Ermengarde of Tours
Ermengarde of Tours (died 20 March 851) was the wife of Emperor Lothair I
Lothair I
Lothair I or Lothar I was the Emperor of the Romans , co-ruling with his father until 840, and the King of Bavaria , Italy and Middle Francia...

 of the Franks. Her father was Hugh of Tours
Hugh of Tours
Hugh was the count of Tours and Sens during the reigns of Charlemagne and Louis the Pious, until his disgrace in February 828. He was probably a son of Count Haicho of the House of the Etichonen....

, a member of the Etichonen family, which claimed descent from the Merovingian Kings . In the middle of October 821 in Diedenhofen (Thionville), she married the Carolingian Emperor Lothair I (795–855).

In 849, two years before her death, she made a donation to the abbey Erstein in the Elsass, in which she lies also buried.

Lothar and Irmingard had nine children:
  • Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor
    Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor
    Louis II the Younger was the King of Italy and Roman Emperor from 844, co-ruling with his father Lothair I until 855, after which he ruled alone. Louis's usual title was imperator augustus , but he used imperator Romanorum after his conquest of Bari in 871, which led to poor relations with Byzantium...

     (c. 825–875).
  • Helletrud (Hiltrud) (c. 826–after 865/866) m. Count Berengar (d. before 865/866)
  • Bertha (c. 830–after 7 May 852, probably 877), became before 847 Abbess of Avenay, perhaps Äbtissin of Faremoutiers
  • Ermengarde Duchess Moselle(b. probably 826/830), kidnapped 846, m. Giselbert, Count of Maasgau (Reginare)
  • Gisla (c. 830–860) 851–860 Abbess of San Salvatore in Brescia
  • Lothair II of Lotharingia
    Lothair II of Lotharingia
    Lothair II was the second son of Emperor Lothair I and Ermengarde of Tours. He was married to Teutberga, daughter of Boso the Elder. He is the namesake of the Lothair Crystal, which he probably commissioned, and of the Cross of Lothair, which was made over a century after his death but...

     (c. 835–869) king of Lorraine m. 855 Teutberga, daughter of Count Boso of Arles
  • Rotrud (baptized 835/840 in Pavia) m. around 850/851 Lambert, Margrave of Brittany, Count of Nantes (Widonen), who died 1 May 852
  • Charles of Provence
    Charles of Provence
    Charles of Provence was the Carolingian King of Provence from 855 until his early death in 863.Charles was the youngest son of Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I and Ermengarde of Tours....

     (c. 845–25 January 863 in the monastery St-Pierre-les-Nonnains, modern Lyon), King in Burgundy
  • Carloman (b. 853)

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