Salaryman Kintaro
is a manga
Manga is the Japanese word for "comics" and consists of comics and print cartoons . In the West, the term "manga" has been appropriated to refer specifically to comics created in Japan, or by Japanese authors, in the Japanese language and conforming to the style developed in Japan in the late 19th...

 series by Hiroshi Motomiya. It has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump
Weekly Young Jump
, launched in 1979, is a weekly Japanese magazine that publishes various seinen manga in each issue. It is published by Shueisha under the Jump line of magazines.- History :...

 since 1994, but has gone through many periods of inactivity.

The manga follows Kintarō Yajima, a former Bōsōzoku
is a Japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs.-Traits and history:The word bōsōzoku is also applied to motorcycle gangs, who share an interest in modifications for motorcycles, such as removing the mufflers so that more noise is produced...

 leader who, as a promise to his late wife, has become a salaryman
refers to someone whose income is salary based; particularly those working for corporations. Its frequent use by Japanese corporations, and its prevalence in Japanese manga and anime has gradually led to its acceptance in English-speaking countries as a noun for a Japanese white-collar...

. In 2005, Kintarō went from working as a salaryman to working for a foreign bank.

In 2005, Salaryman Kintaro began appearing as an online comic and eventually returned to Young Jump.


The protagonist of the series, a high school dropout and former Bōsōzoku
is a Japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs.-Traits and history:The word bōsōzoku is also applied to motorcycle gangs, who share an interest in modifications for motorcycles, such as removing the mufflers so that more noise is produced...

 who retired to become a fisherman
A fisherman or fisher is someone who captures fish and other animals from a body of water, or gathers shellfish. Worldwide, there are about 38 million commercial and subsistence fishermen and fish farmers. The term can also be applied to recreational fishermen and may be used to describe both men...

, but after he saved Morinosuke Yamato he was offered a job at Yamato Construction in the sales department.

Née . A high class woman who once had an affair with the late politician . She still has strong political and financial connections and later becomes Kintarō's wife.

The son of Kintarō and his late wife Akemi.

The daughter of Misuzu from her affair with Kuroda.

Kintarō's first wife, a kind blind
Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological or neurological factors.Various scales have been developed to describe the extent of vision loss and define blindness...

 woman who dies giving birth to Ryōta.

One of the many men that Kintarō saves. Chairman of Yamato Construction. He believes in Kintarō all the way.

Live-action film

  • Director: Takashi Miike
    Takashi Miike
    is a highly prolific and controversial Japanese filmmaker. He has directed over seventy theatrical, video, and television productions since his debut in 1991. In the years 2001 and 2002 alone, Miike is credited with directing fifteen productions...

  • Producers: Morihiro Kodama, Mitsunori Morita, Kazuya Hamana
  • Screenplay: Kenji Nakazono, Naoko Harada
  • Music: Kouji Endou
  • Cinematography: Hideo Yamamoto
  • Editing: Yasushi Shimamura
  • Assistant Director: Bunmei Katō

  • Kintaro Yajima: Katsunori Takahashi
  • Misuzu Suenaga: Yoko Saito
  • Mimi Suenaga: Kanako Enomoto
    Kanako Enomoto
    Kanako Enomoto is a Japanese actress and model.-Biography:Kanako first attracted public attention at age 12 when she was selected the Astel phone company's spokesmodel. By 14, she had become one of the many "J-Idol" girls with the publication of her first photobook, "Fourteen"...

  • Ryota Yajima: Chinosuke Shimada
  • Ryunosuke Yamato: Masahiko Tsugawa
    Masahiko Tsugawa
    , born Masahiko Kato on January 2, 1940 in Kyoto, Japan is a Japanese actor and director.He made his debut at the age of 16 in the Kō Nakahira film Crazed Fruit in 1956. Tsugawa's family was heavily involved in the film industry since before his birth...

  • Genzo Oshima: Shuichiro Moriyama
  • Yusaku Kurokawa: Taisaku Akino
  • Yozo Igo: Tsutomu Yamazaki
  • Kayo Nakamura: Yoko Nogiwa
    Yoko Nogiwa
    is a Japanese actress.-External links:...

  • Masumi Nakamura: Michiko Hada
    Michiko Hada
    , born 24 September 1968 in Mitsukaido, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese actress.-External links:*...

  • Ichiro Maeda: Toshiaki Megumi
  • Hitomi Aihara: Miki Mizuno
    Miki Mizuno
    Miki Mizuno is a Japanese actress. Her film credits include a leading role in the second new Gamera film: Gamera 2: Attack of Legion -Television:...

  • Masakazu Tanaka: Masanobu Katsumura
  • Takatsukasa: Naoki Hosaka
  • Seishiro Tanioka: Shingo Yamashiro
    Shingo Yamashiro
    was a Japanese television and film actor.Yamashiro, who was originally from Kyoto, Japan, was born , but used Shingo Yamashiro as his stage name. He made his film acting debut in 1957....

  • Fumihiko Handa: Hiromasa Taguchi
  • Tadashi Shiina: Satoshi Uzaki

Theme Song
  • In My Dream (TUBE
    Tube (band)
    TUBE is a Japanese pop/rock band. This group released most of its songs in April to July earning the phrase, "Summer comes with TUBE". There is an urban legend that Fuyumi Sakamoto who releases her songs only in winter, has never met TUBE or that she makes songs for TUBE and vice versa...


