Richter can refer to:
  • the Richter magnitude scale
    Richter magnitude scale
    The expression Richter magnitude scale refers to a number of ways to assign a single number to quantify the energy contained in an earthquake....

    , a scale measuring the strength of earthquakes.
  • Richter (Electro-Rock)
    Richter (Electro-Rock)
    - The Beginning :Richter was founded in 1999 by bassist Gustavo Scheller and keyboardist Nan , with drummer JD5, singer Capi Sands, replaced a few months later by singer and electronic musician Zenitram, and guitarist Tano Suarez, replaced by John John after he left the band in 2003...

    , an electro-rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Richter as a surname

Richter is also a German-language surname, held by the following individuals:
  • Adrian Ludwig Richter
    Adrian Ludwig Richter
    Adrian Ludwig Richter , a German painter and etcher, was born at Dresden, the son of the engraver Karl August Richter, from whom he received his training; but he was strongly influenced by Erhard and Chodowiecki....

    , 19th century German artist
  • Aemilius Ludwig Richter, 19th century German jurist
  • Albert Richter
    Albert Richter
    Albert Richter was a German cyclist who won the world sprint championship. He was taken from a train by the Gestapo and never seen again.-Background:...

     (1912–1940), German track cyclist and World Champion
  • Andy Richter
    Andy Richter
    Paul Andrew "Andy" Richter is an American actor, writer, comedian, and late night talk show announcer. He is best known for his role as the sidekick of Conan O'Brien on each of the host's programs: Late Night and The Tonight Show on NBC, and Conan on TBS...

    , comedian
  • Anton Karl Richter, Austrian organist, son of Ferdinand Tobias Richter
    Ferdinand Tobias Richter
    Ferdinand Tobias Richter was anAustrian Baroque composer and organist.From 1675 to 1679 Richter served as organist at Heiligenkreuz Abbey in southern Austria. In 1683 he moved to Vienna to become court and chamber organist at the imperial court. In 1690 he was named first organist in the court...

  • August Gottlieb Richter
    August Gottlieb Richter
    August Gottlieb Richter was a German surgeon who was born in Zörbig, Saxony-Anhalt. He received his doctorate from Göttingen in 1764, and spent most of his career in Göttingen as a professor and surgeon...

    , German surgeon
  • Bruno Richter
    Bruno Richter
    Bruno Richter was a highly decorated Rittmeister in the Wehrmacht during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grade Oak Leaves was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or...

    , German military officer
  • Burton Richter
    Burton Richter
    Burton Richter is a Nobel Prize-winning American physicist. He led the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center team which co-discovered the J/ψ meson in 1974, alongside the Brookhaven National Laboratory team led by Samuel Ting. This discovery was part of the so-called November Revolution of particle...

    , Nobel laureate in physics
  • Charles Francis Richter
    Charles Francis Richter
    Charles Francis Richter , was an American seismologist and physicist. Richter is most famous as the creator of the Richter magnitude scale which, until the development of the moment magnitude scale in 1979, quantified the size of earthquakes...

    , inventor of the Richter magnitude scale
  • Claus Richter
    Claus Richter
    Claus Richer is a German journalist.- Life :Richter works in Germany as journalist. Since 2001 Richter has been a television presenter for magazine show Frontal 21 on ZDF.- Awards :* 1990: Bayerischer Fernsehpreis...

    , German journalist
  • Conrad Richter
    Conrad Richter
    Conrad Michael Richter was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist whose lyrical work focuses on life along the American frontier.-Biography:...

    , Pulitzer Prize winning Western novelist
  • Eugen Richter
    Eugen Richter
    Eugen Richter was a German politician and journalist.-Career:Born as the son of a combat medic, Richter attended the Gymnasium in his home town of Düsseldorf. Since 1856, he studied Law and Economics at the Universities of Bonn, Berlin and Heidelberg, that he finished with a law degree in 1859...

