Industrial may refer to:
  • Industry
    Industry refers to the production of an economic good or service within an economy.-Industrial sectors:There are four key industrial economic sectors: the primary sector, largely raw material extraction industries such as mining and farming; the secondary sector, involving refining, construction,...

    , segment of the economy
  • Industrial archaeology
    Industrial archaeology
    Industrial archaeology, like other branches of archaeology, is the study of material culture from the past, but with a focus on industry. Strictly speaking, industrial archaeology includes sites from the earliest times to the most recent...

    , the study of industrial history
  • Industrial engineering
    Industrial engineering
    Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with the optimization of complex processes or systems. It is concerned with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials, analysis...

  • Industrial group (disambiguation)
  • Industrial Revolution
    Industrial Revolution
    The Industrial Revolution was a period from the 18th to the 19th century where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and technology had a profound effect on the social, economic and cultural conditions of the times...

    , the development of industry in the 19th century
  • Industrial society
    Industrial society
    In sociology, industrial society refers to a society driven by the use of technology to enable mass production, supporting a large population with a high capacity for division of labour. Such a structure developed in the west in the period of time following the Industrial Revolution, and replaced...

    , one that has undergone industrialization
  • Industrial technology
    Industrial technology
    Industrial technology is the field concerned with the application of basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of industrial engineers and managers...

  • Industrial land use
    Land use
    Land use is the human use of land. Land use involves the management and modification of natural environment or wilderness into built environment such as fields, pastures, and settlements. It has also been defined as "the arrangements, activities and inputs people undertake in a certain land cover...

     or zoning
    Zoning is a device of land use planning used by local governments in most developed countries. The word is derived from the practice of designating permitted uses of land based on mapped zones which separate one set of land uses from another...

  • "Industrial" is industry jargon for a training film
    Training film
    A training film is a form of educational film – a short subject documentary movie, that provides an introduction to a topic. Both narrative documentary and dramatisation styles may be used, sometimes both in the same production...

     or video

  • Industrial, Los Angeles County, California, in Los Angeles County
    Los Angeles County, California
    Los Angeles County is a county in the U.S. state of California. As of 2010 U.S. Census, the county had a population of 9,818,605, making it the most populous county in the United States. Los Angeles County alone is more populous than 42 individual U.S. states...

  • Industrial, Orange County, California, in Orange County
    Orange County, California
    Orange County is a county in the U.S. state of California. Its county seat is Santa Ana. As of the 2010 census, its population was 3,010,232, up from 2,846,293 at the 2000 census, making it the third most populous county in California, behind Los Angeles County and San Diego County...

Arts and entertainment
  • Industrial music
    Industrial music
    Industrial music is a style of experimental music that draws on transgressive and provocative themes. The term was coined in the mid-1970s with the founding of Industrial Records by the band Throbbing Gristle, and the creation of the slogan "industrial music for industrial people". In general, the...

    , genre of music
  • Industrial musical
    Industrial musical
    An industrial musical is a musical performed internally for the employees or shareholders of a business, to create a feeling of being part of a team, to entertain, and/or to educate and motivate the management and salespeople to improve sales and profit...

    , musical performance done only for the employees of a company in order to motivate or educate them
  • Industrial Records
    Industrial Records
    Industrial Records was a record label established in 1976 by art/music group Throbbing Gristle. The group, fronted by Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter, and Peter Christopherson, were to release their experiments in non-entertainment sound and multimedia through the label; in...

    , record label
  • Industrial piercing
    Industrial piercing
    An industrial piercing , sometimes called scaffold piercing or construction piercing, is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry ; however, it typically refers to a double perforation of the upper ear cartilage specifically...

    , ear cartilage piercing
  • Industrial (album)
    Industrial (album)
    - 1998 re-release bonus track :-Personnel:Pichshifter* Mark Clayden - lead vocals and bass* J.S. Clayden - backing vocals* John A. Carter - lead guitar and programming* Stu E. Toolin - rhythm guitar...

    , debut album by Pitchshifter

See also
  • Industry (disambiguation)
    Industry (disambiguation)
    Generally industry is diligence, assiduity, hard work. It may also refer to:* Industry, an area of economic production**Economic sector* Industry , a period or culture in the archaeology of prehistory, known and distinguished for one particular type of artefacts, especially in...

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