Mir EO-24


This mission was part of the Shuttle-Mir Program
Shuttle-Mir Program
The Shuttle–Mir Program was a collaborative space program between Russia and the United States, which involved American Space Shuttles visiting the Russian space station Mir, Russian cosmonauts flying on the shuttle and an American astronaut flying aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to engage in...

, in which three American astronauts flew aboard the station during Mir EO-24.
Position First Part
(August 1997 to September 1997)
Second Part
(September 1997 to January, 1998)
Third Part
(January, 1998 to February, 1998)
Commander   Anatoly Solovyev
Anatoly Solovyev
Anatoly Yakovlevich Solovyev is a former Soviet pilot, cosmonaut, and Colonel. Solovyev holds the world record on the number of spacewalks performed , and accumulated time spent spacewalking .- Family :...

Fifth spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1   Pavel Vinogradov
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2   Colin Michael Foale
Fourth spaceflight
Launched during Mir EO-23
  David Wolf
Third spaceflight
  Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas
Andrew "Andy" Sydney Withiel Thomas is an Australian-born American aerospace engineer and a NASA astronaut. He became a U.S. citizen in December 1986, hoping to gain entry to NASA's astronaut program...

Second spaceflight

Note:   Léopold Eyharts
Léopold Eyharts
Léopold Eyharts is a Brigadier General in the French Air Force and an ESA astronaut.-Background:Eyharts was born April 28, 1957, in Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France...

 joined the Soyuz TM-26
Soyuz TM-26
Soyuz TM-26 is a Russian spacecraft that ferried cosmonauts and supplies to the Mir, the Russian space station. It was the 32nd expedition to Mir. It was launched by a Soyuz-U rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome on August 5, 1997...

 crew on the way home from Mir, after launching with Soyuz TM-27
Soyuz TM-27
-Mission accomplishments:*Docked with Mir*Exchange part of crew*Carried out French mission PEGASE*Conducted routine science experiments-EVA schedule:*03.03.1998 aborted due to faulty hatch*01.04.1998 *06.04.1998 *11.04.1998...

 crewmembers Talgat Musabayev
Talgat Musabayev
Talgat Amangeldyuly Musabayev , is a Kazakh test pilot and former cosmonaut who flew on three spaceflights. His first two spaceflights were long-duration stays aboard the Russian space station Mir. His third spaceflight was a short duration visiting mission to the International Space Station, which...

 and Nikolai Budarin
Nikolai Budarin
Nikolai Mikhailovich Budarin is a Russian cosmonaut, a veteran of three extended space missions aboard the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station...

 at the end of Mir EO-24. Foale arrived aboard Mir during the EO-23 mission, and was transferred to the EO-24 crew when the expeditions changed. Thomas remained aboard Mir as part of the EO-25 crew after the end of EO-24.

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