Ghosts - Italian Style
Ghosts - Italian Style is a 1968 Italian comedy film
Comedy film
Comedy film is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. They are designed to elicit laughter from the audience. Comedies are mostly light-hearted dramas and are made to amuse and entertain the audiences...

 directed by Renato Castellani
Renato Castellani
Renato Castellani was an Italian film director and screenwriter.- Filmography :*The Iron Crown *Un colpo di pistola *Zazà...



  • Sophia Loren
    Sophia Loren
    Sophia Loren, OMRI is an Italian actress.In 1962, Loren won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Two Women, along with 21 awards, becoming the first actress to win an Academy Award for a non-English-speaking performance...

     - Maria Lojacono
  • Vittorio Gassman
    Vittorio Gassman
    Vittorio Gassman Knight Grand Cross OMRI , popularly known as Il Mattatore, was an Italian theatre and film actor and director...

     - Pasquale Lojacono
  • Mario Adorf
    Mario Adorf
    Mario Adorf is a German film and stage actor, best known for his lead role in the 1978 film The Tin Drum.-Biography:...

     - Alfredo Mariano
  • Aldo Giuffrè
    Aldo Giuffrè
    Aldo Giuffrè was an Italian film actor and comedian who appeared in over 90 films between 1948 and 2001. He was born in Naples....

     - Raffaele
  • Margaret Lee
    Margaret Lee (British actress)
    Margaret Lee is a British actress who was a popular leading lady in Italian films in the 1960s and 1970s...

     - Sayonara
  • Francis De Wolff
    Francis de Wolff
    Francis de Wolff was an English character actor. Large, bearded, and beetle-browed, he was often cast as villains in both film and television....

     - The Scotsman (as Francis De Wolffe)
  • Francesco Tensi - Professor Santanna
  • Augusta Merola - Anna
  • Piera Degli Esposti
  • Giovanni Tarallo
  • Nietta Zocchi
    Nietta Zocchi
    Nietta Zocchi was an Italian film actress. She appeared in 70 films between 1936 and 1976.-Selected filmography:* Sette giorni all'altro mondo * Accidents to the Taxes!! * The Eternal Chain...

  • Valentino Macchi
  • Marcello Mastroianni
    Marcello Mastroianni
    Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni, Knight Grand Cross was an Italian film actor. His honours included British Film Academy Awards, Best Actor awards at the Cannes Film Festival and two Golden Globe Awards.- Personal life :...

    - Il fantasma (uncredited)
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