Marion Fresenius Fooshee
Marion Fresenius Fooshee (July 27, 1888 – January 4, 1956) was an American
United States
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An architect is a person trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to offer or render services in connection with the design and construction of a building, or group of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the...

 active in the Dallas
Dallas, Texas
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, Texas
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United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

) area.

The architect's name has also been spelled as Marion Fooshe.

Marion Fooshee was Francis Marion and Margaret Christine (Fresenius) Fooshee's only child. Marion was born in Weatherford, Texas
Weatherford, Texas
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 and spent his early years in Corpus Christi, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas
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. At age seven, Marion's father died while the family was living in Corpus Christi. In 1898 he and his mother moved north to Dallas where his mother established a boarding house at Live Oak Street and Haskell Avenue, in the current Bryan Place
Bryan Place
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 neighborhood. Fooshee spent the remainder of his youth there and attended Bryan High School, but did not go to college.

In 1911, Marion Fooshee was hired by H. B. Thompson to help design eclectic homes for the Dallas elite. Much of his designs are seen on Swiss Avenue
Swiss Avenue
Swiss Avenue is an elegant residential street and historic district in east Dallas, Texas . The tree-lined street is 2.5 miles long with approximately 200 carefully preserved and restored historic homes representing several architectural styles including Mediterranean, Spanish, Georgian, Prairie,...

 and in the Munger Place
Munger Place
The Munger Place Historic District is a neighborhood and historic district in Old East Dallas, Texas , generally lying between North Fitzhugh Avenue on the southwest, Gaston Avenue on the northwest, Henderson Avenue on the northeast, and Columbia Avenue on the southeast. Detailed boundaries are...

 historic district in east Dallas
East Dallas
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. Some of his important designs include the Aldredge House at 5500 Swiss Avenue, built in 1917, and homes for Charles Sanger and Judge George C. Greer.

Fooshee was a tall Southern
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 gentleman who was friendly and easygoing—his demeanor fitted Thompson's clientele very well, and several projects, including the palatial Orville Throp residence in Highland Park, 4908 Lakeside, built 1915, are generally credited to Thompson and Fooshee.

At the outbreak of World War I
World War I
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, Fooshee entered officers' training camp and was sent to the Bethlehem Ship Yards in San Francisco
San Francisco, California
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 where he performed architectural work for the Navy
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. In 1918 he was discharged and he began an independent architectural practice in Dallas. James B. Cheek, who Fooshee met in Thompson's office around 1914, joined Fooshee's practice soon after. In one point, the practice was apparently located in Wichita Falls.

In Dallas, Fooshee and Cheek solidified their reputation for designing large homes for the very wealthy. They typically worked independently on their residential commissions; Fooshee is credited with 3606 Cornell in Highland Park
Highland Park, Texas
Highland Park is a town in central Dallas County, Texas, United States. The population was 8,842 at the 2000 census. Located between the Dallas North Tollway and U.S. Route 75 , four miles north of downtown Dallas....

 (ca. 1923). They also built apartment buildings and duplexes, including much of the 4400 block of Westway in Dallas, where both Fooshee and Cheek lived.

In 1920, Fooshee was appointed architect for the Dallas Park Board, and the firm's practice expanded into civic and commercial structures. Among the projects built were Highland Park Village
Highland Park Village
Highland Park Village is an upscale shopping mall located at the southwest corner of Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road in Highland Park, Texas and was the first self-contained shopping center in America. The Highland Park Village was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2000.-History:Mr....

 (ca. 1930-1935), the first self-contained shopping center in the nation, though the project is generally credited to Cheek.

Fooshee and Cheek was one of eleven architectural firms involved in the construction and design of the Hall of State
Hall of State
The Hall of State is a building in Dallas's Fair Park that commemorates the history of the U.S. state of Texas and is considered one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the state.-History:...

 at the Texas Centennial Exposition
Texas Centennial Exposition
The Texas Centennial Exposition was a World's Fair held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Texas's independence from Mexico in 1836. More than 50 buildings, for which "George Dahl was director general of a group of architects who designed the buildings ", were...

 in Fair Park
Fair Park
Dallas Fair Park is a recreational and educational complex located in Dallas, Texas . The complex is registered as a Dallas Landmark, National Historic Landmark and is home to nine museums, six performance facilities, a lagoon, and the largest Ferris wheel in North America...

. They were also involved in the designing of the aquarium, and Cheek designed the United States Federal Exhibits Building. They also designed many gas stations, motels, and several of the state's first radio and televiison stations. Fooshee is credited with designing the Grand Court Tourisst Lodge in 1931 and a Magnolia Service Station in Dallas. His firm was noted for their Spanish Colonial designs. Also, mausoleum
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s were considered a specialty of the firm.

In June 1927, Fooshee married Annie Linda Atkins of St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
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. The two had a daughter, but Annie died in 1931. Fooshee then married Peggy Montague Neale in June 1940, and the two also had a daughter. Fooshee was a member of the Dallas Country Club
Dallas Country Club
Dallas Country Club is a country club located in the town of Highland Park in Dallas County, Texas.It was established in 1896, purportedly by "by several men golfing on a cow patch in Oak Lawn."...

 and president of the Idlewild Club. He also helped organize St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church
St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church
St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church may refer to:* St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church * St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church * St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church...

 and designed its first building. He was also a member of the Dallas City Plan Coommission, the American Institute of Architects
American Institute of Architects
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, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and he played a key role in an attempt to remodel the historic Union Station
Union Station (Dallas)
Union Station, also known as Dallas Union Terminal, is a DART Light Rail, commuter rail, and Amtrak intercity rail station located in the Reunion district of downtown Dallas, Texas on Houston Street, between Wood and Young Streets...

 in Dallas. Fooshee continued in his architectural practice until he suffered a heart attack and died on 4 January 1956. He is buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park in Dallas, the site of his first noted mausoleum.
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