Sana Maulit Muli
Sana Maulit Muli is a Filipino
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

 primetime soap opera
Soap opera
A soap opera, sometimes called "soap" for short, is an ongoing, episodic work of dramatic fiction presented in serial format on radio or as television programming. The name soap opera stems from the original dramatic serials broadcast on radio that had soap manufacturers, such as Procter & Gamble,...

 produced by ABS-CBN
ABS–CBN Corporation is a Philippine-based media conglomerate. It is the Philippines' largest media and entertainment conglomerate. The corporation was the merger of Alto Broadcasting System which at that time owned by James Lindenberg and Antonio Quirino, and the Chronicle Broadcasting Network ...

. It was considered as one of the most watched television shows in the Philippines
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

 for 2007. Its name is roughly translated in English
English language
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: "I Wish It Could Happen Again". In Taiwan
Taiwan , also known, especially in the past, as Formosa , is the largest island of the same-named island group of East Asia in the western Pacific Ocean and located off the southeastern coast of mainland China. The island forms over 99% of the current territory of the Republic of China following...

, this soap premiered on February 18, 2008 with the title, "Chances" (真愛奇緣 Zhēn Aì Qí Yúan).

Book 1

Sana Maulit Muli is about two young lovers who discover how true love can overpower fate and destiny. Small-town girl Jasmine Sta. Maria (Kim Chiu) and Travis Johnson (Gerald Anderson), the illegitimate son of an American
soldier, both meet as stowaways in a ship sailing from Cebu. They promise to write each other as they were separated but this promise is intercepted as soon as Camille Soriano (Erich Gonzales) deceives Travis by writing to him as Jasmine. In time, Travis' father dies and their family leaves for the Philippines only to meet up with both Camille and consequently Jasmine. A rocky start between Jasmine and Travis (when Jasmine was assigned to tutor him after a school brawl) turns into friendship then real love. Jasmine learns later on of Camille's deception and soon after learns that Camille is her younger sister. In order to make amends with her sister, Jasmine gives away everything for Camille's happiness leading to the break-up. Due to the taunting of Travis' brother Brandon, a twist ensues as Jasmine dies by a bus accident.

Book 2

Given a chance to change destiny by the mysterious Mang Andres (Michael de Mesa), Travis leaps back in time to be with the person that he loves. Also, Brandon, (Jake Cuenca) falls in love with Bianca (Neri Naig), Clara's (Glydel Mercado) sister. Clara is also Camille's stepmom. Jasmine's mother,(Mickey Ferriols)is the true mother of Camille, which means Jasmine and Camille are sisters. But Camille does not know the truth. Also, back to the love affair of Bianca and Brandon, he is falling head over heels for her and she does, as well, after all the sweet visits of him to her photo shop. (Bianca is a photographer from Boston who moves back because of the breakup of her boyfriend.) Finally, Bianca gives in, and she accepts Brandon, sleeping in his condo for the night which results to her getting pregnant. Back to Travis and Jasmine; Travis attempts to let Jasmine love him but the fact that Jasmine does not know about their love hinders Travis. Despite Mang Andres request to Travis of not to reveal what he knows about the past, he stubbornly continues to try to change everything. Every time Travis reveals something from the past, it ultimately causes a ripple in time. For one, he confronts Camille about her lie on being Poknat. However, Camille insists that she is indeed the real Poknat by singing Poknat and Bokbok's song and also showing Travis the heart of the friendship, the sandal (which in Book 1 Camille did not have). Thus, instead of trying to gain Jasmine's love again, Travis could ultimately be changing the fabric of time for the worse; for example, Clara, Camille's stepmom, dies of a fire because of Travis. Jasmine realizes because of her life that Travis is saving, other people are dying in exchange for her life. But earlier before then, because Travis saved st the bet, Jasmine and Travis won't be disturbed by him and they can finally be together again. As the time comes closer, Travis tries to save Jasmine's life but is mistaken to have mental problems since his paranoia for Jasmine's safety is becoming worse, so he's then confined in a hospital. As the night of Jasmine's death comes, Travis goes through different escapades to escape the hospital, to save Jasmine. Finally getting to see each other, Jasmine, still afraid but willing to die, promises to fight for her life. As the moment arrives, an out of control truck hits both Jasmine and Travis, which left Jasmine safe and Travis in a critical condition. Fully shocked by what had happened Jasmine makes a deal with Mang Andres to keep Travis alive, in exchange for her life. But all plans fail when Travis pursues to die to save Jasmine from dying again, and just in time Jasmine is saved by her parents. All things opposite from the Book 1, everyone mourns for Travis' death, except for Jasmine, because she believes in her heart that Travis and herself will be together again. Before going back to the United States, Travis' step mother, Monica, leaves all of Travis' belongings to Jasmine, as she knows Travis would've wanted her to have it all. Jasmine sees the watch that brought Travis back in time, included in all his things. Jasmine goes back in time, during her happiest times with Travis and far away from danger, with that happening Mang Andres finally decides to let Jasmine and Travis be, leaving all of them happy and alive. In conclusion, Brandon and Bianca are a happy couple, married and in love, with a new baby son. Jasmine goes to law school and Travis becomes a doctor. She soon graduates and becomes a successful lawyer. Camille becomes a happy teacher. Jasmine and Travis soon marry and are happily together.


