Frucade is a soft drink
Soft drink
A soft drink is a non-alcoholic beverage that typically contains water , a sweetener, and a flavoring agent...

 created in 1953 in Rosenheim
Rosenheim is a town in Bavaria at the confluence of the rivers Inn and Mangfall. It is seat of administration of the district of Rosenheim, but is not a part of it.-Geography:...

, Bavaria
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 by Adalbert Conrads and Karl Grün
Karl Grün
Karl Grün , also known by his alias Ernst von der Haide, was a German journalist, political theorist and socialist politician. He played a prominent role in radical political movements leading up to the Revolution of 1848 and participated in the revolution...

. It is a carbonated orange drink, with a slight taste of exotic fruits.

For many Austria
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ns, the rather distinct shape of the glass bottle is a childhood memory.

Frucade became also quite famous when, in the 1995
1995 in television
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ORF (broadcaster)
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 Nette Leit Show (Nice People Show), it was offered by host Hermes Phettberg
Hermes Phettberg
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to guests as an alternative to eggnog.

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