Expedition 31
Expedition 31 is scheduled to be the thirty-first expedition to the International Space Station
International Space Station
The International Space Station is a habitable, artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. The ISS follows the Salyut, Almaz, Cosmos, Skylab, and Mir space stations, as the 11th space station launched, not including the Genesis I and II prototypes...



Position First Part
(March 2012)
Second Part
(March 2012 to May 2012)
Commander Oleg Kononenko
Oleg Kononenko
Oleg Dmitriyevich Kononenko is a Russian cosmonaut.- Personal :Kononenko was born June 21, 1964, in Chardzhou, Turkmen SSR. He is married to Tatiana Mikhailovna Kononenko . They have a son, Andrey Olegovich Kononenko, and a daughter, Alisa Olegovna Kononenko. Kononenko enjoys reading, and team...

Russian Federal Space Agency
The Russian Federal Space Agency , commonly called Roscosmos and abbreviated as FKA and RKA , is the government agency responsible for the Russian space science program and general aerospace research. It was previously the Russian Aviation and Space Agency .Headquarters of Roscosmos are located...

Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 André Kuipers
André Kuipers
André Kuipers is a Dutch physician and ESA astronaut. He officially became the second Dutch and the third Dutch-born astronaut upon launch of Soyuz TMA-4 on April 19, 2004. Kuipers returned to Earth aboard Soyuz TMA-3 11 days later.Kuipers is scheduled to become the first Dutch astronaut to...

Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Don Pettit, NASA
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the agency of the United States government that is responsible for the nation's civilian space program and for aeronautics and aerospace research...

Third spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3 Joseph M. Acaba
Joseph M. Acaba
Joseph Michael "Joe" Acaba is an educator, hydrogeologist, and NASA astronaut. In May 2004 he became the first person of Puerto Rican heritage to be named as a NASA astronaut candidate, when he was selected as a member of NASA Astronaut Training Group 19...

Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4 Gennady Padalka
Gennady Padalka
Gennady Ivanovich Padalka is a Russian Air Force officer and an RSA cosmonaut. As of June 2010, Gennady ranks sixth for career time in space due to his time on both Mir and the International Space Station....

Fourth spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Sergei Revin
Sergei Revin
Sergei Nikolayevich Revin is a Russian cosmonaut that was selected in 1996, and completed spaceflight training in 1998. Revin may serve as a backup crewmember for Flight Engineer Oleg Skripochka on the Expedition 22 crew bound for the International Space Station. Revin is married to Irina...

First spaceflight

Source: NASA

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