Order of Michael the Brave
The Order of Michael the Brave is Romania
Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea...

's highest military decoration
Military decoration
A military decoration is a decoration given to military personnel or units for heroism in battle or distinguished service. They are designed to be worn on military uniform....

, instituted by King
King of Romania
King of the Romanians , rather than King of Romania , was the official title of the ruler of the Kingdom of Romania from 1881 until 1947, when Romania was proclaimed a republic....

 Ferdinand I
Ferdinand I of Romania
Ferdinand was the King of Romania from 10 October 1914 until his death.-Early life:Born in Sigmaringen in southwestern Germany, the Roman Catholic Prince Ferdinand Viktor Albert Meinrad of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, later simply of Hohenzollern, was a son of Leopold, Prince of...

 during the early stages of the Romanian Campaign
Romanian Campaign (World War I)
The Romanian Campaign was part of the Balkan theatre of World War I, with Romania and Russia allied against the armies of the Central Powers. Fighting took place from August 1916 to December 1917, across most of present-day Romania, including Transylvania, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian...

 of World War I
World War I
World War I , which was predominantly called the World War or the Great War from its occurrence until 1939, and the First World War or World War I thereafter, was a major war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918...

, and was again awarded in World War II
World War II
World War II, or the Second World War , was a global conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, involving most of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis...

. The Order, which may be bestowed as an individual medal or as a unit award, was named in honor of Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul), a late 16th century Prince of Wallachia
Wallachia or Walachia is a historical and geographical region of Romania. It is situated north of the Danube and south of the Southern Carpathians...

, of Transylvania
Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of Romania. Bounded on the east and south by the Carpathian mountain range, historical Transylvania extended in the west to the Apuseni Mountains; however, the term sometimes encompasses not only Transylvania proper, but also the historical...

 and of Moldavia
Moldavia is a geographic and historical region and former principality in Eastern Europe, corresponding to the territory between the Eastern Carpathians and the Dniester river...



Requirements: Awarded to officers only for exceptional deeds on the battlefield. It is the highest ranking Romanian military order.
Classes: 3rd, 2nd and 1st
Date Instituted: September 26, 1916
Number awarded: 2184
During WW1:
1st class: 16
2nd class: 12
3rd class: 336 (of which 43 awarded to military units)
During WW2:
1st class: 15
2nd class: 76 (of which 13 awarded to military units)
3rd class: 1628 (of which 118 awarded to military units)


  • Ion Antonescu
    Ion Antonescu
    Ion Victor Antonescu was a Romanian soldier, authoritarian politician and convicted war criminal. The Prime Minister and Conducător during most of World War II, he presided over two successive wartime dictatorships...

  • Josip Broz Tito
    Josip Broz Tito
    Marshal Josip Broz Tito – 4 May 1980) was a Yugoslav revolutionary and statesman. While his presidency has been criticized as authoritarian, Tito was a popular public figure both in Yugoslavia and abroad, viewed as a unifying symbol for the nations of the Yugoslav federation...

  • Vasile Atanasiu
    Vasile Atanasiu
    Vasile Atanasiu was a Romanian general.He graduated from the "Military School of Artillery, Combat Engineering and Navy officers" in 1907, with the rank of sub-lieutenant, being promoted lieutenant in 1910, captain in 1915 and major in 1917 during World War I...

  • Alexandru Averescu
    Alexandru Averescu
    Alexandru Averescu was a Romanian marshal and populist politician. A Romanian Armed Forces Commander during World War I, he served as Prime Minister of three separate cabinets . He first rose to prominence during the peasant's revolt of 1907, which he helped repress in violence...

  • Radu Bâldescu
    Radu Baldescu
    Radu Baldescu was a Romanian Lieutenant-General during World War II. He began his military career in 1936 as Commanding Officer 93rd Infantry Regiment. In 1937, he became Commandant Sibiu Officers School. In 1940, he first became Commanding Officer 16th Brigade and then Deputy General Officer...

  • Nicolae Dabija
    Nicolae Dabija
    Nicolae Dabija is a Moldovan politician. He is the president of the Democratic Forum of Romanians in Moldova.- Biography :He served as member of the Parliament of Moldova. Nicolae Dabija is editor in chief of Literatura şi Arta....

  • Corneliu Dragalina
    Corneliu Dragalina
    Corneliu Dragalina was a Romanian General during World War II, the son of the World War I-general Ion Dragalina. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross...

  • Grigore Gafencu
    Grigore Gafencu
    Grigore Gafencu was a Romanian politician, diplomat and journalist.-Political career:Gafencu studied law and received his Ph.D. in law from the University of Bucharest. During World War I, he participated as a lieutenant and received the Mihai Viteazul Order for courage in battle...

  • Eremia Grigorescu
    Eremia Grigorescu
    Eremia Grigorescu was a Romanian artillery General during World War I, and Minister of War in the Constantin Coandă cabinet ....

  • Michael I of Romania
    Michael I of Romania
    Michael was the last King of Romania. He reigned from 20 July 1927 to 8 June 1930, and again from 6 September 1940 until 30 December 1947 when he was forced, by the Communist Party of Romania , to abdicate to the Soviet armies of occupation...

