eToll is a National Roads Authority
National Roads Authority
The National Roads Authority is a state body in the Republic of Ireland, responsible for the national road network. The NRA was established as part of the Roads Act 1993 and commenced operations on 23 December 1993 in accordance with S.I. 407 of 1993.County councils remain responsible for local...

 run interoperability system allowing cashless payment on all of Ireland's toll road
Toll road
A toll road is a privately or publicly built road for which a driver pays a toll for use. Structures for which tolls are charged include toll bridges and toll tunnels. Non-toll roads are financed using other sources of revenue, most typically fuel tax or general tax funds...

s. Based on an RFID tag attached to the windscreen of a participating vehicle, it allows drivers to travel on the tolled sections of them M1, M4, M6
M6 motorway (Ireland)
The M6 motorway is a motorway in Ireland, which runs from Dublin to Galway. The M6 extends from its junction with the M4 at Kinnegad all the way west to the outskirts of Galway City, but the Athlone bypass and the approach to Galway city - while of dual carriageway standard - have not been...

, M7, M8
M8 motorway (Ireland)
The M8 motorway is an inter-urban motorway in Ireland, which forms part of the road from the capital - Dublin - to Cork city. The 149 km motorway commences in the townland of Aghaboe, County Laois and runs through the counties of Kilkenny, North Tipperary, South Tipperary and Limerick,...

 and M50
M50 motorway (Ireland)
The M50 motorway is a motorway in Ireland running in a C-shaped ring around the north-eastern, northern, western and southern sides of the capital city, Dublin. The northern end of the route is located at the entrance to the Dublin Port Tunnel. Anti-clockwise it heads northwest through the tunnel...

 as well as the East Link
East-Link (Dublin)
The East-Link is a toll bridge in Dublin, Ireland, on the River Liffey, owned by Dublin City Council and operated by NTR plc. The lifting bridge, which links North Wall to Ringsend, is the last bridge on the Liffey, which opens out into Dublin Port and then Dublin Bay just beyond...

, N25 Waterford bypass, Dublin Port Tunnel
Dublin Port Tunnel
The Dublin Port Tunnel is a road traffic tunnel in Dublin, Ireland, that forms part of the M50 motorway....

, and the Limerick (Shannon) Tunnel
Limerick Tunnel
The Limerick Tunnel is a 675m long, twin-bore road tunnel underneath the River Shannon on the outskirts of Limerick City. The tunnel forms part of the N18 Limerick Southern Ring Road. The tunnel is tolled....



Prior to its introduction, some operators had their own incompatible schemes specific to their own road sections. Since introduction however, all 5 toll road operators issue interoperable eToll tags. Additionally, two private firms (who do not operate any toll roads) also issue and operate eToll tagging systems - of which one is subcontracted to provide branded tags for one operator, as well as their own.

The NRA launched a fee and provider comparison website at for consumers to compare eToll tag operators.


The system operates using in-car 5.8GHz RFID transponders, generally manufactured by Kapsch
The Kapsch Group, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is an international Road Telematics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Company. The corporate group, with more than 4,000 employees worldwide generated total revenue of € 829.9 Million as of March 2011 and has invested € 55.8 Million ...

 or CS Route.


The eToll platform is operated by Egis Projects, a French company with toll operations in 15 different countries.

Where applicable, fees are charged to tag users at the same rate as cash prices for the same class of vehicle, and purchase/rent administrative fees for tags vary by tag issuer. Some tags also operate for other services, such as car parks, but this also varies by issuer.

Since the M50 motorway moved to "barrier free" (cash-less) tolling, eToll tagging has represented one of two options to pay the West-Link
The West-Link is a toll bridge on the M50 motorway to the west of Dublin, Ireland, operated by BetEire Flow Limited for the National Roads Authority.- Structure :...

 toll. (The other system being video registration or post-pay services). In 2007 the NRA awarded French consortium BetEire Flow the contract to construct and operate the barrier-free tolling system at the West-Link bridge, and the eFlow
eFlow is a tolling brand name of a company in Ireland which manages the collection of tolls electronically. Is is best known for operating the "barrier free" tolling system which was introduced on the M50 motorway around Dublin on 30 August 2008....

system was introduced on 30 August 2008. The BetEire Flow consortium comprises the French toll operator Sanef and CS, a French systems designer, supplier and integrator. eFlow uses overhead cameras and detectors to record motorists' electronic tags or vehicle number plates. The technology involves two sets of gantries over the motorway. The first gantry detects the vehicle, and the second has antennae and cameras to read the tags and number plates.

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