    , German politician
  • Ferdinand Tobias Richter
    Ferdinand Tobias Richter
    Ferdinand Tobias Richter was anAustrian Baroque composer and organist.From 1675 to 1679 Richter served as organist at Heiligenkreuz Abbey in southern Austria. In 1683 he moved to Vienna to become court and chamber organist at the imperial court. In 1690 he was named first organist in the court...

    , Austrian Baroque composer and organist
  • Frank Richter, Sr., rancher and entrepreneur in 19th Century British Columbia and Washington
  • Frank Richter, Jr., MLA in the Canadian province of British Columbia from 1963 to 1975
  • Frank-Jürgen Richter
    Frank-Jürgen Richter
    Frank-Jürgen Richter is a German entrepreneur and currently the Chairman of Horasis. He has served in that role since he founded the organization.-Business Meetings:...

    , Chairman of Horasis
    Horasis is an independent think tank based in Zurich, Switzerland, which was established in 2005 by Frank-Jürgen Richter, its Chairman. Its stated mission is to "enact visions for a sustainable future" through new platforms for cooperation and knowledge-sharing, particularly between developed...

     a Swiss think-tank in Zurich.
  • Franz Xaver Richter
    Franz Xaver Richter
    Franz Xaver Richter, known as François Xavier Richter in France was an Austro-Moravian singer, violinist, composer, conductor and music theoretician who spent most of his life first in Austria and later in Mannheim and in Strasbourg, where he was music director of the cathedral...

    , Classical-era Czech composer.
  • George Richter, Conductor
  • Gerhard Richter
    Gerhard Richter
    Gerhard Richter is a German visual artist. Richter has simultaneously produced abstract and photorealistic painted works, as well as photographs and glass pieces, thus undermining the concept of the artist’s obligation to maintain a single cohesive style.- Biography :Gerhard Richter was born in...

    , Preeminent 20th century German painter
  • Gustav Richter (artist)
    Gustav Richter (artist)
    Gustav Carl Ludwig Richter was a German figure and portrait painter, born at Berlin.He began his studies at the academy there under Eduard Holbein, then was a pupil of Cogniet in Paris, and studied in Rome until 1849...

    , 19th century German artist
  • Gustav Richter
    Gustav Richter
    Gustav Richter was an aide to Nazi Adolf Eichmann during World War II.Richter was born in 1913 and he received a law degree .Richter was a devoted Nazi...

    , 20th century German Nazi official
  • Hans Richter (artist)
    Hans Richter (artist)
    Hans Richter was a painter, graphic artist, avant-gardist, film-experimenter and producer. He was born in Berlin into a well-to-do family and died in Minusio, near Locarno, Switzerland.-Germany:...

    , Dada artist, filmmaker and writer
  • Hans Richter (actor)
    Hans Richter (actor)
    Hans Richter was a German film actor. He appeared in over 130 films between 1931 and 1984.He was born in Brandenburg, Germany and died in Heppenheim, Germany.-Selected filmography:* The Black Cobra...

    , German actor and director
  • Hans Richter (conductor)
    Hans Richter (conductor)
    Hans Richter was an Austrian orchestral and operatic conductor.-Biography:Richter was born in Raab , Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire. His mother was opera-singer Jozsefa Csazenszky. He studied at the Vienna Conservatory...

    , German conductor
  • Henjo Richter
    Henjo Richter
    Henjo Oliver Richter, in Hamburg, West Germany, is a guitarist and keyboardist in Gamma Ray, the German power metal band formed by Kai Hansen.-Biography:...

    , German guitarist
  • Henry Constantine Richter
    Henry Constantine Richter
    Henry Constantine Richter was a zoological illustrator.Richter was employed by John Gould to assist with the illustrations of his zoological works after the death of Gould's wife Elizabeth...

     (1821 - 1902), zoological illustrator.
  • Hieronymous Theodor Richter
    Hieronymous Theodor Richter
    Hieronymus Theodor Richter was a German chemist.He was born in Dresden. In 1863, while working at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, he co-discovered indium with Ferdinand Reich. In 1875, he became the director of the school. He died 25 September 1898, in Freiberg, Saxony, at the...

