Hooge can refer to:
  • Hooge, Prince Su
    Hooge, Prince Su
    Hooge was a prominent Manchu prince. He was the eldest son of Emperor Huang Taiji of the Qing Dynasty. He was the founder of the House of Prince Su .-Life:...

  • Houvenkopf Mountain
    Houvenkopf Mountain
    Houvenkopf or Hovenkopf Mountain is a mountain in Bergen County, New Jersey, extending into New York, where it forms the western side of the southern entrance to Ramapo Pass. The major peak on the New Jersey side rises to and is known as Stag Hill...

     known as "Hooge Kop"
  • Hooge, Germany
    Hooge, Germany
    Hooge is a small island off the coast of Germany. It is the second largest of the ten halligen in the Wadden Sea, after Langeneß. It is frequently called the Queen of the Halligen...

    , an island and municipality in northern Germany
  • Hooge, Belgium
    Hooge, Belgium
    Hooge is a small village in Flanders in Belgium. During the First World War it was the site of intensive fighting.-History:During the First World War Hooge was the site of a château which was used as the Divisional Headquarters for the area...

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