Menachem Mendel Taub
Menachem Mendel Taub, known as The Kaliver Rebbe, is a prominent Hasidic
Hasidic Judaism
Hasidic Judaism or Hasidism, from the Hebrew —Ḥasidut in Sephardi, Chasidus in Ashkenazi, meaning "piety" , is a branch of Orthodox Judaism that promotes spirituality and joy through the popularisation and internalisation of Jewish mysticism as the fundamental aspects of the Jewish faith...

In Judaism, a rabbi is a teacher of Torah. This title derives from the Hebrew word רבי , meaning "My Master" , which is the way a student would address a master of Torah...

 who is the Rebbe
Rebbe , which means master, teacher, or mentor, is a Yiddish word derived from the Hebrew word Rabbi. It often refers to the leader of a Hasidic Jewish movement...

(spiritual leader) of the Kaliver Chassidic movement. He was Seventh in a direct paternal line to the Founder of the Dynasty, Rabbi Yitzchak Izak of Kaliv, a Disciple of the Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizensk.


The Rebbe, a survivor of Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto
Warsaw Ghetto
The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest of all Jewish Ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II. It was established in the Polish capital between October and November 15, 1940, in the territory of General Government of the German-occupied Poland, with over 400,000 Jews from the vicinity...

, has made it his life's mission to have Jews remember those who perished in the Holocaust through the saying of the Shema Prayer at the end of every synagogue Service.

The Kaliv Institutions include Centers in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Tiberias, Rishon Letzion, and other locations throughout Israel.
The Rebbe is in the process of building the Ani Ma'amin Holocaust museum to showcase the faith of Orthodox Jews during the Holocaust.

Books by Rabbi Taub

Rabbi Taub wrote and published Kol Menachem, a 13 volume work on the Torah and Jewish Holidays, along with several other works.

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