Leopold Kronenberg
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 Leopold Julian Kronenberg (Warsaw
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, 1849–1937, Warsaw) was a Polish
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Kronenberg was born the son of banker and railroad tycoon Leopold Kronenberg (1812-78) and his wife Rozalia Leo. Both parents came from Jewish families which had converted to Protestantism—the Kronenbergs, to Calvinism
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. Leopold Kronenberg's brother was Stanislaw Kronenberg
Stanislaw Kronenberg
Stanisław Leopold Kronenberg was a Polish-Russian financier.See also Stanisław Leopold Kronenberg-Life:He was born the son of banker and railroad tycoon Leopold Kronenberg and his wife Rozalia Leo. Both parents came from Jewish families which had converted to Protestantism—the Kronenbergs, to...


After graduating from gymnasium
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, he studied law
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, then took up the study of agriculture
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 at Bonn
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 and Popelsdorf. While his father was still active, Kronenberg
Kronenberg may refer to:Places:*Cronenberg, Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany*Kronenberg * Kronenburg, GermanyPeople:*Stanisław Kronenberg , Russian banker*Leopold Kronenberg , Russian banker...

 managed the St. Petersburg branch of the Warsaw Commercial Bank. In 1887, however, he was obliged to resign, on account of his brother's illness, in order to look after the management of the railway lines in which the latter was interested and of the Commercial
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 of Warsaw.

Kronenberg took an active interest in various useful public institutions. He was president of the Society for the Mutual Help of Musical Artists, a working member of the Polytechnical
Institute of technology
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 Committee in Warsaw, etc. In recognition of his distinguished services in connection with great commercial undertakings, he was made a hereditary baron of the Russian empire in 1893.

Valuable musical compositions by Kronenberg have been published under the pseudonym "Wiejesky".

Married to famous soprano Józefina Reszke
Josephine de Reszke
Joséphine de Reszke, in Polish Józefina Reszke, was a Polish soprano. Born in Warsaw, she was the sister of the bass Edouard and the tenor Jean de Reszke, famous singers in their own rights. She began her studies with her mother and with a Mme...

 (1855-91), he had two children: Baron Leopold Jan Kronenberg (1891-1971) and Baroness Józefina Rosa (1889-1969) the last of her family. Shortly before his death, Leopold Kronenberg converted to Catholicism so that he could be buried next to his wife in the family vault at Warsaw's Powązki Cemetery
Powazki Cemetery
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