Live-action TV series

  • January 10~March 21, 1999: Salaryman Kintarō (11 Episodes, Average Rating: 19.0%)((cn))
  • October 3, 1999: Salaryman Kintarō Special
  • April 9~July 2, 2000: Salaryman Kintarō 2 (12 Episodes, Average Rating: 16.3%)((cn))
  • January 6~March 17, 2002: Salaryman Kintarō 3 (11 Episodes, Average Rating: 15.5%)((cn))
  • January 15~March 18, 2004: Salaryman Kintarō 4 (10 Episodes, Average Rating: 11.2%)((cn))

The main cast from the film version returned for the television series.

Theme Songs
  • Season 1: (The Alfee
    The Alfee
    The Alfee is a popular Japanese musical group composed of Masaru Sakurai , Kōnosuke Sakazaki and Toshihiko Takamizawa...

  • Season 2: (Tetsurō Oda
    Tetsurō Oda
    is a Japanese composer, record producer, and singer-songwriter.In the 1990s, Oda composed a number of hit songs such as B.B.Queens' "Odoru Pompokolin", Zard's "Makenaide", and Noriko Sakai's "Aoi Usagi"....

  • Season 3: (Katsunori Takahashi)
  • Season 4: (The Alfee)

Anime TV series

  • Kintaro Yajima: Taisei Miyamoto
  • Misuzu Suenaga: Atsuko Tanaka
    Atsuko Tanaka
    is a Japanese voice actress who works for Ezaki Productions. Her deep and sultry voice is often used to portray villainesses and mature female characters.-TV anime:*Angel Links *Black Cat *Berserk *Cowboy Bebop...

  • Mimi Suenaga: Ryōka Yuzuki
    Ryoka Yuzuki
    Ryōka Yuzuki is a voice actress who was born in Anjo, Aichi, Japan. Her younger sister is an adult comic strip artist Sayumi Sakuragi ....

  • Morinosuke Yamato: Kiyoshi Kawakuba
  • Genzo Oshima: Takeshi Watabe
    Takeshi Watabe
    was a Japanese voice actor. He was born in Kōchi Prefecture. He usually played villains and performed the voices for many anime characters and tokusatsu villains. He is most famous for voicing Kaminari in Doraemon...

  • Yusaku Kurokawa: Nachi Nozawa
    Nachi Nozawa
    was a Japanese seiyū, actor, and theatre director from Tokyo. He was affiliated with Office PAC at the time of his death. His real name was...

  • Ryuzo Igo: Kōsei Tomita
    Kosei Tomita
    is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo who is affiliated with Production Baobab. His real name is .- TV :* Matteo in Animation Kikou Marco Polo no Boken* Rumina's grandfather in Tokyo Underground* Bouleuse Gotho in Armored Trooper Votoms* Master in Black Jack...

  • Kayo Nakamura: Seiko Tomoe
  • Ichiro Maeda: Kōichi Nagano
    Koichi Nagano
    is a male Japanese voice actor. He is from Sakura, Chiba, Japan. He debuted in 1990.Kouichi is famous for voicing Yuichiro Hikari in Rockman EXE. Another famous role includes that of Ryokan Kurita in Eyeshield 21.He was formerly part of 81 Produce.-Anime:...

  • Masakazu Tanaka: Tomoyuki Kōno
    Tomoyuki Kono
    is a Japanese voice actor currently works for 81 Produce.-Anime voice roles:*MegaMan NT Warrior - Magnetman*Naruto - Kotetsu Hagane*Noir - Chu, Lune, and Vanel*Pokémon 4Ever - Houndoom*Rockman.EXE Stream - Magnetman...

  • Hiroshi Kaminaga: Katsuhisa Hōki
  • Takashi Shiina: Kunihiko Yasui
    Kunihiko Yasui
    is a Japanese voice actor. Also, he graduated from Aichi Prefecture. He is employed by the talent agency 81 Produce. He is also asked by SNK to participate as a member of SNK's character image band, King of Fighters, under the role of Iori Yagami.-TV anime:...

  • Mamoru Mizuki: Nobuaki Sekine
    Nobuaki Sekine
    is a Japanese voice actor.-Anime:*Animation Kikou Marco Polo no Boken as Varieties*Avenger as Old Man*Case Closed as Shitara*Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 as Gaohai *Gintama as Superior is a Japanese voice actor.-Anime:*Animation Kikou Marco Polo no Boken as Varieties*Avenger as Old...

  • Kyoko Sakurai: Masako Katsuki
    Masako Katsuki
    is a Japanese voice actress who was born in Hachinohe, Aomori. Formerly from Theater Echo, she is currently employed by 81 Produce and has voiced in several notable films and tv series...

Theme Songs
  • Opening Theme: (Yumi Matsuzawa
    Yumi Matsuzawa
    is a Japanese singer from Saitama, Saitama Prefecture. She is best known for her debut release "YOU GET TO BURNING", the opening theme for Martian Successor Nadesico, as well as the movie version's theme song "Dearest"....

  • Ending Theme: (Norishige Takahashi)

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