Fort Saint Antoine
Fort Saint Antoine was a seventeenth-century French fort in Wisconsin.

The fort was founded in 1686 by Nicholas Perrot and a group of Canadiens.

Perrot's expedition

In the fall of 1685, Perrot and his men arrived at Mont Trempealeau by canoe. There, Perrot and his men built a protective shelter in preparation for winter. Several weeks earlier they had left La Baye
Green Bay
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 and crossed Wisconsin
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 via the Fox
Fox River (Wisconsin)
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 and Wisconsin River
Wisconsin River
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s to reach the Mississippi Valley.

The purpose of this expedition was to establish alliances with the Ioway and Dakota
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 Indians in order to expand French interests in the fur trade market. Although Perrot's venture was not the first French excursion into the upper Mississippi Valley, his was the first attempt to establish a foothold in this region.

Founding of Fort Saint Antoine

In the spring of 1686 the Trempealeau site was abandoned for a more advantageous location along Lake Pepin
Lake Pepin
Lake Pepin is a naturally occurring lake, and the widest naturally occurring part of the Mississippi River, located approximately 60 miles downstream from Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is a widening of the river on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. The formation of the lake was caused by the...

 where Perrot built Fort Saint Antoine. Over the next thirty-five years French economic fortunes in the upper Mississippi Valley waxed and waned. It was not until 1731, and the end of the Fox Indian Wars
Fox Wars
The Fox Wars were two 18th-century wars between the Fox Indians and the French , which occurred in territories that are now the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, U.S.A.. The First Fox War broke out with the French when the Fox numbered some 3,500. After the Second Fox War , the remaining 1,500...

, that the French under the command of René Godefroy, sieur de Linctot
René Godefroy, sieur de Linctot
René Godefroy, Sieur de Linctot de Tonnancour was an early Canadien settler. He was from an early, prominent, French Canadian family.In 1718, a post was founded at Chequamegon by Paul le Gardeur, sieur de St. Pierre, with Godefroy de Linctot second in command. A settlement of Canadien traders was...

returned to Trempealeau and established another trading post.
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