     (as Commander-in-Chief of the Romanian Army in 1941)
  • John J. Pershing
    John J. Pershing
    John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing, GCB , was a general officer in the United States Army who led the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I...

  • Radu Korne
    Radu Korne
    Radu Korne was a Romanian General during World War II.-Awards:* Order of Michael the Brave** 3rd Class ** 2nd Class * Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Class...

  • Mihail Lascăr
    Mihail Lascar
    Mihail Lascăr was a Romanian General during World War II, and Minister of Defense from 1946 to 1947.After graduating from the Infantry Officer School in 1910 with the rank of 2nd lieutenant, he fought in the Second Balkan War and in World War I, being promoted to major...

  • Leonard Mociulschi
    Leonard Mociulschi
    Leonard Mociulschi was a Romanian Major General during World War II.-Awards:* Order of Michael the Brave** 3rd Class ** 2nd Class...

  • Ioan Palaghiţă
    Ioan Palaghita
    Ioan Pălăghiţă was a Romanian Officer during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross...

  • Constantin Prezan
    Constantin Prezan
    Constantin Prezan was a Romanian general during World War I and after the war a Marshal of Romania....

  • Corneliu Teodorini
    Corneliu Teodorini
    Corneliu Teodorini was a Romanian Major General during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves...

  • Constantin Mihalcea

During World War II, at a time when Romania was allied with Germany
Germany , officially the Federal Republic of Germany , is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe. The country consists of 16 states while the capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 km2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate...

 (see Romania during World War II
Romania during World War II
Following the outbreak of World War II on 1 September 1939, the Kingdom of Romania officially adopted a position of neutrality. However, the rapidly changing situation in Europe during 1940, as well as domestic political upheaval, undermined this stance. Fascist political forces such as the Iron...

), the Order was awarded to several members of the Axis
Axis Powers
The Axis powers , also known as the Axis alliance, Axis nations, Axis countries, or just the Axis, was an alignment of great powers during the mid-20th century that fought World War II against the Allies. It began in 1936 with treaties of friendship between Germany and Italy and between Germany and...

 military forces:
  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel , popularly known as the Desert Fox , was a German Field Marshal of World War II. He won the respect of both his own troops and the enemies he fought....

  • Fedor von Bock
    Fedor von Bock
    Fedor von Bock was a German Generalfeldmarshall who served in the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. As a leader who lectured his soldiers about the honor of dying for the German Fatherland, he was nicknamed "Der Sterber"...

  • Walther von Brauchitsch
    Walther von Brauchitsch
    Heinrich Alfred Hermann Walther von Brauchitsch was a German field marshal and the Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres in the early years of World War II.-Biography:...

  • Karl Dönitz
    Karl Dönitz
    Karl Dönitz was a German naval commander during World War II. He started his career in the German Navy during World War I. In 1918, while he was in command of , the submarine was sunk by British forces and Dönitz was taken prisoner...

  • Hermann Göring
    Hermann Göring
    Hermann Wilhelm Göring, was a German politician, military leader, and a leading member of the Nazi Party. He was a veteran of World War I as an ace fighter pilot, and a recipient of the coveted Pour le Mérite, also known as "The Blue Max"...

  • Hermann Hoth
    Hermann Hoth
    Hermann "Papa" Hoth was an officer in the German military from 1903 to 1945. He attained the rank of Generaloberst during World War II. He fought in France, but is most noted for his later exploits as a panzer commander on the Eastern Front...

  • Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
    Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
    Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was the military leader of the Whites in the Finnish Civil War, Commander-in-Chief of Finland's Defence Forces during World War II, Marshal of Finland, and a Finnish statesman. He was Regent of Finland and the sixth President of Finland...

  • Erich von Manstein
    Erich von Manstein
    Erich von Manstein was a field marshal in World War II. He became one of the most prominent commanders of Germany's World War II armed forces...

  • Friedrich Paulus
    Friedrich Paulus
    Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus was an officer in the German military from 1910 to 1945. He attained the rank of Generalfeldmarschall during World War II, and is best known for having commanded the Sixth Army's assault on Stalingrad during Operation Blue in 1942...

  • Wolfram von Richthofen
    Wolfram von Richthofen
    Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Freiherr von RichthofenIn German a Doctorate in engineering is abbreviated as Dr.-Ing. . was a German Generalfeldmarschall of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War...

  • Gerd von Rundstedt
    Gerd von Rundstedt
    Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt was a Generalfeldmarschall of the German Army during World War II. He held some of the highest field commands in all phases of the war....

  • Wilhelm Schöning
    Wilhelm Schöning
    Wilhelm Schöning served as commander of the 66th Panzergrenadier Regiment of the 13th Panzer Division during the Siege of Budapest.Most of the division was encircled and destroyed in Budapest between December and February 1944-45. The remnants which escaped, consisting of 200-300 men, were...

  • Walter Warlimont
    Walter Warlimont
    Walter Warlimont was a German officer known for his role in the OKW inner circle .-World War I:...

  • Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
    Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
    Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist was a leading German field marshal during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords...

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    The National Decorations System of Romania is divided into six categories, listed below. It was re-established in 1998, after a 50-year period of during which Romania used a Soviet-style system of decorations...

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