Dulmatin was a senior figure in the militant group Jemaah Islamiyah
Jemaah Islamiyah
Jemaah Islamiah , is a Southeast Asian militant Islamic organization dedicated to the establishment of a Daulah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia incorporating Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Philippines, Singapore and Brunei...

 (JI) and one of the most wanted terrorists in Southeast Asia.
He was also known as Amar Usmanan, Joko Pitoyo, Joko Pitono, Abdul Matin, Pitono, Muktarmar, Djoko, and Noval. He had a nickname "Genius". Dulmatin was a Javanese with 172 cm tall, weighing 70 kg, with a brown complexion.

According to the Jakarta Globe
Jakarta Globe
The Jakarta Globe is a daily English language newspaper in Indonesia, launched on November 12, 2008.The paper averages 48 pages a day, and publishes Monday to Saturday...

when he was a young man he attended a religious boarding school run by
the founder of the Jemaah Islamiyah
Jemaah Islamiyah
Jemaah Islamiah , is a Southeast Asian militant Islamic organization dedicated to the establishment of a Daulah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia incorporating Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Philippines, Singapore and Brunei...

, Abu Bakar Bashir
Abu Bakar Bashir
Abu Bakar Bashir Abu Bakar Bashir Abu Bakar Bashir (also Abubakar Ba'asyir, Abdus Somad, and Ustad Abu ("Teacher Abu"), born 17 August 1938, is an Indonesian Muslim cleric and leader of the Indonesian Mujahedeen Council (MMI)....


Dulmatin had received training in al-Qaeda
Al-Qaeda is a global broad-based militant Islamist terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden sometime between August 1988 and late 1989. It operates as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad...

 camps in Afghanistan. He was believed to have been the protégé of Azahari Husin
Azahari Husin
Dr. Azahari bin Husin was a Malaysian who was believed to be the technical mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombing. He was killed in a police raid on his hideout in Indonesia in 2005. He was nicknamed the "Demolition Man".-History:He received extensive bomb training in Afghanistan...

 and under Azahari's guidance Dulmatin became an electronics specialist and bomb making expert. He participated in the car bomb attack on the Philippine
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

 ambassador in Jakarta on 1 August 2000 and assembled the timers for the 38 Christmas 2000 church bombings in Indonesia which killed 19 people. He was one of the masterminds behind the 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia which killed 202 people, including seven U.S. and 88 Australian citizens . Working alongside Azahari, Dulmatin helped to assemble car bomb
Car bomb
A car bomb, or truck bomb also known as a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device , is an improvised explosive device placed in a car or other vehicle and then detonated. It is commonly used as a weapon of assassination, terrorism, or guerrilla warfare, to kill the occupants of the vehicle,...

 and explosive vests used in the attack. He allegedly set off one of the bombs with a mobile phone.

He was believed to be with the Abu Sayyaf
Abu Sayyaf
Abu Sayyaf also known as al-Harakat al-Islamiyya is one of several military Islamist separatist groups based in and around the southern Philippines, in Bangsamoro where for almost 30 years various Muslim groups have been engaged in an insurgency for an independent province in the country...

 group in the Philippines since 2003 and was involved in providing explosive expertise and training other militants. From radio intercept and human intelligence, authorities believe that Dulmatin was wounded in a gun battle with the Philippines military in January 2007, on the southern island of Jolo
Jolo may refer to:* Jolo Island* Jolo, Sulu* Jolo, West Virginia* Jolo is also the nickname of Swedish author Jan Olof Olsson....

In May 2007, Dulmatin again eluded capture when he fled from a safe house in Simunul island just hours before Philippine police and military forces raided the location. The authorities found 4 children believed to be Dulmatin's children.

The United States government offered a reward of up to US$
United States dollar
The United States dollar , also referred to as the American dollar, is the official currency of the United States of America. It is divided into 100 smaller units called cents or pennies....

10 million for the capture of Dulmatin under the Rewards For Justice Program
Rewards For Justice Program
The Rewards for Justice Program is the counterterrorism rewards program of the U.S. Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service . The Secretary of State is currently offering rewards for information that prevents or favorably resolves acts of international terrorism against U.S. persons or...


At the beginning of 2010 Dulmatin began training a group of militants in the foothills of Jalin, just south of Banda Aceh
Banda Aceh
Banda Aceh is the provincial capital and largest city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia, located on the island of Sumatra, with an elevation of 35 meters. The city regency covers an area of 64 square kilometres and according to the 2000 census had a population of 219,070 people...

 in Indonesia
Indonesia , officially the Republic of Indonesia , is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 13,000 islands. It has 33 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's fourth most populous country. Indonesia is a republic, with an...

 in an attempt to build a 'nerve centre for Southeast Asian terrorism' under the name 'Al-Qaeda of the Verandah of Mecca.'
The group was quickly wiped out, beginning with police raids on 22 February 2010, when many were killed or arrested, and followed up with intelligence from locals and ex-rebels who banded against the non-Acehnese militants.

Dulmatin was killed in a police raid in Pamulang
Pamulang is a subdistrict in the city of South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. The population is 174,500....

, Jakarta on 9 March 2010 on the outskirts of Jakarta by Detachment 88, Indonesia's special counter-terrorism unit.
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