Lars Ekborg
Lars Åke Rupert Ekborg, born 6 June 1926 in Uppsala
- Economy :Today Uppsala is well established in medical research and recognized for its leading position in biotechnology.*Abbott Medical Optics *GE Healthcare*Pfizer *Phadia, an offshoot of Pharmacia*Fresenius*Q-Med...

, died 7 October 1969, was a Swedish actor.

Ekborg was the father of actors Dan
Dan Ekborg
Dan Ekborg is a Swedish stage and film actor. He is the son of actor Lars Ekborg and older brother of actor Anders Ekborg.He has starred in many of the Swedish Jönssonligan films.-External links:...

 and Anders Ekborg
Anders Ekborg
Anders Ekborg is a Swedish actor and singer who has performed the roles of Karl Oskar in Kristina från Duvemåla and Freddie Trumper in Chess, two musicals that were written by former ABBA members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus...

. He died of liver cancer
Liver cancer
Liver tumors or hepatic tumors are tumors or growths on or in the liver . Several distinct types of tumors can develop in the liver because the liver is made up of various cell types. These growths can be benign or malignant...

 in 1969.

He may be heard as the recitor in the 1956 recording of Förklädd Gud by Lars-Erik Larsson
Lars-Erik Larsson
Lars-Erik Larsson was a notable Swedish composer of the 20th century.-Biography:Lars-Erik Vilner Larsson was born in Åkarp in 1908...

 with Elisabeth Söderström
Elisabeth Söderström
Elisabeth Anna Söderström CBE was a Swedish soprano, who performed both opera and song. She was particularly well known for her recordings of the lead soprano roles in the three Janáček operas Jenůfa, Káťa Kabanová, and The Makropoulos Affair, all of which received Gramophone Awards...

 and Erik Saedén
Erik Saedén
Carl Erik Saedén, born 3 September 1924 in Vänersborg, died 3 November 2009, was a Swedish bass-baritone whose career was principally centred on Stockholm, both on the operatic stage as well as the concert platform...

, conducted by Stig Westerberg
Stig Westerberg
Stig Evald Börje Westerberg, born 26 November 1918 in Malmö, Sweden, died 1 July 1999 in Lidingö, was a Swedish conductor and pianist, whose career was based mostly in his home country.- Biography :...


Selected filmography

  • Summer with Monika
    Summer with Monika
    Summer with Monika is a 1953 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman. It sparked controversy abroad for its frank depiction of nudity, and along with the film One Summer of Happiness from the year before, directed by Arne Mattsson, it started the reputation of Sweden as a sexually liberated...

  • The Magician
    The Magician (1958 film)
    The Magician is a 1958 film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. Its original Swedish title is Ansiktet, which means "the face", and it was released theatrically as The Face in the United Kingdom, although video releases have used the U.S. title.The film stars Max von Sydow as a traveling...

  • Sängkammartjuven
    Sängkammartjuven is a 1959 Swedish comedy film directed by Göran Gentele. It was entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival.-Cast:* Jarl Kulle - Johan Jacob Wenkel* Gaby Stenberg - Madeleine Messing* Lena Söderblom - Lola Hallberg...

  • The Sword in the Stone
    The Sword in the Stone (film)
    The Sword in the Stone is a 1963 American animated fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney and originally released to theaters on December 25, 1963...

     (1963) (Swedish voice of Merlin
    Merlin is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in the Arthurian legend. The standard depiction of the character first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, written c. 1136, and is based on an amalgamation of previous historical and legendary figures...

  • Docking the Boat
    Docking the Boat
    Docking the Boat is a Swedish dark comedy film from 1965 directed by Tage Danielsson. The film stars Gösta Ekman, Monica Zetterlund, Hans Alfredson, Lars Ekborg and Birgitta Andersson have acquired a mild cult following in Sweden for their acting in this film...


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