Raj Comics
Raj Comics is an India
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n comic book
Comic book
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 line published by a division of Raja Pocket Books.

Raj Comics' best-known characters include Nagraj
Nagraj (comics)
Nagraj is an Indian comic book character from Raj Comics, who can arguable be considered the longest-running Indian action comic Superhero. Created in the late 1980s by Sanjay Gupta, Nagraj has changed a lot in his 25 years in print, both in terms of looks as well as in stories...

, Super Commando Dhruva
Super Commando Dhruva
Super Commando Dhruva is a fictional superhero in comic books published by Raj Comics. The character first appeared in "Pratishodh Ki Jwala" and was created by writer and artist Anupam Sinha...

, Doga
Doga (comics)
Doga is a hero character appearing in Raj Comics, published and distributed across India. Created by Tarun kumar Wahi, Sanjay Gupta & artist Manu in the year 1992, Doga is the first and the only antihero character in Raj Comics...

, Parmanu, Shakti
Shakti (rajcomics)
Shakti is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.-Origin:Chanda hosts her body for Shakti.Chanda was an ordinary housewife. One day she discovered that her husband had been killing her girl offspring...

, Bhokal and Super Indian
Super Indian (comics)
Super Indian is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.-Origin:Super Indian is actually Aman, born to the fictional terrorist chief Ahankari, as a clone. Ahankari considered cloning himself after suffering a near fatal encounter with William Boother, an...

Raj Comics was started in 1986 by Rajkumar Gupta.

The company focuses on superhero
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-centric comic books. The majority of their output is in the Hindi
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 language, but a few titles and 'special editions' have been translated into English.