Fremersberg Tower
Fremersberg Tower is an 83 metre tall telecommunication tower built of reinforced concrete
Concrete is a composite construction material, composed of cement and other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate , water and chemical admixtures.The word concrete comes from the Latin word...

 with an observation deck
Observation deck
__FORCETOC__ An observation deck, observation platform or viewing platform is an elevated sightseeing platform usually situated upon a tall architectural structure such as a skyscraper or observation tower...

 30 metres above ground. There is a small restaurant located next to the tower.
Fremersberg Tower, which was built in 1961 is situated on 525 metre high Fremersberg near Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden is a spa town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located on the western foothills of the Black Forest, on the banks of the Oos River, in the region of Karlsruhe...

 at 8°12'8" E and 48°45'10" N.

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