Precipitation may refer to:
  • Precipitation (meteorology)
    Precipitation (meteorology)
    In meteorology, precipitation In meteorology, precipitation In meteorology, precipitation (also known as one of the classes of hydrometeors, which are atmospheric water phenomena is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity. The main forms of precipitation...

    , rain, sleet, hail, snow and other forms of water falling from the sky
  • Precipitation (chemistry)
    Precipitation (chemistry)
    Precipitation is the formation of a solid in a solution or inside anothersolid during a chemical reaction or by diffusion in a solid. When the reaction occurs in a liquid, the solid formed is called the precipitate, or when compacted by a centrifuge, a pellet. The liquid remaining above the solid...

    , the condensation of a solid from a solution during a chemical reaction
  • Precipitation (horse)
    Precipitation (horse)
    Precipitation was an influential British bred Thoroughbred stallion who is found in the pedigrees of many racehorses and sport horses today. He alone is responsible for maintaining the Matchem sireline, through Sheshoon, except for the American Fair Play branch.-Pedigree:He was by Hurry On and out...

    , a Thoroughbred racehorse

  • Acid precipitation, a type of meteorological precipitation characterized by high acidity
  • Ammonium sulfate precipitation
    Ammonium sulfate precipitation
    Ammonium sulfate precipitation is a method used to purify proteins by altering their solubility. It is a specific case of a more general technique known as salting out....

    , a method of purifying proteins
  • Basic precipitation
    Basic precipitation
    Basic precipitation or Alkaline precipitation occurs when calcium oxide or sodium hydroxide are emitted into the atmosphere, and are absorbed by water droplets in clouds, which then fall as rain, snow, or sleet...

    , a type of precipitation characterized by high alkalinity
  • Ethanol precipitation
    Ethanol precipitation
    Ethanol precipitation is a method used to purify and/or concentrate RNA, DNA and polysaccharides such as pectin and xyloglucan from aqueous solutions.- Theory :DNA is polar due to its highly charged phosphate backbone...

    , a method of concentrating DNA
  • Precipitation hardening, a method used to strengthen malleable materials
  • Protein precipitation
    Protein precipitation
    Precipitation is widely used in downstream processing of biological products, such as proteins. This unit operation serves to concentrate and fractionate the target product from various contaminants. For example, in the biotechnology industry protein precipitation is used to eliminate contaminants...

    , a method of separating contaminants from biological products
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