Main Cast
  • Kim Chiu
    Kim Chiu
    Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu , better known as simply Kim Chiu, is a Chinese Filipino actress,singer and model. She lived in Cebu City before she went to Manila for Pinoy Big Brother...

     as Jasmine "Poknat" Sta. Maria
  • Gerald Anderson
    Gerald Anderson
    Gerald Anderson is a Filipino American actor who was a former housemate on the first season edition of the Philippine reality television show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition...

     as Travis "Bokbok" Johnson

Supporting Cast
  • Erich Gonzales
    Erich Gonzales
    Erika Chryselle Gonzales Gancayco known as Erich Gonzales, is a Filipina actress and one of ABS-CBN's Star Magic artists.-Biography:...

     as Camille Soriano
  • Jake Cuenca
    Jake Cuenca
    Juan Carlos "Jake" Leveriza Cuenca is a Spanish-Filipino actor and model. He started as a GMA talent center artist, and later transferred to ABS-CBN's talent center, Star Magic.-Early life:...

     as Brandon Johnson
  • Gloria Diaz
    Gloria Diaz
    Gloria Maria Aspillera Diaz is an award-winning actress in the Philippines, and the first Filipino to bring home the Miss Universe crown.-Early Life and Family:...

     as Monica Johnson
  • Mark Bautista
    Mark Bautista
    Mark Bautista is a Filipino singer, actor and commercial model. Born into a large, impoverished family in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Bautista received his career break when he was a Grand finalist on Philippine reality TV talent search Star for a Night and eventually placed second behind...

     as Francis Marquez
  • Mickey Ferriols
    Mickey Ferriols
    Michelle Forster , better known by her stage name Mickey Ferriols, is a Filipino actress.-Personal life:She has a son with ex-partner Archie Alemania named Brent Marcus Alemania and she is the older half-sister of Jackie Foster and youngest biological granddaughter of actor and former NFL tight...

     as Emily Sta. Maria
  • Tonton Gutierrez
    Tonton Gutierrez
    Tonton Gutierrez is a Filipino film actor.-Early life:Tonton Gutierrez was born to Eddie Gutierrez and his first wife, actress Liza Lorena. He is the half-brother of Ramon Christopher, with second wife and actress Pilita Corrales...

     as George Soriano
  • Michael de Mesa
    Michael de Mesa
    -Early life:Born Eduardo Mikael De Mesa Eigenmann on 24 May 1960 to acclaimed performer Eddie Mesa and actress Rosemarie Gil, Michael De Mesa and his siblings Mark Gil and Cherie Gil grew up steeped in the arts...

     as Mr. Destiny/Mang Andres
  • Glydel Mercado as Clara Soriano
  • Arron Villaflor
    Arron Villaflor
    Arron Villaflor is an actor and talent of ABS-CBN. He's currently managed by Star Magic.-TV series:-Movies:-External Links:...

     as Kevin Roque
  • Neri Naig
    Neri Naig
    Neri Naig is a Filipina actress. She was discovered after joining Star Circle Quest, a reality show in search of new actors and actresses and landed as the 6th Runner up.- Early life :...

     as Bianca Espino
  • Nathan Lopez as Romeo Bato
  • Marco Aytona as Bruce
  • Kyle Balili as Tam
  • Frank Garcia as Pete
  • Jeffrey Santos as Arnold Bato
  • Cheska Iñigo as Maria Bato
  • KC Aboloc as Young Camille
  • Celine Lim as Young Jasmine
  • Francis "Iking" Magundayao as Young Travis


An original soundtrack was made by ASAP Music
ASAP Music
ASAP Music is the record label of the ABS-CBN Network's variety show, ASAP 07. ASAP hosts collaborated for the first time to produce quality music on its debut release, The Hotsilog Album...

 and distributed by Star Records
Star Records
Star Records, referring loosely to two companies, Star Recording and Star Songs Music Publishing, is an ABS-CBN Entertainment Group company whose main lines of business include: producing, developing and distributing audio and video content; music publishing; events production and music artists...

 for the series.

