Henry Wikoff
Henry Wikoff was an American traveller and writer.

Wikoff was born about 1811, the illegitimate son of a doctor and inherited a sizeable fortune, which enabled him to travel extensively in Europe. He attended the College of New Jersey
Princeton University
Princeton University is a private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. The school is one of the eight universities of the Ivy League, and is one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution....

 (but did not get a degree) and was admitted to the bar
Admission to the bar in the United States
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 in Pennsylvania in 1834.

He then went to Europe, where he acted as a diplomatic agent for the USA, Britain and France at different times, and even spend some time in prison in Italy. returning to America, he was responsible for the successful tour by famous dancer Fanny Elssler
Fanny Elssler
Fanny Elssler - 27 November 1884), born Franziska Elßler, was an Austrian ballerina of the 'Romantic Period'.- Life :Daughter of Johann Florian Elssler, a second generation employee of Prince Esterhazy in Eisenstadt. Both Johann and his brother Josef were employed as copyists to the Prince's...

 in 1840.

Henry Wikoff became a close friend of Mary Todd Lincoln
Mary Todd Lincoln
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, wife of the President, which caused some scandalous comment. He was also friendly with the Bonaparte royal family in France, and was awarded the honor of Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic, by the King of Spain
Amadeo I of Spain
Amadeo I was the only King of Spain from the House of Savoy...

 in 1871, entitling him to call himself Chevalier.

He also acted as an undercover reporter for the New York Herald
New York Herald
The New York Herald was a large distribution newspaper based in New York City that existed between May 6, 1835, and 1924.-History:The first issue of the paper was published by James Gordon Bennett, Sr., on May 6, 1835. By 1845 it was the most popular and profitable daily newspaper in the UnitedStates...

, making use of his presence in government circles.

He died in England in 1884.


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