John Myres
Sir John Linton Myres was a British
United Kingdom
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 archaeologist. He conducted excavations in Cyprus in 1904. He became the first Wykeham Professor of Ancient History, at the University of Oxford
University of Oxford
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, in 1910, having been Gladstone Professor of Greek
Gladstone Professor of Greek
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 and Lecturer in Ancient Geography, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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 from 1907. He contributed to the British Naval Intelligence Division Geographical Handbook Series
Naval Intelligence Handbooks
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 that was published during the Second World War, and to the noted 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1910–1911). He highly influenced the British-Australian archaeologist Vere Gordon Childe
Vere Gordon Childe
Vere Gordon Childe , better known as V. Gordon Childe, was an Australian archaeologist and philologist who specialised in the study of European prehistory. A vocal socialist, Childe accepted the socio-economic theory of Marxism and was an early proponent of Marxist archaeology...



  • The Dawn of History (1911)
  • Handbook of the Cesnola collection of antiquities from Cyprus (1914)
  • The Political Ideas of the Greeks (1927)
  • Who were the Greeks? (1930), Sather Lectures

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