Isabella de Braose
Isabella, Princess of Wales and Lady of Snowdon (c. 1222 – c. 1248) was the eldest daughter of William de Braose, Lord of Abergavenny, and his wife Eva Marshal (daughter of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke
Sir William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke , also called William the Marshal , was an Anglo-Norman soldier and statesman. He was described as the "greatest knight that ever lived" by Stephen Langton...

). As her father had no male children, it had been Prince Llywelyn's strategy to have his son Dafydd marry Isabella, and Dafydd's son by Isabella claiming the vast de Braose holdings in south Wales through his mother. However their marriage proved childless.


By her marriage to Dafydd ap Llywelyn
Dafydd ap Llywelyn
Dafydd ap Llywelyn was Prince of Gwynedd from 1240 to 1246. He was for a time recognised as Prince of Wales.- Descent :...

, Isabella was, technically, Princess of Wales
Princess of Wales
Princess of Wales is a British courtesy title held by the wife of The Prince of Wales since the first "English" Prince of Wales in 1283.Although there have been considerably more than ten male heirs to the throne, there have been only ten Princesses of Wales. The majority of Princes of Wales...

 between 1240 and 1246 - though there is no evidence of her ever having used this title.

Isabella married Dafydd in 1230 or 1231. The marriage contract had been agreed before Isabella's father, William, was executed by Dafydd's father, Llywelyn the Great
Llywelyn the Great
Llywelyn the Great , full name Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, was a Prince of Gwynedd in north Wales and eventually de facto ruler over most of Wales...

, for presumed adultery
Adultery is sexual infidelity to one's spouse, and is a form of extramarital sex. It originally referred only to sex between a woman who was married and a person other than her spouse. Even in cases of separation from one's spouse, an extramarital affair is still considered adultery.Adultery is...

 with Llywelyn's wife, Joan
Joan, Lady of Wales
Joan, Princess of Wales and Lady of Snowdon was the wife of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales and Gwynedd and effective ruler of most of Wales.-Early life:...

. Nevertheless, the marriage went ahead shortly after William's death.

Later life

Dafydd became ruler of Gwynedd
Gwynedd is a county in north-west Wales, named after the old Kingdom of Gwynedd. Although the second biggest in terms of geographical area, it is also one of the most sparsely populated...

 and the prominent Welsh leader following Llywelyn's death in 1240, and was recognised as Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales is a title traditionally granted to the heir apparent to the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the 15 other independent Commonwealth realms...

 by his uncle, King Henry III of England
Henry III of England
Henry III was the son and successor of John as King of England, reigning for 56 years from 1216 until his death. His contemporaries knew him as Henry of Winchester. He was the first child king in England since the reign of Æthelred the Unready...

. His marriage to Isabella was childless, and her eventual fate is unknown.

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