Devotion (1931 film)
Devotion is a romantic drama film starring Ann Harding
Ann Harding
Ann Harding was an American theatre, motion picture, radio, and television actress.-Early years:Born Dorothy Walton Gatley at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, to George G. Gatley and Elizabeth "Bessie" Crabb. The daughter of a career army officer, she traveled often during her early life...

 and Leslie Howard
Leslie Howard (actor)
Leslie Howard was an English stage and film actor, director, and producer. Among his best-known roles was Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind and roles in Berkeley Square , Of Human Bondage , The Scarlet Pimpernel , The Petrified Forest , Pygmalion , Intermezzo , Pimpernel Smith...

 based on the Pamela Wynne
Pamela Wynne
Pamela Wynne the author was a romantic novelist during the 1920s and 30's with a career lasting until her death in 1959.-Life:She was born with the name Winifred Mary Watson, London 1879. Her father Samuel was a solicitor in the City of London and Winifred was the fourth child born to Samuel and...

 novel A Little Flat in the Temple. Its plot involves a woman who disguises herself and gains employment in the home of the man she loves.


  • Ann Harding as Shirley Mortimer
  • Leslie Howard as David Trent
  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams (actor)
    Robert Williams was an American stage and film actor.-Career:Born in Morgantown, North Carolina, Williams appeared in his first film The Vengeance of Winona, in 1914. In 1922, he made his Broadway stage debut in the popular stage comedy Abie's Irish Rose...

     as Norman Harrington
  • O.P. Heggie
    O.P. Heggie
    O.P. Heggie was an Australian film and theatre actor working in the United States.-Theatre:Before becoming a film actor, he appeared in numerous Broadway-theatre productions in New York City, New York.-Film:...

     as Emmet Mortimer
  • Louise Closser Hale
    Louise Closser Hale
    Louise Closser Hale was an American actress, playwright and novelist.Louise Closser was born either in Springfield, Massachusetts or Chicago, Illinois . Her father was Joseph A. Closser, a wealthy grain dealer and her mother was Louise M. Closser...

     as Mrs. Mortimer
  • Dudley Digges
    Dudley Digges (actor)
    Dudley Digges was an Irish stage and film actor.Digges was born in Dublin. He went to America with a group of Irish players in 1904, and became successful both as an actor and producer. For a time, he was stage manager to Charles Frohman and George Arliss...

     as Sergeant Herbert Coggins
  • Alison Skipworth
    Alison Skipworth
    Alison Skipworth was an English stage and screen actress. She was born Alison Mary Elliott Margaret Groom in London....

     as Mrs. Matilda Coggins
  • Doris Lloyd
    Doris Lloyd
    Hessy Doris Lloyd was an English actress.She appeared in over 150 films between 1920 and 1967, including the 1933 low-budget Monogram Pictures version of Oliver Twist, in which she played Nancy...

     as Pansy
  • Olive Tell
    Olive Tell
    Olive Tell was a stage and screen actress from New York City.She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1915....

    as Mrs. Trent
  • Ruth Weston as Margaret Mortimer
  • Joan Carr as Marjory Fielding
  • Douglas Scott as Derek Trent
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