Edward Young
Edward Young was an English
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A poet is a person who writes poetry. A poet's work can be literal, meaning that his work is derived from a specific event, or metaphorical, meaning that his work can take on many meanings and forms. Poets have existed since antiquity, in nearly all languages, and have produced works that vary...

, best remembered for Night Thoughts
Night Thoughts (poem)
The Complaint: or, Night-Thoughts on Life, Death, & Immortality, better known simply as Night-Thoughts, is a long poem by Edward Young published in nine parts between 1742 and 1745.The poem is written in blank verse...

He was the son of Edward Young, later Dean of Salisbury
Dean of Salisbury
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, and was born at his father's rectory
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 at Upham
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, near Winchester, where he was baptized on 3 July 1683. He was educated at Winchester College
Winchester College
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, and matriculated in 1702 at New College, Oxford
New College, Oxford
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. He later moved to Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Corpus Christi College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom...

, and in 1708 was nominated by Archbishop Tenison
Thomas Tenison
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 to a law fellowship at All Souls
All Souls College, Oxford
The Warden and the College of the Souls of all Faithful People deceased in the University of Oxford or All Souls College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England....

. He took his degree of D.C.L.
Doctor of Canon Law
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 in 1719.
His first publication was an Epistle to ...

Great let me call him, for he conquered me.

The Revenge, Act I, sc. i (1721)

Life is the desert, life the solitude;Death joins us to the great majority.

The Revenge, Act IV, sc. i

Souls made of fire, and children of the sun,With whom revenge is virtue.

The Revenge, Act V, sc. ii

The blood will follow where the knife is driven,The flesh will quiver where the pincers tear.

The Revenge, Act V, sc. ii

In youth, what disappointments of our own making: in age, what disappointments from the nature of things.

A Vindication of Providence; or, A True Estimate of Human Life (1728)

The man that makes a character makes foes.

To Mr. Pope, epistle I, l. 28 (1730)

Their feet through faithless leather met the dirt,And oftener chang'd their principles than shirt.

To Mr. Pope, epistle I, l. 277

There is something in Poetry beyond Prose-reason; there are Mysteries in it not to be explained, but admired.

Conjectures on Original Composition (1759) p. 28.

When the Law shows her teeth, but dares not bite.

Satire I, l. 17

The love of praise, howe'er concealed by art,Reigns more or less, and glows in ev'ry heart.

Satire I, l. 51