A godfather is a male godparent
A godparent, in many denominations of Christianity, is someone who sponsors a child's baptism. A male godparent is a godfather, and a female godparent is a godmother...

 in the Christian tradition.

Godfather may also refer to:
  • A male arranged to be legal guardian
    Legal guardian
    A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward. Usually, a person has the status of guardian because the ward is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to infancy, incapacity, or disability...

     of a child if untimely demise is met by the parents

  • Capo di tutti capi
    Capo di tutti capi
    Capo di tutti capi or capo dei capi is Italian for "boss of all bosses" or "boss of bosses". It is a phrase used mainly by the media, public and the law enforcement community to indicate a supremely powerful crime boss in the Sicilian or American Mafia who holds great influence over the whole...

    , a Mafia crime boss
  • Charles Wright (wrestler)
    Charles Wright (wrestler)
    Charles Wright is an American businessman and former professional wrestler. He is best known for his tenure with the World Wrestling Federation throughout the 1990s and early 2000s under the ring names Papa Shango, Kama, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather, and The Goodfather .After leaving the wrestling...

     (pseudonym), a wrestler
  • Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo
    Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo
    Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo is a convicted Mexican drug lord known as "El Padrino" who in the 1980s formed the Guadalajara Cartel and became the first drug czar in Mexico to control all illegal drug traffic in Mexico and the corridors along the Mexico-U.S.A...

    , the founder of Mexican drug cartels
  • Juan Nepomuceno Guerra
    Juan Nepomuceno Guerra
    Juan Nepomuceno Guerra was a Mexican drug lord and smuggler who co-founded the Gulf Cartel with his nephew Juan García Ábrego. He is often considered the "godfather" of U.S-Mexico border mafias.-Biography:...

    , founder of the Gulf Cartel
    Gulf Cartel
    The Gulf Cartel is one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico, and perhaps the oldest organized crime group in the country...

     and considered the "godfather" of U.S-Mexico border mafias.

In media:
  • The Godfather (novel)
    The Godfather (novel)
    The Godfather is a crime novel written by Italian American author Mario Puzo, originally published in 1969 by G. P. Putnam's Sons. It details the story of a fictitious Sicilian Mafia family based in New York City and headed by Don Vito Corleone, who became synonymous with the Italian Mafia...

    , a 1969 novel by Mario Puzo about the fictional Italian Mafia family headed by Don Vito Corleone
  • The Godfather film trilogy
    Godfather Trilogy
    The Godfather is a crime drama film trilogy directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It is based on the novel by Mario Puzo about the fictional Corleone Mafia family.-Films:* The Godfather * The Godfather Part II...

     based on the Puzo novel:
    • The Godfather
      The Godfather
      The Godfather is a 1972 American epic crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the 1969 novel by Mario Puzo. With a screenplay by Puzo, Coppola and an uncredited Robert Towne, the film stars Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Sterling Hayden, John Marley, Richard...

      , the Academy Award-winning 1972 film with Marlon Brando as the Godfather
    • The Godfather Part II
      The Godfather Part II
      The Godfather Part II is a 1974 American gangster film directed by Francis Ford Coppola from a script co-written with Mario Puzo. The film is both a sequel and a prequel to The Godfather, chronicling the story of the Corleone family following the events of the first film while also depicting the...

      , the Academy Award-winning 1974 sequel to the first film
    • The Godfather Part III
      The Godfather Part III
      The Godfather Part III is a 1990 American gangster film written by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola, and directed by Coppola. It completes the story of Michael Corleone, a Mafia kingpin who tries to legitimize his criminal empire...

      , the third film in the trilogy, released in 1990
  • Godfather (1991 film)
    Godfather (1991 film)
    Godfather is a 1991 Malayalam musical comedy film written and directed by Siddique-Lal, and produced by Appachan. The film stars a huge cast consisting of Mukesh, N. N. Pillai, Kanaka, Jagadish, Innocent, Thilakan, Philomina, Siddique, K. P. A. C...

    , a Malayalam film directed by Siddique
    Siddique may refer to:*alternate spelling of Siddiqui, last name common among some Muslim groups in South Asia and the Middle East*Siddique , Indian actor*Siddique , Indian director and script writer...

     and Lal starring N.N. Pillai, Mukesh, and Innocent Vincent
  • Godfather (2007 film)
    Godfather (2007 film)
    Godfather - The legend continues is a Pakistani Urdu film directed by Hariday Shetty which was released across theaters in Pakistan on October 14, 2007. The film has massive star cast including both Pakistani and Indian actors and will show Vinod Khanna for the very first time on the Pakistani...

