Ilias of Moldavia
Iliaş or Ilie I was Prince (Voivode) of Moldavia
Moldavia is a geographic and historical region and former principality in Eastern Europe, corresponding to the territory between the Eastern Carpathians and the Dniester river...

 twice: in January 1432–October 1433 and with his brother Stephen II in August 1435–May 1443.

The son of Prince Alexandru cel Bun
Alexandru cel Bun
Alexander cel Bun was a Voivode of Moldavia, reigning between 1400 and 1432, son of Roman I Mușat. He succeeded Iuga to the throne, and, as a ruler, initiated a series of reforms while consolidating the status of the Moldavian Principality....

 and Neacşa, he was designated co-ruler and nominated successor by his father. In 1433, Iliaş pledged his vassalage to Władysław II Jagiełło
Jogaila, later 'He is known under a number of names: ; ; . See also: Jogaila : names and titles. was Grand Duke of Lithuania , king consort of Kingdom of Poland , and sole King of Poland . He ruled in Lithuania from 1377, at first with his uncle Kęstutis...

, Jagiellon King of Poland. He married Maria, a scion of the Olshanski
Olshanski was a Lithuanian princely family from Galšia , Belarus, which used to be a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Their Coat of Arms was Hipocentaur...

 family of Lithuanian nobility
Nobility in Lithuania
The Lithuanian nobility was historically a legally privileged class in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania consisting of Lithuanians, from the historical regions of Lithuania Proper and Samogitia, and, following Lithuania's eastern expansion, many Ruthenian noble families . Families were primarily granted...

 (granddaughter of Ivan Olshanski
Ivan Olshanski
Ivan Olshanski is the first known and undisputed member of the princely Olshanski family. Historians only know his fathers name, Algimantas. Ivan was a faithful companion of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania. They both were married to daughters of Sudimantas of Eišiškės...

 and sister of Władysław II's wife, Sophia of Halshany
Sophia of Halshany
Sophia of Halshany , was a Lithuanian princess of Halshany, Queen of Poland from , and the last wife of Jogaila.-Biography:...


Iliaş faced the rebellion of his brother Stephen and several boyar
A boyar, or bolyar , was a member of the highest rank of the feudal Moscovian, Kievan Rus'ian, Bulgarian, Wallachian, and Moldavian aristocracies, second only to the ruling princes , from the 10th century through the 17th century....

s, who, helped by Prince Vlad II Dracul
Vlad II Dracul
Vlad II , known as Vlad Dracul , was a voivode of Wallachia. He reigned from 1436 to 1442, and again from 1443 to 1447...

 of neighboring Wallachia
Wallachia or Walachia is a historical and geographical region of Romania. It is situated north of the Danube and south of the Southern Carpathians...

, managed to dethrone him. Iliaş enlisted the help of Władysław II, but he was defeated by the new prince and escaped to Poland. After Stephen pledged allegiance to the Poles, the latter imprisoned Iliaş until the ascension of Władysław III. In 1434, Iliaş' Polish supporters facilitated his freedom and convinced the king to consider withdrawing his support for Stephen.

After an indecisive battle in 1435 (at Podraga or Podagra, the present-day village of Podriga in Drăguşeni
Draguseni, Suceava
Drăguşeni is a commune located in Suceava County, Romania. It is composed of three villages: Broşteni, Drăguşeni and Gara Leu....

), Władysław III intervened to appease the conflict and helped institute a shared rule of the two brothers over Moldavia (with Iliaş as nominal ruler and with Stephen as lord over the southeastern part of the country — in Tecuci
Tecuci is a city in the Galaţi county of Romania , situated among wooded hills, on the right bank of the Bârlad River, and at the junction of railways from Galaţi, Bârlad and Mărăşeşti.-History:...

, Kilia
Kilia may refer to:* Kilia, a town in Ukraine* Chilia Veche, a town in Tulcea County, Romania* Chilia branch, a distributary of the Danube.* 470 Kilia, an asteroid.* Kilia, an English transliteration of Χηλή, the Greek name for the town of Şile in Turkey...

, Vaslui
Vaslui , a city in eastern Romania, is the seat of Vaslui County, in the historical region of Moldavia.The city administers five villages: Bahnari, Brodoc, Moara Grecilor, Rediu and Viişoara.-History:...

, and Covurlui
The Covurlui Plain is located in Galaţi County, Romania, having an altitude varying between 60 and 200 metres. Its name is derived from the Covurlui River and has a Cuman origin. Before World War II, Covurlui was the name of a county, but it was merged with Tecuci county to form the current Galaţi...

 — although both shared residence in Suceava
Suceava is the Suceava County seat in Bukovina, Moldavia region, in north-eastern Romania. The city was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1388 to 1565.-History:...

). In return, Iliaş agreed to pay an annual tribute
A tribute is wealth, often in kind, that one party gives to another as a sign of respect or, as was often the case in historical contexts, of submission or allegiance. Various ancient states, which could be called suzerains, exacted tribute from areas they had conquered or threatened to conquer...

 to Poland (100 horses, 400 silk
Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The best-known type of silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity...

 sheets, 400 oxen, 300 cartfuls of sturgeon
Sturgeon is the common name used for some 26 species of fish in the family Acipenseridae, including the genera Acipenser, Huso, Scaphirhynchus and Pseudoscaphirhynchus. The term includes over 20 species commonly referred to as sturgeon and several closely related species that have distinct common...

) and to concede rule over Khotyn
Khotyn is a city in Chernivtsi Oblast of western Ukraine, and is the administrative center of Khotyn Raion within the oblast, and is located south-west of Kamianets-Podilskyi. According to the 2001 Ukrainian census, it has a population of 11,124...

 and Pokuttya
Pokuttya or Pokuttia is a historical area of East-Central Europe, between upper Prut and Cheremosh rivers, in modern Ukraine. Historically it was a culturally distinct area inhabitated by Ukrainians and Romanians on the previously unpopulated borderlands between the lands of Lviv and Halych...


A decrease in Poland's interest in the region led Stephen to rebel. Again deposed, Iliaş was blinded (as custom prevented disabled people from ascending to the throne) and thrown in jail. He died there at an unknown time.

His wife Maria fled to Poland with her sons, where she took over rule over Pokuttya — defending it against the armies of Stephen. Roman
Roman II of Moldavia
Roman II of Moldavia was son of Iliaş of Moldavia and Maria Olszanska from noble Polish family of Olshanski. He was a co-ruler of Moldova in 1447–1448, ruling together with his uncle Petru II of Moldavia after killing his other uncle, Stephen II of Moldavia, with Polish support...

, Iliaş and Maria's son, remained ruler of the region, titling himself Prince of Moldavia and vassal to Władysław III; he was to be recognized as co-ruler by Stephen, and would eventually depose him.
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