Potenciano Gregorio
Potenciano Gregorio, often referred to as Potenciano Gregorio, Sr. (May 19, 1880 to February 12, 1939) was a Bicolano
Bikol language
Central Bicolano , is one of the individual languages of the Bikol languages. It belongs to Coastal Bikol. It is spoken in Bicol Region of the Philippines .-Bikol-Naga:...

 musician. He was the composer of Sarung Banggi (One Evening), the most famous song in the Bikol language
Bikol language
Central Bicolano , is one of the individual languages of the Bikol languages. It belongs to Coastal Bikol. It is spoken in Bicol Region of the Philippines .-Bikol-Naga:...


Potenciano Gregorio was born in what was then known as the town of Lib-og (now Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo, Albay
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) in the province of Albay
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 in the Philippines
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. His parents were Narciso Gregorio and Canuta Valladolid (some sources spell his mother's name as Balladolid). At an early age he learned to play the violin and was soon recognized for his talent. He subsequently learned to play other instruments such as the bandurria, the guitar, and piano. Later he started writing music for the local church by himself or in collaboration with his older brother Bernardo who organized the local band Banda de Lib-og. Potenciano later became the bandmaster of the same band until he joined the Philippine Constabulary Band in 1919.

It is claimed that Potenciano Gregorio composed Sarung Banggi when he was 17 years old. There are different versions as to how he composed this song. Hilario Balilo, the former town mayor stated that the composer wrote the music and lyrics of the song one night after hearing a bird chirping and the leaves rustling. He based this version on information he received from Justo Gregorio, a nephew of Potenciano. Resurrecion Gregorio, a grandson of Potenciano however claimed that the song was written during the 1897 eruption of Mayon volcano and initially the composer wanted to dedicate the song to his then fiancée Dominga Duran whom he later married.

Potenciano Gregorio later sold the rights to the song to Constancio de Guzman.

He also wrote other songs like Pusong Tagub nin Sakit and Hinuyop-hoyop nin Dios.

In 1919, he joined the Philippine Constabulary band under the tutelage of Col. Walter Loving.

Potenciano Gregorio was among those invited to compete with other musicians during the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1938. However, while he was overseas, he died in 1939 of pneumonia in Honolulu. His remains were brought back to the Philippines and buried in La Loma Cemetery in Manila
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. In 2005, his remains were exhumed and brought to his hometown of Santo Domingo where they were reinterred.

In 1961, a fire hit Santo Domingo which destroyed Potenciano Gregorio's ancestral home.
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