In science and technology

  • Drag (physics)
    Drag (physics)
    In fluid dynamics, drag refers to forces which act on a solid object in the direction of the relative fluid flow velocity...

    , the force which resists motion of an object through a fluid
  • Drag equation
    Drag equation
    In fluid dynamics, the drag equation is a practical formula used to calculate the force of drag experienced by an object due to movement through a fully enclosing fluid....

    , a mathematical equation used in analyzing the magnitude of drag caused by fluid flow
  • Drag coefficient
    Drag coefficient
    In fluid dynamics, the drag coefficient is a dimensionless quantity that is used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid environment such as air or water. It is used in the drag equation, where a lower drag coefficient indicates the object will have less aerodynamic or...

    , a non-dimensional coefficient that is one of the terms in the drag equation
  • Aerodynamic drag, the aerodynamic force which resists motion of an aircraft or other object through the air
  • Drag crisis
    Drag crisis
    In fluid dynamics, drag crisis is a phenomenon in which drag coefficient drops off suddenly as Reynolds number increases. This has been well studied for round bodies like spheres and cylinders. The drag coefficient of a sphere will change rapidly from about 0.5 to 0.2 at a Reynolds number in the...

    , a rapid change in drag coefficient over a small range of Reynolds number
  • Park drag, a type of carriage
  • Police drag, a small dredge used to recover objects or bodies lost in shallow water
  • Drag harrow
    Drag harrow
    A drag harrow, a type of spring-tooth harrow, is a largely outdated type of soil cultivation implement that is used to smooth the ground as well as loosen it after it has been plowed and packed. It uses many flexible iron teeth usually arranged into three rows. It has no hydraulic functionality...

    , in agriculture, a heavy type of harrow used to break up soil
  • In computing, to hold down a mouse button while moving the mouse, as in drag-and-drop
    In computer graphical user interfaces, drag-and-drop is the action of selecting a virtual object by "grabbing" it and dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual object...

In arts, performance arts and entertainment

  • To drag, in music, to play slower than the indicated tempo
    In musical terminology, tempo is the speed or pace of a given piece. Tempo is a crucial element of any musical composition, as it can affect the mood and difficulty of a piece.-Measuring tempo:...

  • Drag (percussion), in drumming, one of the 26 rudiments, or basic patterns used in rudimental drumming
  • Drag (band)
    Drag (band)
    Drag is an Australian rock band led by Darren Middleton, most known as the lead guitarist from highly successful Australian group Powderfinger.-History:...

    , an Australian band
  • Drag (k.d. lang album), a 1997 album by k.d. lang
  • Drag (Red Aunts album)
    Drag (Red Aunts album)
    Drag is the first full length album by the Red Aunts. It was released in 1993 on Sympathy for the Record Industry.-Track listing:#"Kung Fu Kitten" - 3:45#"Sleeping Pill" - 2:12#"Lethal Lolita" - 2:23#"Hot Rod" - 2:58#"Sleeping in the Wet Spot" - 2:44...

    , an album by the Red Aunts
  • Drag racing
    Drag racing
    Drag racing is a competition in which specially prepared automobiles or motorcycles compete two at a time to be the first to cross a set finish line, from a standing start, in a straight line, over a measured distance, most commonly a ¼-mile straight track....

    , a form of automobile racing
  • Drag (music genre)
    Drag (music genre)
    Witch house is a music genre. The term Witch-house started as a joke that was originally used to describe occult-based house music by Travis Egedy and his friends in 2009....

    , a sub-genre of dark electronic music
  • Drag (film)
    Drag (film)
    Drag is a drama film directed by Frank Lloyd and starring Richard Barthelmess.-Cast:*Richard Barthelmess...David Carroll*Lucien Littlefield...Pa Parker*Kathrin Clare Ward...Ma Parker*Alice Day...Allie Parker*Tom Dugan...Charlie Parker...

    , a 1929 drama film directed by Frank Lloyd.

Other uses

  • Drag (clothing)
    Drag (clothing)
    Drag is used for any clothing carrying symbolic significance but usually referring to the clothing associated with one gender role when worn by a person of another gender. The origin of the term "drag" is unknown, but it may have originated in Polari, a gay street argot in England in the early...

    , slang for any costume, but particularly for clothes which do not match one's gender identity
    • Drag king
      Drag king
      Drag kings are mostly female performance artists who dress in masculine drag and personify male gender stereotypes as part of their performance. A typical drag king routine may incorporate dancing and singing, live as in the Momma's Boyz of San Francisco's performances or lip-synching...

      , mostly female identified people who dress and perform as males
    • Drag queen
      Drag queen
      A drag queen is a man who dresses, and usually acts, like a caricature woman often for the purpose of entertaining. There are many kinds of drag artists and they vary greatly, from professionals who have starred in films to people who just try it once. Drag queens also vary by class and culture and...

      , mostly male identified people who dress and perform as females
  • Drag, Norway
    Drag, Norway
    Drag is a village in the municipality of Tysfjord in Norway with approximately 950 inhabitants. It is located slightly less than 200 kilometres north of Bodø and 120 kilometres south of Narvik. Drag is connected to Kjøpsvik by ferry.-Lule Samis:The Árran Lule Sami Center is located in Drag....

    , a village in Tysfjord municipality, Nordland, Norway
  • Drág, the Hungarian
    Hungarian language
    Hungarian is a Uralic language, part of the Ugric group. With some 14 million speakers, it is one of the most widely spoken non-Indo-European languages in Europe....

     name for Dragu
    Dragu is a commune located in Sălaj County, Romania. It is composed of five villages: Adalin, Dragu, Fântânele, Ugruţiu and Voivodeni....

     Commune, Sălaj County
    Salaj County
    Sălaj is a county of Romania, in the historical regions of Crișana and Transylvania, with the capital city at Zalău.-Geography:Sălaj county has a total area of ....

    , Romania
    Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch, bordering on the Black Sea...

  • a deep inhalation
    Inhalation is the movement of air from the external environment, through the air ways, and into the alveoli....

    of a cigarette
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