• Full stop
    Full stop
    A full stop is the punctuation mark commonly placed at the end of sentences. In American English, the term used for this punctuation is period. In the 21st century, it is often also called a dot by young people...

    , also called period in American English, used as a sentence terminator and as a decimal separator
    Decimal separator
    Different symbols have been and are used for the decimal mark. The choice of symbol for the decimal mark affects the choice of symbol for the thousands separator used in digit grouping. Consequently the latter is treated in this article as well....

     (decimal point) in numerals ( . )
  • Interpunct
    An interpunct —also called an interpoint—is a small dot used for interword separation in ancient Latin script, which also appears in some modern languages as a stand-alone sign inside a word. It is present in Unicode as code point ....

    , between words, also called middle dot, centered dot, and Georgian comma ( · )
    • dot operator, used as notation for multiplication ( )
    • word separator middle dot, used in Avestan, Samaritan ( )
    • Katakana middle dot ( )
  • Dot (diacritic)
    Dot (diacritic)
    When used as a diacritic mark, the term dot is usually reserved for the Interpunct , or to the glyphs 'combining dot above' and 'combining dot below'...

    , above or below a character (e.g. , , , , , etc.) (   )
    • Hebrew shin and sin dots ( ) as well as upper and lower dots (   )
    • Syriac feminine dot ( )
    • Devanagari high spacing dot ( )
    • Myanmar dot below ( )
    • Canadian syllabics final middle dot ( )
    • Canadian syllabics final raised dot ( )
    • Vedic tone dot below
    • One dot leader, also used as Armenian semi-colon ( )
    • The dot above is used to denote time derivation, in Newtonian notation
    • There are also double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple diacritic dots
  • Dotted note
    Dotted note
    In Western musical notation, a dotted note is a note with a small dot written after it. The dot increases the duration of the basic note by half of its original value. If the basic note lasts 2 beats, the corresponding dotted note lasts 3 beats...

    , in music notation ( )


  • Dot (song), a single by the Los Angeles pop punk band ALL
  • Dot (MADtv character), a fictional character on the television show MADtv
  • Dot, A Drama in Three Acts, an 1859 stage adaption of the book The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens
  • Dot and Dash, an animated girl and animated boy appearing as the PBS idents
    PBS idents
    PBS idents are television idents used by the US Public Broadcasting Service . Programs distributed to its member stations end with a television ident including the PBS name and logo and often a voiceover, known in the industry as a "system cue". From October 5, 1970 to September 30, 1984 the logo...

  • Dot and the Kangaroo
    Dot and the Kangaroo
    -Film adaptations:The book was adapted into a film in 1977 which featured a combination of animation and live-action. The main character, Dot, was voiced by Barbara Frawley. The film also featured Spike Milligan as the voice of Platypus. The movie featured an original soundtrack including several...

    , a children's book by Ethel C. Pedley, written in 1899
  • Dot Branning
    Dot Branning
    Dorothy "Dot" Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, played by June Brown since 1985. In a special episode entitled EastEnders: Dot's Story a young Dot was played by Tallulah Pitt-Brown in flashbacks. Dot first appeared in EastEnders in July 1985 as the mother of...

    , fictional character on the television show EastEnders
  • Dot Dot Dot (magazine)
    Dot Dot Dot (magazine)
    Dot Dot Dot is a magazine of visual culture produced end edited by graphic designers Stuart Bailey and Peter Bilak. Since Dot Dot Dot 7, each issue of the magazine has been widely available as a paperback book...

    , a magazine publication
  • Dot Matrix (ReBoot), fictional character on the television series ReBoot
  • Dot Moore
    Dot Moore
    Dot Moore was a Mobile, Alabama TV personality and "ambassador" to the stars for 46 years, whose long broadcasting career spanned four talk show incarnations, numerous trips to the east and west coasts of the United States, and dozens of conversations with television and motion pictures stars...

     (1914–2007), television personality in Mobile, Alabama
  • Little Dot
    Little Dot
    Little Dot was a comic book character published by Harvey Comics between 1949 and 1982, and then sporadically until 1994. A little girl obsessed with dots, spots, and round, colorful objects, she first appeared in 1949 as a supporting feature in Sad Sack and by 1953 was given her own series,...

    , a comic book character
  • Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
    Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
    Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner, also known as "The Warner Brothers " or "The Warner Siblings", or just simply "The Warners", are the three titular cartoon characters featured on the animated series Animaniacs. The trio of red-nosed Warner siblings were considered to be the stars of the ensemble of...

    , characters from the animated television show Animaniacs

Companies and agencies

  • Department for Transport
    Department for Transport
    In the United Kingdom, the Department for Transport is the government department responsible for the English transport network and a limited number of transport matters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which are not devolved...

    , in the UK, formerly the Department of Transport (DoT)
  • Department of Telecommunications, India
  • Department of Tourism (Philippines)
    Department of Tourism (Philippines)
    The Department of Tourism is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for the regulation of the Philippine tourism industry and the promotion of the Philippines as a tourist destination....