    , a Pakistani film directed by Hariday Shetty
  • Godfather (2011 film)
    Godfather (2011 film)
    Godfather is an upcoming Indian Kannada-language film directed by ace cinematographer turned director P. C. Sreeram starring Superstar Upendra and Soundarya Jayamala in the lead roles. Sadha and Catherine Tresa also are playing the prominent roles which were originally offered to Simran and Bhumika...

    , a Kannada film directed by P. C. Sriram
    P. C. Sriram
    P. C. Sreeram is a cinematographer and film director, educated at the Film and Television Institute of Tamil nadu . P.C. Sreeram is fondly called as PC sir. P.C. Sreeram won appreciations for his various cinematographic works and his directorial venture Kurruthipunal was selected as India's...

     starring Upendra
    Upendra is a cine actor, director, script writer and singer. Born in a middle class family at Koteshwara near Kundapura, he belongs to Kannada speaking Kota Brahmin community. Upendra started his career off with famous director Kashinath as a writer and an assistant director...

     with music by A. R. Rahman
    A. R. Rahman
    Allah Rakha Rahman is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and philanthropist. Described as the world's most prominent and prolific film composer by Time, his works are notable for integrating eastern classical music with electronic music sounds, world music genres and...

  • "The Godfather", one of Grimm's Fairy Tales
    Grimm's Fairy Tales
    Children's and Household Tales is a collection of German origin fairy tales first published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the Brothers Grimm. The collection is commonly known today as Grimms' Fairy Tales .-Composition:...

  • "The Godfather", a fifth season episode of Married... with Children

In games:
  • The Godfather video game series
    • The Godfather: The Game
      The Godfather: The Game
      The Godfather: The Game is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is the second video game in the Godfather series and based upon the 1972 film of the same name. Originally released in March 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows, The Godfather...

      , a 2006 video game based on the Puzo novel and film
    • The Godfather II (video game)
      The Godfather II (video game)
      The Godfather II is a 2009 video game based on The Godfather Part II, a 1974 crime drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and co-written by Coppola and Mario Puzo. The game is published by Electronic Arts and was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows...

      , a 2009 video game based on the second film

In music:
  • Godfather (band)
    Godfather (band)
    Formed in 2002 by guitarist Real Deal , Godfather released their debut album, Money Shot, in February 2002. The majority of the songwriting is from Real Deal who is also their recording engineer.- Biography :...

    , a sleaze/funk/hip hop band from Cambridge, UK
  • The Godfather (album), a compilation album by Hector "El Father" featuring many artists.
  • The Godfathers
    The Godfathers
    The Godfathers are an alternative rock band from London, England.-Career:The Godfathers were formed by Peter and Chris Coyne from the ashes of The Sid Presley Experience in 1985. After independent single releases produced by Vic Maile, and collected on their debut album, Hit By Hit, they signed to...

    , an alternative rock band from London, England

  • Godfather (cocktail), a cocktail made with Italian Amaretto and Scotch whisky

In honorary titles:
It may also be bestowed as an honorary title to a pioneer in a particular field, especially in musical genres, as:
  • Godfather of Anime, Osamu Tezuka
    Osamu Tezuka
    was a Japanese cartoonist, manga artist, animator, producer, activist and medical doctor, although he never practiced medicine. Born in Osaka Prefecture, he is best known as the creator of Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion and Black Jack...

  • Godfather of Cantopop, Roman Tam
    Roman Tam
    Roman Tam, known by the stage name Lo Man , nickname Law Kee , was a renowned Hong Kong Cantopop singer. He is regarded as the "Godfather of Cantopop".-Career:...

  • Godfather of creative nonfiction, Lee Gutkind
    Lee Gutkind
    Lee Gutkind is an American writer.Gurkind is the founder of the literary magazine Creative Nonfiction and the author or editor of over a dozen books. He started the first ever MFA program in creative nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh...

  • Godfather of Fitness, Jack LaLanne
    Jack LaLanne
    Francois Henri "Jack" LaLanne was an American fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert and motivational speaker who is sometimes called "the godfather of fitness" and the "first fitness superhero." He described himself as being a "sugarholic" and a "junk food junkie" until he was 15...

  • Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy-E
    Eric Lynn Wright , better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper who performed solo and in the hip hop group N.W.A. Wright was born to Richard and Kathie Wright in Compton, California...

  • Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown
    Chuck Brown
    Chuck Brown is a guitarist and singer who is affectionately called "The Godfather of Go-go". Go-go is a subgenre of funk music developed in and around Washington, D.C. in the mid- and late 1970s...

  • Godfather of Grappling, Gene LeBell
    Gene LeBell
    Ivan Gene LeBell is a former American Judo champion, instructor, stunt performer, stunt coordinator, and professional wrestler born in Los Angeles, California. LeBell has worked on over 1,000 films and TV shows, and has authored a number of books.In 2000, he was promoted to 9th Dan in US Ju-Jitsu...

  • Godfather of Grunge, Neil Young
    Neil Young
    Neil Percival Young, OC, OM is a Canadian singer-songwriter who is widely regarded as one of the most influential musicians of his generation...

  • Godfather of Heavy Metal, Ozzy Osbourne
    Ozzy Osbourne
    John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne is an English vocalist, whose musical career has spanned over 40 years. Osbourne rose to prominence as lead singer of the pioneering English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, whose radically different, intentionally dark, harder sound helped spawn the heavy metal...

  • Godfather of House Music, Frankie Knuckles
    Frankie Knuckles
    Frankie Knuckles is an American DJ, record producer and remix artist. He played an important role in developing house music as a Chicago DJ in the 1980s and he helped to popularize house music in the 1990s, with his work as a producer and remixer...

  • Godfather of Hip Hop, Afrika Bambaataa
    Afrika Bambaataa
    Afrika Bambaataa is an American DJ from the South Bronx, New York who was instrumental in the early development of hip hop throughout the 1980s. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three originators of break-beat deejaying, and is respectfully known as the "Grandfather" and the Amen Ra of Universal...

  • Godfather of Historic Preservation, Charles E. Peterson
    Charles E. Peterson
    Charles Emil Peterson is widely considered to be a seminal figure in professionalizing the practice of historic preservation in the United States...

  • Godfather of Irish Music, Tommy Makem
    Tommy Makem
    Thomas "Tommy" Makem was an internationally celebrated Irish folk musician, artist, poet and storyteller. He was best known as a member of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. He played the long-necked 5-string banjo, guitar, tin whistle, and bagpipes, and sang in a distinctive baritone...

  • Godfather of Latin Jazz, Ray Barretto
    Ray Barretto
    Ray Barretto was a Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican jazz musician.-Early years:Barretto was born in New York City of Puerto Rican descent...

  • Godfather of Noyze, Rahzel M. Brown
    Rahzel M. Brown, also known as simply Rahzel, is an American musician and virtuoso beatboxer, formerly a member of The Roots.Nicknamed the "Godfather of Noyze," Rahzel is known for an ability to sing or rap while simultaneously beatboxing, as evidenced in his performances of "Iron Man" and his...

  • Godfather of Nu Metal, Ross Robinson
    Ross Robinson
    Ross Robinson, son of Byron Katie, is an American multi-platinum music producer, who has discovered successful acts such as Korn, At the Drive-In, Glassjaw, Repeater, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. Robinson has also worked with Machine Head, Vanilla Ice, The Cure, Sepultura and many others...

  • Godfather of Soul, James Brown
    James Brown
    James Joseph Brown was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. He is the originator of Funk and is recognized as a major figure in the 20th century popular music for both his vocals and dancing. He has been referred to as "The Godfather of Soul," "Mr...

  • Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop
    Iggy Pop
    Iggy Pop is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Though considered an innovator of punk rock, Pop's music has encompassed a number of styles over the years, including pop, metal, jazz and blues...

  • Godfather of Persia, Hussein Javadi Nejad

See also

  • God the Father
    God the Father
    God the Father is a gendered title given to God in many monotheistic religions, particularly patriarchal, Abrahamic ones. In Judaism, God is called Father because he is the creator, life-giver, law-giver, and protector...

  • Godmother
    A godmother is a female godparent in the Christian tradition.Godmother may also refer to:*A female arranged to be legal guardian of a child if untimely demise is met by the parents...

  • People known as the father or mother of something
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