"Honey wagon" is a facetious traditional general term for "a wagon or truck for collecting and carrying excrement or manure"http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/honey+wagon, such as a cesspool emptier
Cesspool emptier
A cesspool emptier is a type of specialized tank truck which can suck contaminated water out of hollows such as cesspools and sewage tanks and carry it to a disposal point....

, which serves as a sanitation system including at campgrounds and marinas. The operator connects a hose to the discharge outlet on the recreational vehicle
Recreational vehicle
Recreational vehicle or RV is, in North America, the usual term for a Motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities found in a home.-Features:...

 or boat and pumps the waste into the wagon's tank. When the tank is full, the operator should empty the tank at an approved dump station.

Film and television industry

In the film and television industry a honeywagon is a mobile toilet
Portable toilet
Portable toilet are simple portable enclosures containing a chemical toilet which are typically used as a temporary toilet for construction sites and large gatherings and events. Most of the portable toilets have black open-front-U-shaped toilet seat with cover...

 unit used in the film
A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a series of still or moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects...

 and television
Television is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome or colored, with accompanying sound...

 industry. The legend behind the name 'honeywagon' is thought to relate to the 'honey-colored' liquid
Liquid is one of the three classical states of matter . Like a gas, a liquid is able to flow and take the shape of a container. Some liquids resist compression, while others can be compressed. Unlike a gas, a liquid does not disperse to fill every space of a container, and maintains a fairly...

 that comes out of it when emptying the holding tanks. Images of examples Many are the size of a semi trailer. Some honeywagons will be just two large toilet
A toilet is a sanitation fixture used primarily for the disposal of human excrement, often found in a small room referred to as a toilet/bathroom/lavatory...

s. Others are a combination of variously sized rooms for specific purposes: these rooms can be private dressing rooms assigned to a single person, larger rooms configured for the wardrobe
A Wardrobe is a cabinet used for storing clothes.Wardrobe may also refer to:* Wardrobe , a full set of multiple clothing items* Wardrobe , part of royal administration in medieval England...

, or makeup departments, small individual toilets for the crew
A crew is a body or a class of people who work at a common activity, generally in a structured or hierarchical organization. A location in which a crew works is called a crewyard or a workyard...

 to share, and multiple
The word multiple can refer to:*Multiple , multiples of numbers*List of multiple discoveries, instances of scientists, working independently of each other, reaching similar findings...

 user or individual
An individual is a person or any specific object or thing in a collection. Individuality is the state or quality of being an individual; a person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs, goals, and desires. Being self expressive...

 shower rooms for bathing
Bathing is the washing or cleansing of the body in a fluid, usually water or an aqueous solution. It may be practised for personal hygiene, religious ritual or therapeutic purposes or as a recreational activity....

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