List of cities in Oman
This is a list of cities and towns in Oman
Oman , officially called the Sultanate of Oman , is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest. The coast is formed by the Arabian Sea on the...

  • Adam
    Adam, Oman
    Adam is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.The history of the Wilayat of Adam dates back to pre-Islamic times. Adam has several meanings in Arabic but most likely means the fertile land. The most notable places are Harrat al Bousaid, Harrat Al Hawashim & Harrat Bani Shiban,...

  • As Sib
  • Al Buraimi
    Al Buraimi
    Al Buraimi is the newest governorate of Oman which was split from the Ad Dhahirah region.Until October, 2006, the area was part of Ad Dhahirah region. At this time, the new governorate was created from the wilayats Al Buraymi and Mahdah...

  • Al Hamra
    Al Hamra
    Al Hamra is a 400-year-old town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman. It is home to the mountainside village of Misfat Al Abryeen. Ghul lies to the west of the town....

  • Al Jazer
  • AL Suwaiq
  • Bahla
    Bahla is a town in Ad Dakhiliyah, Oman. It is famous for its ancient fort and its pottery.The town is 40 km away from Nizwa and about 200 km from Muscat the capital. The old Bahla Fort with its 12 km wall is the oldest fort in Oman...

  • Barka
  • Bidbid
    Bidbid is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.-See also:* Oman* Nizwa* Samail* Bahla* Adam* Al Hamra* Manah* Izki...

  • Bidiya
    Bidiya or Bidiyah is a town in the middle of the Ash Sharqiyah Region of the Sultanate of Oman. It is located at 233 kilometers from the capital city, Muscat...

  • Dibba Al-Baya
    Dibba Al-Baya
    Dibba Al-Baya is geographically part of the Dibba region. It is a district or a wilaya in the governorate or the muhafazah of Musandam part of the Sultanate of Oman, on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula....

  • Duqm
    Duqm is a port town on the Arabian Sea, in central-eastern Oman.Duqm was a small fishing settlement of the Janubah tribe on the coast of southern Oman where a party of soldiers of the Muscat and Oman Field Force and geologists of Petroleum Development Oman was landed in February 1954 to begin the...

  • Haima
  • Ibra
    Ibra is the second largest city in the Ash Sharqiyah Region of Oman. It is located about 140 km from Muscat and has a population estimated at 35,000 people....

  • Ibri
    - Wilayat Ibri :The Wilayat of Ibri is distinguished by is archaeological landmarks varying between forts, castles, and towers. Also, there are the remains of the town of Bat, which is the second archaeological site to be classified by UNESCO on the list of world heritage and culture sites, after...

  • Izki
    Izki is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman. It is located at about and has a population of 35,173 ....

  • Jabrin
    Jabrin is a small town in northeastern Oman. The town is known for its impressive castle.- External links :* * *...

  • Jalan Bani Bu Hassan
    Jalan Bani Bu Hassan
    Jalan Bani Bu Hassan is the largest wilayah in area - 12130 km² - among the south east wilayat of Ash Sharqiyah Region, Oman. The diverse geography of the wilayah makes it one of the most extraordinary spots in Oman...

  • Khasab
    Khasab is a city in an exclave of Oman. It is the local capital of the Musandam peninsula. Khasab is located 500 kilometers from Muscat and is dubbed the "Norway of Arabia". The Portuguese built Khasab at the beginning of the 17th century at the height of their naval presence in the region. The...

  • Mad'ha
  • Mahooth
  • Manah
    Manah, Oman
    Manah is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.- Manah :The wilayat of Manah is thought to be the first resting place of Malik bin Fahim al Azdi before the Arabs entered Oman when the Maa'rab Dam in Yemen broke. A falaj in Manah still bears his name. In the old town, there are...

  • Masirah
  • Matrah
    Muttrah, population 150,000 , is a city located in the Muscat province of Oman. Before the discovery of oil, Muttrah was the center of commerce in Oman. It is still a center of commerce as one of largest sea ports of the region is located there...

  • Mudhaybi
  • Mudhaireb
  • Muscat
    Muscat, Oman
    Muscat is the capital of Oman. It is also the seat of government and largest city in the Governorate of Muscat. As of 2008, the population of the Muscat metropolitan area was 1,090,797. The metropolitan area spans approximately and includes six provinces called wilayats...

  • Nizwa
    -Attractions:The main tourist attractions in the city are Nizwa Fort, the traditional Souq and Falaj Daris. In the 1990s, the Jama, the fort and the souq which sit next to each other in the centre were renovated using the same traditional materials...

  • Quriyat
    Qurayyat, Oman
    Qurayyat is a small fishing village near Muscat, Oman. A popular stopping point on the way to Sur, Qurayyat is in itself also a very popular destination for Muscat.-External links:*...

  • Raysut
    Raysut is a port town in southwestern Oman. It is located at around ....

  • Rustaq
    Rustaq is a town and wilayah in the Al Batinah Region of northern Oman. The city is located at .The wilayah of Rustaq is in the Western Hajar, in the south of the Batinah. Rustaq was once the capital of Oman, during the era of Imam Nasir bin Murshid al Ya'arubi...

  • Ruwi
    Ruwi is commercial hub and the main business district of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.It's located around 5 km from the main residential localities of Al-Khuwair, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Shati Al-Qurm and Al-Qurm...

  • Saham
    Saham is a coastal town in the Al Batinah Region, in northeastern Oman. It is located at about and has a population of 85,010 ....

  • Shinas
    Shinas , population 43,312 as of 2005, is a coastal town in northern Oman, near the border between Oman and United Arab Emirates.Shinas has a distinctive collection of traditional buildings...

  • Saiq
  • Salalah
    Salalah , is the capital and seat of the governor or Wali of the southern Omani province of Dhofar. The population of Salalah was 197,169 in 2009....

  • Samail
    Samail is a Wilayah located in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region of the Sultanate of Oman close to the Samail Gap a break in the Hajar Mountains. Samail is known to have the warmest average nights for a city in the world, with an average July night dipping to just about 89 degrees Farenheit. It's...

  • Sohar
    Sohar is the most developed city in Sultanate of Oman outside the capital Muscat. It is about 200 kilometers north of Muscat. Sohar was an ancient capital of Oman and many believe it to be the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor...

  • Sur
    Sur, Oman
    Sur is a capital city of Ash Sharqiyah Region, northeastern Oman, on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. It is located at around , and is 93 miles southeast of the Omani capital Muscat. Historically the city is known for being an important destination point for sailors...

  • Thumrait
    Thumrait is a small town in southern Oman on the main road which links Dhofar to the rest of Oman. In ancient times Thumrait was an important point on the caravan routes through the Arabian peninsula. Frankincense trees used to grow in abundance although now they are fewer in number...

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  • Provinces of Oman
    Provinces of Oman
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