Inclusion may refer to:


  • Inclusion (casting), a type of metal casting defect
  • Inclusions in Aluminium Alloys, solid particles in liquid aluminium alloy

Social inclusion of persons

  • Inclusion (disability rights)
    Inclusion (disability rights)
    Inclusion is a term used by people with disabilities and other disability rights advocates for the idea that all people should freely, openly and without pity accommodate any person with a disability without restrictions or limitations of any kind...

    , accommodating any person with a disability
  • Inclusion (value and practice)
    Inclusion (value and practice)
    Miller and Katz presents a common definition of an inclusive value system where they say, “Inclusion is a sense of belonging: feeling respected, valued for who you are; feeling a level of supportive energy and commitment from others so than you can do your best work.” Inclusion is a shift in...

    , a practice of ensuring that people in organizations feel they belong
  • Inclusion (education)
    Inclusion (education)
    Inclusion in education is an approach to educating students with special educational needs. Under the inclusion model, students with special needs spend most or all of their time with non-disabled students. Implementation of these practices varies...

    , students with special educational needs spend most or all of their time with non-disabled students


  • Inclusion (set theory), or subset
  • Inclusion map
    Inclusion map
    In mathematics, if A is a subset of B, then the inclusion map is the function i that sends each element, x of A to x, treated as an element of B:i: A\rightarrow B, \qquad i=x....

    , or inclusion function, or canonical injection

Other uses

  • Inclusion (mineral)
    Inclusion (mineral)
    In mineralogy, an inclusion is any material that is trapped inside a mineral during its formation.In gemology, an inclusion is a characteristic enclosed within a gemstone, or reaching its surface from the interior....

    , any material that is trapped inside a mineral during its formation
  • Inclusion bodies
    Inclusion bodies
    Inclusion bodies are nuclear or cytoplasmic aggregates of stainable substances, usually proteins. They typically represent sites of viral multiplication in a bacterium or a eukaryotic cell and usually consist of viral capsid proteins...

    , aggregates of stainable substances in biological cells
  • Cytoplasmic inclusion, insoluble non-living substances suspended in a cell's cytosol
  • Inclusion (taxonomy)
    Inclusion (taxonomy)
    In taxonomy, inclusion is the process whereby two species that were believed to be distinct are found in fact to be the same and are thus combined as one species...

    , combining of biological species
  • Inclusion by reference, legal documentation process
  • Include directive, in computer programming

See also

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  • Transclusion
    In computer science, transclusion is the inclusion of a document or part of a document into another document by reference.For example, an article about a country might include a chart or a paragraph describing that country's agricultural exports from a different article about agriculture...

  • Inclusion–exclusion principle
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