The two main characters each have their own love theme songs. The song for Travis is "Say You'll Never Go" by Erik Santos
Erik Santos
Rhoderick Ramos Santos , more commonly known as simply Erik Santos, is a Filipino singer, actor, TV host, commercial model, and the winner of the ABS-CBN program Star In A Million Season 1 in January 2004.-Early life:...

, and the one for Jasmine is "I Remember the Boy" by Sheryn Regis
Sheryn Regis
Sheryn Mae Poncardas Regis , better known as simply Sheryn Regis, is a Filipina pop singer, composer, host and actress. Sheryn was a consistent top scorer of Star in a Million, where she eventually ended as runner-up to Erik Santos in January 2004...

. The track "Isang Pangarap Lamang" was sung by True Faith.

Sana Maulit Muli in Taiwan

This series was sold to TBS under the PTS network, entitled "Chances". It was dubbed in Taiwanese, and premiered on February 18, 2008. In spite of its late in the night schedule at 11:00 PM, it constantly made waves in Taiwan.

Sana Maulit Muli on News5

Episode has the same title as of the series on the Love Hurts segment of Sapul sa Singko
Sapul sa Singko
Sapul sa Singko , formerly Sapul is TV5's morning show...

 on May 10, 2011


  • Directors: Jerome Pobocan and Tots Sanchez-Mariscal
  • Executive in charge of production: Roldeo Endrinal
  • Executive producer: Brenda Lee Estopacio
  • Production manager: Julie Anne R. Benitez
  • Creative manager: Rondel Lindayag
  • Head writer: Reggie Amigo
  • Writer: Philip King


  • A film with the same title was made in 1995. It stars Aga Muhlach
    Aga Muhlach
    Ariel Aquino Muhlach , commonly known as Aga Muhlach, is a 2-time Gawad Urian and FAMAS award-winning Filipino actor and product endorser...

     and Lea Salonga
    Lea Salonga
    Lea Salonga-Chien is a mezzo-soprano singer and actress from the Philippines well known for originating the lead role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon, for which she won the Olivier, Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics and Theatre World awards.She was the first Asian to play the roles of Éponine and...

    , and was produced by ABS-CBN
    ABS–CBN Corporation is a Philippine-based media conglomerate. It is the Philippines' largest media and entertainment conglomerate. The corporation was the merger of Alto Broadcasting System which at that time owned by James Lindenberg and Antonio Quirino, and the Chronicle Broadcasting Network ...

    's sister company, Star Cinema
    Star Cinema
    ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. , is the wholly owned film production subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation. It is the Philippines' largest film production, producing most of the highest grossing films in the Philippines.-1994:...

  • This is Chiu and Anderson's first teleserye on primetime TV.
  • Its first title was My Destiny, but later changed to Sana Maulit Muli.
  • The composer and the singer of the song "Sana Maulit Muli", Gary Valenciano, agreed to use his song on the series to represent the new generation of teenagers.
  • This series was sold to TBS
    Taiwan Broadcasting System
    Taiwan Broadcasting System , founded July 1, 2006, is a Public broadcasting group that holds 8 television channels in Taiwan. It is also the biggest of five major Taiwan Television Networks by owning 2 of them: Chinese Television System and Public Television Service.-Channels:*Chinese Television...

    , entitled Chances. It was dubbed in Taiwanese, and premiered on February 18, 2008.
  • Its finale reached an impressive 40.6% in the Nationwide ratings (NUTAM).
  • After this soap opera Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's pairing in (Drama soaps)dates began mostly on January 18 as their date in 2009 for Tayong Dalawa which ran for 9 months til September 25, 2010 and Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo their latest Soap Offering which is ending on July 9, 2010 which ran for 7 months which is a part of the 60th year of Philippine Drama.
  • Sana Maulit Muli became the most watched soap of half of 2007 and most favorite drama
  • It's theme song Sana Maulit Muli is the No.1 Hit Song and Most Popular Music Video on You tube with Millions of Views.
  • The song Sana Maulit Muli was originally a private elegy song, written in English, for the fallen actress Julie Vega called "Why did you close your eyes so soon." It was later publicly released with different lyrics, in Filipino, written by Angelie, Gary V's wife.


Year Film Award/Critics Award
2007 21st PMPC Star Awards for Television Winner, Best New Male TV Personality (Gerald Anderson)
2007 21st PMPC Star Awards for Television Winner, Best New Female TV Personality (Kim Chiu)
2007 ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2007 Winner, Pop TV Show of the Year
2007 ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2007 Winner, Pop TV Character of the Year (Bokbok and Poknat)

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