    , German chemist
  • Ilja Richter
    Ilja Richter
    Ilja Richter is a German actor, television presenter, singer and author.- Life :In the 1970s Richter became famous in Germany as television presenter of Disco. As an actor he played several roles in films and in theatre. Richter wrote several books...

    , German actor, singer and television presenter
  • Jamie Richter, Australian author of slipstream, technology-themed horror, and dark speculative fiction.
  • Jason James Richter
    Jason James Richter
    Jason James Richter is an American actor.At the age of three, he and his family moved to Hawaii, where a Japanese casting agency discovered him and signed him up for three TV spots...

    , American actor
  • Jeffrey Richter
    Jeffrey Richter
    Jeffrey Richter is a co-founder of Wintellect. He has written a number of books on programming for Windows and .NET.-Bibliography:* CLR via C#, Third Edition...

    , author of books on programming for Windows and .NET
  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul
    Jean Paul , born Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, was a German Romantic writer, best known for his humorous novels and stories.-Life and work:...

     Friedrich Richter, German novelist and author
  • Jeremias Benjamin Richter
    Jeremias Benjamin Richter
    Jeremias Benjamin Richter was a German chemist. He was born at Hirschberg in Silesia, became a mining official at Breslau in 1794, and in 1800 was appointed assessor to the department of mines and chemist to the royal porcelain factory at Berlin, where he died.-Developer of titration:To him...

    , German chemist who developed the stoichiometry theory
  • John C. Richter
    John C. Richter
    John C. Richter was the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma from 2005 until August 2009. He was Chief of Staff for the Criminal Division of the Justice Department and was a strong supporter of the US Patriot Act. He has prosecuted Terrorism cases...

    , U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma
  • Johnny Richter, member of the rapcore, alternative punk rock group, the Kottonmouth Kings
  • Johan Richter (inventor)
    Johan Richter (inventor)
    Johan Richter was an engineer and industrialist, but above all a groundbreaking inventor in the area of pulp and paper production. A global company – Kamyr in Karlstad Sweden – was created solely on his inventions...

    , Norwegian-Swedish Inventor and Industrialist
  • Karl Richter (conductor), German conductor
  • Karl W. Richter
    Karl W. Richter
    Karl Wendell Richter was an officer in the United States Air Force and an accomplished fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. At the age of 23 he was the youngest pilot in that conflict to shoot down a MiG in air-to-air combat.-Early career:Karl W. Richter was born October 4, 1942,the youngest of...

    , American aviator
  • Matthew Richter
    Matthew Richter
    Matthew Richter is an American author, producer, performer, and arts entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington...

    , American arts producer
  • Max Richter (composer)
    Max Richter (Composer)
    Max Richter is a German-born British composer.-Biography:Richter studied composition and piano at University of Edinburgh, the Royal Academy of Music and with Luciano Berio in Florence. After finishing his studies, Richter co-founded the contemporary classical ensemble Piano Circus...

    , German-born classical composer
  • Mike Richter
    Mike Richter
    Michael Thomas Richter is a former ice hockey goaltender. One of the most successful American-born goaltenders in history, he is best known for having led the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup title in 1994 and for repeatedly representing the United States in international play. Due to his...

    , American ice hockey player
  • Pat Richter
    Pat Richter
    Hugh Vernon Richter is the former University of Wisconsin–Madison athletic director and American football player. He was responsible for hiring Barry Alvarez from Notre Dame in 1990 as head football coach, restoring the Badgers football program to national prominence.-Playing career:Richter was...

    , football player for the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Washington Redskins, later athletic director of the UW–Madison
  • Paul Richter
    Paul Richter
    Paul Richter was an Austrian film actor. He married the actress Aud Egede-Nissen and was stepfather to Georg Richter.-Selected filmography:* The Indian Tomb * Die Nibelungen * The Sorceror...

    , Austrian actor
  • Ronald Richter
    Ronald Richter
    Ronald Richter was an Austrian, later Argentine, scientist who became famous in connection with the Huemul Project and the National Atomic Energy Commission. This was intended to generate energy from nuclear fusion in the 1950s in Argentina, during the presidency of Juan Perón...

