Lazarus Fuchs
Lazarus Immanuel Fuchs was a German
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 who contributed important research in the field of linear differential equation
Linear differential equation
Linear differential equations are of the formwhere the differential operator L is a linear operator, y is the unknown function , and the right hand side ƒ is a given function of the same nature as y...

s. He was born in Mosina
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 (located in Grand Duchy of Poznań
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) and died in Berlin
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, Germany.

He is the eponym of Fuchsian group
Fuchsian group
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s and functions, and the Picard–Fuchs equation; Fuchsian differential equation
Differential equation
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s are those with regular singularities. Fuchs is also known for Fuchs's theorem
Fuchs's theorem
In mathematics, the Fuchs' theorem, named after Lazarus Fuchs, states that a second order differential equation of the formy + py'+qy=g\;...

 which states that if x0 is a regular singular point then the differential equation

has at least one solution of the form

for some σ to be determined. In some cases, there will be two linearly independent
Linear independence
In linear algebra, a family of vectors is linearly independent if none of them can be written as a linear combination of finitely many other vectors in the collection. A family of vectors which is not linearly independent is called linearly dependent...

 solutions of that form.

Selected works

  • Über Funktionen zweier Variabeln, welche durch Umkehrung der Integrale zweier gegebener Funktionen entstehen, Göttingen 1881.
  • Zur Theorie der linearen Differentialgleichungen, Berlin 1901.
  • Gesammelte Werke, Hrsg. von Richard Fuchs und Ludwig Schlesinger. 3 Bde. Berlin 1904–1909.

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