Fyodor Luzhin
Fyodor Fyodorovich Luzhin (Russian
Russian language
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: Федор Федорович Лужин) (died 1727) was a Russia
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n geodesist and cartographer.

Fyodor Luzhin was first a student at the School for Mathematical and Navigational Sciences in Moscow
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 and then in a geodesic class of the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg (until 1718). In 1719–1721, Luzhin took part in drawing a map of Kamchatka and Kuril Islands
Kuril Islands
The Kuril Islands , in Russia's Sakhalin Oblast region, form a volcanic archipelago that stretches approximately northeast from Hokkaidō, Japan, to Kamchatka, Russia, separating the Sea of Okhotsk from the North Pacific Ocean. There are 56 islands and many more minor rocks. It consists of Greater...

 together with Ivan Yevreinov
Ivan Yevreinov
Ivan Mikhaylovich Yevreinov was a Russian geodesist and explorer.Ivan Yevreinov was born in Poland, then brought to Russia and baptized into Orthodox Christianity....

. In 1723–1724, he made surveys
See Also: Public Land Survey SystemSurveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them...

 of different parts of East Siberia. In 1725–1727, Luzhin participated in the First Kamchatka Expedition led by Vitus Bering
Vitus Bering
Vitus Jonassen Bering Vitus Jonassen Bering Vitus Jonassen Bering (also, less correNavy]], a captain-komandor known among the Russian sailors as Ivan Ivanovich. He is noted for being the first European to discover Alaska and its Aleutian Islands...

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