    , Austrian head of the infamous Argentine Huemul Project
  • Roy Richter
    Roy Richter
    Roy Richter was an early auto racer and the creator of Bell Helmets, and Cragar Equipment—performance and wheels—all sold through an auto parts company that he owned, Bell Auto Parts....

    , American auto racer, inventor, businessman
  • Sergy Richter (born 1989), Israeli Olympic sport shooter
  • Simona Richter
    Simona Richter
    Simona Marcela Richter is a retired female judoka from Romania. She claimed a bronze medal in the Women's Light-Heavyweight division at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, together with Italy's Emanuela Pierantozzi.-References:*...

    , Romanian judoka
  • Stacey Richter
    Stacey Richter
    Stacey Richter is an American writer of short fiction. Richter has been the recipient of four Pushcart Prizes, a National Prize for Fiction and the National Magazine Award. Her first collection of stories, My Date with Satan was published in 1999...

    , American writer of short fiction
  • Sviatoslav Richter
    Sviatoslav Richter
    Sviatoslav Teofilovich Richter was a Soviet pianist well known for the depth of his interpretations, virtuoso technique, and vast repertoire. He is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century.-Childhood:...

    , Soviet pianist
  • Travis Richter, guitarist of the American rock band, From First to Last
    From First to Last
    From First to Last was an American rock band based out of Los Angeles, originally hailing from Valdosta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida. The band released their first EP titled Aesthetic in 2003 with vocalist Phillip Reardon, followed by Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count in 2004 and Heroine in...

  • Richter, the right-hand man villain in the science fiction thriller Total Recall
    Total Recall
    Total Recall is a 1990 American science fiction action film. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox & Mel Johnson, Jr.. It is based on the Philip K. Dick story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”...

Also appears in

  • Richter Abend, character from the game, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, known in Japan as , is a console role-playing game developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai for the Wii as a cross of spin-off and sequel to Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of...

  • The Richter tuning
    Richter tuning
    Richter tuning is a system of choosing the reeds for a diatonic wind instrument . It is named after Joseph Richter, a Bohemian instrument maker who adopted the tuning for his harmonicas the early 19th century and is credited with inventing the blow/draw mechanism that allows the harmonica to play...

     scale developed in 1825 to which harmonicas are commonly tuned

  • Gedeon Richter Ltd.
    Gedeon Richter Ltd.
    Gedeon Richter Plc. , the largest pharmaceutical factory in Hungary, was established by Mr. Gedeon Richter, a pharmacist in 1901. Mr. Richter is not only the founder of the company, but the establishment of his firm also marked the beginning of the development of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry...

    , a Hungarian pharmaceutical company, listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Richter (toy company)
    Richter (toy company)
    Friedrich Adolf Richter was a German toy manufacturer and pharmaceutical manufacturer and founder of the Anker factory in Rudolstadt, Germany. He was born 1847 in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia and died 1910 in Jena...

    , a German toy manufacturer from the early 20th century
  • Richter Belmont, a character from the Castlevania game series
  • Owen Von Richter
    Owen Von Richter
    Owen Von Richter is a retired male medley swimmer from Canada, who competed for his native country at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia...

     (born 1975), Canadian medley swimmer
  • "Goin' Richter," a song by The Ziggens
    The Ziggens
    The Ziggens are a band based out of Orange County, California whose self-described style of "cowpunksurfabilly" combines elements of surf, rockabilly, punk, ska, and country. The Ziggens are led by Bert Susanka who sings and plays rhythm guitar. Other members include Dickie Little on lead guitar,...

See also

  • Richter's transformation
    Richter's transformation
    Richter's transformation, or Richter's syndrome is a complication of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia or hairy cell leukemia in which the leukemia changes into a fast-growing diffuse large B cell lymphoma. There is also a less common variant in which the CLL changes into a Hodgkin's lymphoma...

    or Richter's syndrome, a complication of blood-related neoplasms
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