Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
, commonly known as NTT, is a Japanese telecommunications company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Ranked the 31st in Fortune Global 500
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, NTT is the largest telecommunications company in Asia
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, and the second-largest in the world in terms of revenue
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While NTT is listed on Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, New York, and London stock exchanges, the Japanese government
Government of Japan
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 still owns roughly one-third of NTT's shares
Share (finance)
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, regulated by the NTT Law (Law Concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Etc.).


Established as a monopoly government-owned corporation
Government-owned corporation
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 in 1953, was privatized
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 in 1985 to encourage competition in the telecom market. In 1987, NTT made the largest stock offering
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 to date, at US$36.8 billion.

Because NTT owns most of the last mile
Last mile
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, it enjoys oligopolistic
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 control over land lines in Japan. In order to weaken NTT, the company was divided into a holding company (NTT) and three telecom companies (NTT East, NTT West, and NTT Communications) in 1999. The NTT Law regulating NTT East and West requires them to serve only short distance communications and obligates them to maintain telephone service all over the country. They are also obligated to lease their unused optical fiber (dark fiber
Dark fiber
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) to other carriers at regulated rates. NTT Communications is not regulated by the NTT Law.

In July 2010, NTT and South Africa
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n IT company Dimension Data Holdings announced an agreement of a cash offer from NTT for Dimension Data's entire issued share capital, in £2.12bn ($3.24bn) deal.

In late 2010, NTT's Japan-to-US transpacific network reached 400 Gbps. In August 2011, its network capacity was expanded to 500 Gbps.


NTT Group consists of the following major companies, divided into five segments. NTT East, NTT West, NTT Communications, NTT DoCoMo, and NTT Data are most major subsidiaries. NTT DoCoMo and NTT Data are listed on the stock markets.

Long distance & international

  • NTT Communications
  • Verio Inc
    Verio is a global web hosting provider headquartered in the United States. Incorporated in 1996 in Denver, Colorado, it is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Communications, who acquired the company in 2000...

  • NTT America
On July 28, 2011, NTT America announced that it will use Bloom fuel cells at one of its data centers. It will power those Bloom fuel cells with biogas instead of natural gas to be more environmental-friendly.
  • NTT Europe
    NTT Europe Ltd
    NTT Europe provides Managed Network Services, Managed Hosting, IP Network Services, Co-location Services and related services such as IT Service Management and security management for many types of business....

  • NTT Europe Online
    NTT Europe Online
    NTT Europe announced on January 17, 2011 that it will merge NTT Europe Online, its managed hosting subsidiary, into the company as another step towards becoming an ICT service provider...

  • HKNet
    HKNet is an internet service provider in Hong Kong. It is a part of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group. Previously one of the major players in the broadband market, HKNet began retreating from the consumer market, and in 2005, transferred its residential customers to the larger Netvigator ISP...

  • Plala Networks
    NTT Plala
    Plala is a major Japanese Internet service provider operated by NTT Plala Inc. It was established in 1995 and focuses on personal internal service. Its major stockholder is NTT Communications Corp. The company's name was changed to "NTT Plala" from "Plala" on March 1, 2008. -External links:...

Other businesses

  • NTT Urban Development
  • NTT Facilities
  • NTT Finance
  • NTT Electronics
  • NTT Advanced Technology

R&D laboratories

  • Cyber Communications Laboratory Group
    • Cyber Solutions Laboratories (Yokosuka
      Yokosuka, Kanagawa
      is a city located in Kanagawa, Japan. As of 2010, the city had an estimated population of 419,067 and a population density of 4,160 people per km². It covered an area of 100.62 km²...

    • Cyber Space Laboratories (Yokosuka)
  • Information Sharing Laboratory Group
    • Service Integration Laboratories (Musashino
      Musashino, Tokyo
      is a city located in Tokyo, Japan.As of October 1, 2010, the city has an estimated population of 137,222 and a population density of 12,788.63 persons per km². The total area is 10.73 km².The city was founded on November 3, 1947...

    • Information Sharing Platform Laboratories (Musashino)
    • Network Service Systems Laboratories (Musashino & Makuhari
      Mihama-ku, Chiba
      is one of the six wards of the city of Chiba in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As of 2011, the ward had an estimated population of 150,382 and a population density of 7,110 persons per km². The total area was 21.16 km².-Geography:...

    • Access Network Service Systems Laboratories (Tsukuba
      Tsukuba, Ibaraki
      is a city located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. It is known as the location of the , a planned city developed in the 1960s.As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 207,394 and a population density of 730 persons per km². Its total area is 284.07 km².Mount Tsukuba, particularly well-known...

      , Yokosuka & Makuhari)
    • Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories (Atsugi
      Atsugi, Kanagawa
      is a city located in central Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. As of 2010, the city has an estimated population of 225,622 and a population density of 2,410 persons per km². The total area was 93.83 km²...

  • Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
    • Network Innovation Laboratories (Yokosuka)
    • Microsystem Integration Laboratories (Atsugi)
    • Photonics Laboratories (Atsugi)
    • Communication Science Laboratories (Keihanna
      Kansai Science City
      is an unincorporated city located in the , a border region between Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara Prefectures of Japan. The name is commonly shortened to or...

    • Basic Research Laboratories (Atsugi)


  • Omiya Ardija
    Omiya Ardija
    is a professional football club which play in the J. League Division 1, and are based in Ōmiya-ku in Saitama, Japan. Its "hometown" as designated by the league is the whole of Saitama city, which is shared with neighbours Urawa Red Diamonds...

     and Roasso Kumamoto
    Roasso Kumamoto
    is a Japanese football club based in Kumamoto, the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture. Roasso Kumamoto was promoted to J. League Division 2 for the first time at the end of the 2007 season, and played their first season in 2008 where they finished 12th...

    (Japanese football clubs formerly affiliated with NTT)

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