Oklahoma city
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Oklahoma.Oklahoma City may also refer to:*Oklahoma City metropolitan area*Downtown Oklahoma City*Uptown Oklahoma City*Oklahoma City bombing*Oklahoma City National Memorial...

is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City may also refer to:
  • Oklahoma City metropolitan area
    Oklahoma City metropolitan area
    -Metro-area suburbs and exurbs:The following communities are suburbs and exurbs of Oklahoma City with populations of at least 1,000 found within the bounds of State Highway 33 to the north, State Highway 18 and US-177 to the east, State Highway 39 and State Highway 9 to the south, and US-81 to the...

  • Downtown Oklahoma City
    Downtown Oklahoma City
    Downtown Oklahoma City is located at the geographic center of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and is the principal business district of the city. With 115 city blocks and around of office space, downtown Oklahoma City also is the economic, financial, and entertainment center of the city...

  • Uptown Oklahoma City
    Uptown Oklahoma City
    Uptown is the area near the mid 23rd Street of Oklahoma City due east of Asia District. It includes Oklahoma City University and numerous ethnic shops and gritty venues. Among them, Tower theatre is currently being remodeled to become a large scale venue with new storefronts...

  • Oklahoma City bombing
    Oklahoma City bombing
    The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. It was the most destructive act of terrorism on American soil until the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives, including 19...

  • Oklahoma City National Memorial
    Oklahoma City National Memorial
    The Oklahoma City National Memorial is a memorial in the United States that honors the victims, survivors, rescuers, and all who were affected by the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. The memorial is located in downtown Oklahoma City on the former site of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal...

  • Oklahoma City Philharmonic
    Oklahoma City Philharmonic
    The Oklahoma City Philharmonic is the most prominent performing orchestra in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and its environs.- History :The first Oklahoma City orchestra was formed as early as 1924. The Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1938 with Ralph Rose conducting its inaugural season...

  • Oklahoma City Crosstown
    Oklahoma City Crosstown
    The Oklahoma City Crosstown is an elevated four mile stretch of Interstate 40 that dissects downtown Oklahoma City from Agnew Avenue to Byers Avenue. It is owned and maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation...

  • Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden
    Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden
    The widely acclaimed Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden is a zoo and botanical garden located in the Adventure District in northeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma....

  • Oklahoma City Police Department
    Oklahoma City Police Department
    The Oklahoma City Police Department is the principal law enforcement agency of the city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies and is the largest municipal law enforcement agency in the state.The OCPD was officially...

  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art
    Oklahoma City Museum of Art
    The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is a museum located in the Donald W. Reynolds Visual Arts Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. The museum features visiting exhibits; original selections from its own collection; a theater showing a variety of foreign, independent, and classic films each week;...

  • Oklahoma City Thunder
    Oklahoma City Thunder
    The Oklahoma City Thunder are a professional basketball franchise based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association ; their home court is at Chesapeake Energy Arena....

     - NBA team
  • Oklahoma City RedHawks - minor league baseball team
  • Oklahoma City Blazers
    Oklahoma City Blazers
    The Oklahoma City Blazers were a professional ice hockey team that played in the Northwest Division of the Central Hockey League. The Blazers played at the Ford Center, located in downtown Oklahoma City. Their colors were burgundy, gold and white...

     - hockey team
  • Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz
    Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz
    The Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz was a member of the new Arena Football League. The team began play as a 2004 expansion team of the original Arena Football League's now-defunct minor league af2...

     - arena football team
  • Oklahoma City Lightning
    Oklahoma City Lightning
    The Oklahoma City Lightning is Oklahoma City full-contact women's American football team in the Women's Football Alliance. Home games are played at Taft Stadium....

     - women's football team
  • Oklahoma City Warriors
    Oklahoma City Warriors
    The Oklahoma Warriors were a soccer club based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that competed in the SISL and USISL.Before the 1993 outdoor season, the club was renamed the Oklahoma City Slickers.-Year-by-year:...

     - defunct soccer team

  • Oklahoma City University
    Oklahoma City University
    Oklahoma City University, often referred to as OCU, is a coeducational, urban, private university historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church...

  • Oklahoma City Community College
    Oklahoma City Community College
    The Oklahoma City Community College, also referred to as OCCC or O-Triple-C, is a coeducational community college located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The community college was founded in 1972. It currently enrolls 19,700 students. The faculty consists of 134 full-time professors, and 400 adjunct...

  • Oklahoma City University School of Law
    Oklahoma City University School of Law
    Oklahoma City University School of Law, also known as OCU Law, is one of the professional graduate schools of Oklahoma City University. OCU Law is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was founded in 1907...

  • Oklahoma City Public Schools
    Oklahoma City Public Schools
    The Oklahoma City Public Schools is an urban inner-city public school district located in Oklahoma City. It is the largest primary and secondary education district in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area, as well as the largest in the state of Oklahoma with over 42,750 enrolled students in 2009...

  • USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5)
    USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5)
    USS Oklahoma City was one of 27 United States Navy light cruisers completed during or shortly after World War II, and one of six to be converted to guided missile cruisers. She was the first US Navy ship to be named for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma...

     - light cruiser in U.S. Navy 1944-1979.
  • USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723)
    USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723)
    USS Oklahoma City , a , is the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The contract to build her was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in Newport News, Virginia on 13 August 1981 and her keel was laid down on 4 January 1984. She was...

     - nuclear attack submarine 1988–present.

  • Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple
    The Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple is the 95th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It serves 13 stakes in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri....

     - temple
    Temple (LDS Church)
    In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , a temple is a building dedicated to be a House of the Lord, and they are considered by Church members to be the most sacred structures on earth. Upon completion, temples are usually open to the public for a short period of time...

     of LDS Church.

Other uses
  • Oklahoma City sonic boom tests
    Oklahoma City sonic boom tests
    The Oklahoma City sonic boom tests, also known as Operation Bongo II, refer to a controversial experiment in which 1,253 sonic booms were carried out over Oklahoma City, Oklahoma over a period of six months in 1964...

     - controversial government experiment
  • Oklahoma City (Amtrak station)
    Oklahoma City (Amtrak station)
    Oklahoma City's Amtrak station is known as the Santa Fe Depot, and has a station ID OKC, similar to the city's airport IATA code. The train station is an Art Deco structure located in downtown Oklahoma City at 100 South E.K. Gaylord Boulevard...

     - train station
  • Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway
    Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka Railway
    The Oklahoma City – Ada – Atoka Railway was formed from trackage from Oklahoma City to Atoka via Shawnee and Ada, Oklahoma, that was not included in the 1923 reorganization of the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad....

     - railway line
  • Oklahoma City Underground
    Oklahoma City Underground
    The Oklahoma City Underground is a series of pedestrian tunnels and skyways connecting several buildings in Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.-History:...

     - pedestrian tunnels and skyways
  • Oklahoma City Assembly
    Oklahoma City Assembly
    Oklahoma City Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Construction on the plant started in 1974, and it opened in 1979 to produce the X-body cars. The company spent $700,000,000 to convert the plant from building the Chevrolet Malibu car to building the GMT360...

    - closed GM factory
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