A third S-train station, serviced by trains on Vestbanen
Vestbanen A/S, also known as Varde-Nørre Nebel Jernbane , is a Danish railway company. Formerly owned by Ribe County , the company leased its trains and infrastructure to Arriva, who operates Vestbanen's railway line between Varde and Nørre Nebel since 2002...

 and Frederikssundbanen
Frederikssundbanen is one of six radial S-train lines in Copenhagen; it connects the city center with a number of Northwestern suburbs and other townships until Frederikssund on the Western coast of the Nordsjælland peninsula....

, is located in Vesterbro, just on the border to Kongens Enghave.

Copenhagen Harbour Buses
Copenhagen Harbour Buses
The Copenhagen Harbour Buses is a system of water buses along the harbourfront of Copenhagen, Denmark, operated by Movia which is also operating the regular buses in the city...

line 704 serves Sluseholmen and Teglholmen.

There are also regular buses connecting from Mozarts Plads to the city centre.

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