  • Department of Transportation
    Department of Transportation
    The Department of Transportation is the most common name for a government agency in North America devoted to transportation. The largest is the United States Department of Transportation, which oversees interstate travel. All U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and many local agencies also have...

    , in the United States and various U.S. states
  • Dot Cycle and Motor Manufacturing Company
    Dot Cycle and Motor Manufacturing Company
    The Dot Cycle and Motor Manufacturing Company was established by Harry Reed in Salford, England, in 1903. By 1906 they had built their first motorcycle, using a Peugeot engine.-Harry Reed years :...

    , a British motorcycle manufacturing company
  • Dot Records
    Dot Records
    Dot Records was an American record label and company that was active between 1950 and 1977. It was founded by Randy Wood. In Gallatin, Tennessee, Wood had earlier started a mail order record shop, known for its radio ads on WLAC in Nashville and its R&B air personality Bill "Hoss" Allen...

    , an American company


  • Dot, an element in Morse code
    Morse code
    Morse code is a method of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment...

  • Dot (Unix)
    Dot (Unix)
    . called the dot command is used to execute its first argument, a file. It's possible to specify arguments in a second argument. The first argument file does not have to be executable, but must be accessible via a directory defined in the PATH environment variable. The dot command is often used to...

  • DOT language
    DOT language
    DOT is a plain text graph description language. It is a simple way of describing graphs that both humans and computer programs can use. DOT graphs are typically files that end with the .gv extension. The .gv extension is preferred, as .dot also is used by Microsoft Office 2003.Various programs...

    , in computation, the plain-text format for describing graphs used by Graphviz software
  • Dot matrix
    Dot matrix
    A dot matrix is a 2-dimensional array of LED used to represent characters, symbols and images.Typically the dot matrix is used in older computer printers and many digital display devices. In printers, the dots are usually the darkened areas of the paper...

    , a 2-dimensional array of dots used to generate characters, symbols and images
  • Damage over time, in computer and video games
  • Designated Order Turnaround or SuperDot, an electronic system used by NYSE to route market orders
  • Diffuse optical tomography
    Optical imaging
    Optical imaging is an imaging technique.Optics usually describes the behavior of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light used in imaging.Because light is an electromagnetic wave, similar phenomena occur in X-rays, microwaves, radio waves. Chemical imaging or molecular imaging involves inference...

    , an imaging technique
  • Directly observed treatment
    Directly observed treatment
    DOTS , is the name given to the World Health Organization-recommended tuberculosis control strategy that combines five components:...

    , a way to administer medicine
  • Dissolved oxygen tension (DOT)
  • Epiphone Dot
    Epiphone Dot
    The Epiphone Dot is an archtop electric guitar manufactured by Epiphone since the 1990s. It is the cheaper "alternative" to the Gibson ES-335...

    , a series of archtop guitars
  • "." may refer to the DNS root zone
    DNS root zone
    A DNS root zone is the top-level DNS zone in a Domain Name System hierarchy. Most commonly it refers to the root zone of the largest global DNS, deployed for the Internet. Ultimate authority over the DNS root zone rests with the US Department of Commerce NTIA...

    , the root domain of the Domain Name System
  • Dutch Open Telescope
    Dutch Open Telescope
    The Dutch Open Telescope , located on Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma , is an optical solar telescope with a main mirror of 45 centimeter and can reach an 0.2 arcsec resolution for sustained periods. For further optimization of the images, the DOT uses the image despeckle mechanism...

Other uses

  • Dot, a diminutive form of the given name Dorothy
    Dorothy (given name)
    Dorothy is a female given name from Greek Δωροθέα which is derived from the Greek phrase Δώρων Θεός meaning "Gift of God." Although much less common, there are also male equivalents in English such as "Dorie" from the Greek masculine Δωροθέος...

  • Dot (mango)
    Dot (mango)
    The Dot' mango is a mango cultivar that originated in South Florida. The cultivar has limited to no commercial plantings but is sold as nursery stock for home use in Florida.-History:...

    , a mango cultivar from Florida
  • The Dot, a children's picture book
  • The Dot, an Office Assistant
    Office Assistant
    The Office Assistant was a Microsoft Office feature to assist users by way of an interactive animated character, which interfaced with the Office help content. It used technology initially from Microsoft Bob and later Microsoft Agent, offering advice based on Bayesian algorithms...

    , one of several interactive animated characters available in Microsoft Office
  • The Dot (restaurant), a fictional café in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Dot product
    Dot product
    In mathematics, the dot product or scalar product is an algebraic operation that takes two equal-length sequences of numbers and returns a single number obtained by multiplying corresponding entries and then summing those products...

    , in mathematics
  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles
    Dictionary of Occupational Titles
    The Dictionary of Occupational Titles, commonly known as the DOT was the creation of the U.S. Employment Service, which used its thousands of occupational definitions to match job seekers to jobs from 1939 to the late 1990s....

  • Newton's notation for differentiation, in mathematics and physics
  • Tropical Storm Dot (disambiguation), several tropical storms
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