Mixco is a municipality
A municipality is essentially an urban administrative division having corporate status and usually powers of self-government. It can also be used to mean the governing body of a municipality. A municipality is a general-purpose administrative subdivision, as opposed to a special-purpose district...

 in the Guatemala department
Departments of Guatemala
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 of Guatemala
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Located next to the main Guatemala City municipality, over time it has become part of the Guatemala City Metropolitan Area
Guatemala City Metropolitan Area
The Guatemala City Metropolitan area is a conglomeration of large municipalities surrounding the central city of Guatemala City.The municipalities conforming the metropolitan area are the following:1.Guatemala City...

. Most of Mixco is separated from the city by canyons, for which a multitude of bridges have been created. Ciudad San Cristóbal
Ciudad San Cristóbal
Ciudad San Cristóbal is a neighbourhood in the city of Mixco, and part of the department of Guatemala.One of the biggest housing developments near Guatemala City, it was first developed by DEINCO, a major real estate company, in 1973. It spans over more than 10 square kilometers, separated from...

, one of Guatemala's largest cities, is located in this municipality. It is the third largest city in Guatemala, after Guatemala City
Guatemala City
Guatemala City , is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala and Central America...

 and Villa Nueva
Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Villa Nueva is a municipality in the Guatemala department of Guatemala. Villa Nueva is located south of Guatemala City and has a population of 710,218 people, making it the second largest city in Guatemala, after Guatemala City...

, with a population of 688,124.

Administrative Division

Territorially the municipality is divided into eleven areas, formed by colonies, villages, counties and the county seat. However, some villages are turned into colonies.
1. El Campanero 6. El Naranjito
2. San José La Comunidad 7. Sacoj
3. Lo de Coy 8. Buena Vista
4. Lo de Bran 9. El Aguacate
5. Lo de Fuentes 10. El Manzanillo

1. El Milagro 11. Monte Real
2. Primero de Julio 12. Monte Verde
3. San Francisco 13. El Castaño
4. El Caminero 14. Pablo VI
5. Carolingia 15. Belencito
6. Las Brisas 16. Molino de Las Flores
7. La Brigada 17. Ciudad San Cristóbal
8. Belén 18. Lomas de Portugal
9. Monserrat 19. Bosques de San Nicolás
10. Las Minervas 20. El Tesoro
21. El Tesoro Banvi

La Florida, is no longer considered part of Mixco, because it have become part of Guatemala City in 1958.


Mayors Period
Abraham Rivera Sagastume  2000-2004
Amílcar Rivera Estévez  2004-2012
Otto Pérez Leal  2012-2016


  • UruralG
    Universidad Panamericana de Guatemala
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  • USAC
    Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
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Deportivo Mixco
Deportivo Mixco
Club Social y Deportivo Mixco is a Guatemalan football club based in Mixco, Guatemala.They had played their home games in the Clausura 2010 in the Estadio Julio Armando Cobar in Petapa, since plans for construction of the Estadio de La Tierra de Campeones are in an advanced stage.In the Apertura...

 football club play in the Guatemalan second division
Primera División de Ascenso
The Primera División de Ascenso is the second highest level of the Guatemalan league system of football. Formerly, it was known as Liga Mayor "B"...

. They have been playing their home games at different locations, since they plan to build the new Estadio de La Tierra de Campeones.

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