Haruo Remeliik
Haruo Ignacio Remeliik was a politician from Palau
Palau , officially the Republic of Palau , is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines and south of Tokyo. In 1978, after three decades as being part of the United Nations trusteeship, Palau chose independence instead of becoming part of the Federated States of Micronesia, a...

. He served as the first President of Palau
President of Palau
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 from 2 March 1981 until his assassination
To carry out an assassination is "to murder by a sudden and/or secret attack, often for political reasons." Alternatively, assassination may be defined as "the act of deliberately killing someone, especially a public figure, usually for hire or for political reasons."An assassination may be...

 on 30 June 1985. He is buried at Kloulklubed
Kloulklubed is the main settlement on the Palau island of Peleliu. it is situated at the northern end of the island, close to North beach. The village was a centre of Japanese operations during World War II, and the remains of the Japanese communications centre is still standing in the village...

 in his home state of Peleliu
Peleliu is an island in the island nation of Palau. Peleliu forms, along with two small islands to its northeast, one of the sixteen states of Palau. It is located northeast of Angaur and southwest of Koror....

. Remeliik was of mixed Japanese and Palauan descent.

Remelik's killers remain unknown. Remelik was shot in the driveway of his home by an unidentified gunman. Six months after the killing, two relatives of Roman Tmetuchl
Roman Tmetuchl
Roman Tmetuchl was a Palau political leader and businessman. During World War II, he was recruited to work for the Kempeitai, the Empire of Japan's military police. He later served in the Congress of Micronesia, and went into business, through which he amassed a fortune of US$35 million...

and another man were arrested in connection to the killing; however, they were later released.

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