Dark Green Fritillary
The Dark Green Fritillary (Argynnis aglaja) is a butterfly
A butterfly is a mainly day-flying insect of the order Lepidoptera, which includes the butterflies and moths. Like other holometabolous insects, the butterfly's life cycle consists of four parts: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Most species are diurnal. Butterflies have large, often brightly coloured...

 of the Nymphalidae family.
The insect has a wide range in the Palearctic ecozone  - Europe
Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally 'divided' from Asia to its east by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting...

, Morocco
Morocco , officially the Kingdom of Morocco , is a country located in North Africa. It has a population of more than 32 million and an area of 710,850 km², and also primarily administers the disputed region of the Western Sahara...

, Iran
Iran , officially the Islamic Republic of Iran , is a country in Southern and Western Asia. The name "Iran" has been in use natively since the Sassanian era and came into use internationally in 1935, before which the country was known to the Western world as Persia...

 , Siberia
Siberia is an extensive region constituting almost all of Northern Asia. Comprising the central and eastern portion of the Russian Federation, it was part of the Soviet Union from its beginning, as its predecessor states, the Tsardom of Russia and the Russian Empire, conquered it during the 16th...

, Central Asia
Central Asia
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, China
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, Korea
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 and Japan
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  • A. a. aglaja Southern Europe , Central Europe, Caucasus, Altai, Sayan, West Siberia, South Siberia
  • A. a. borealis (Strand
    Embrik Strand
    Embrik Strand was an arachnologist who classified many insect and spider species, including the greenbottle blue tarantula....

     , 1901) Europe, Siberia, Russian Far East
    Russian Far East
    Russian Far East is a term that refers to the Russian part of the Far East, i.e., extreme east parts of Russia, between Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean...

     , Kamchatka
  • A. a. lyauteyi (Oberthür
    Charles Oberthür
    Charles Oberthür was a French entomologist specializing in Lepidoptera. He was the son of François-Charles Oberthür.Oberthür named 42 new genera of moths -Works:...

     , 1920) Morocco (Middle Atlas)
  • A. a. excelsior (Rothschild
    Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild
    Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, Baron de Rothschild FRS , a scion of the Rothschild family, was a British banker, politician, and zoologist.-Biography:...

     , 1933) Morocco (Rif Mountains)
  • A. a. ottomana (Röber
    Julius Röber
    Julius Röber was a German entomologist who specialised in Lepidoptera.Röber lived in Dresden.He described many new species and genera .-Works:*Parts of Staudinger, O., and Schatz, E...

     , 1896) Armenia, Talys, Kopet Dagh
  • A. a. gigasvitatha (Verity
    Ruggero Verity
    Ruggero Verity was an Italian entomologist who specialised in butterflies.Verity was born in Florence on 20 May 1883, the elder son of Richard Henry Manners Verity and his wife Matilda daughter of Cav. Sebastiano Fenzi and Emily Verity...

     , 1935) Tian-Shan, Ghissar, Darvaz, Alai, South Altai
  • A. a. vitatha (Moore
    Frederic Moore
    Frederic Moore FZS was a British entomologist. It has been said that Moore was born at 33 Bruton Street but may be incorrect given that this was the address of the menagerie and office of the Zoological Society of London from 1826 to 1836.Moore was appointed an assistant in the East India Company...

     , 1874) Pamirs
  • A. a. clavimacula (Matsumura
    Shonen Matsumura
    was a Japanese entomologist .Born in Akashi, Hyōgo, Dr. Shonen Matsumura established Japan’s first course on entomology at Hokkaido University .The courses were both applied and theoretical...

     , 1929) South Ussuri
  • A. a. kenteana (Stichel
    Hans Ferdinand Emil Julius Stichel
    Hans Ferdinand Emil Julius Stichel was a German entomologist who specialised in Lepidoptera.Stichel studied at the Königliche Realgymnasium of Berlin then, in May 1882, he started to study philosophy at the Königl university Friedrich-Wilhelm...

     , 1901) Transbaikalia, North Ussuri, Amur
  • A. a. tonnai (Matsumura, 1928) Sakhalin
  • A. a. bessa (Fruhstorfer
    Hans Fruhstorfer
    Hans Fruhstorfer was a German explorer, insect trader and entomologist who specialised in Lepidoptera. He collected and described many new species of exotic butterflies, especially in Seitz's Macrolepidoptera of the World...

     , 1907) ?

United Kingdom

In the U.K. the habitat is often pastures and flowery banks, and nearby areas where the preferred foodplants for the larvae, Viola canina
Viola canina
Viola canina is a species of the genus Viola, native to Europe, where it is found in the uplands of box hill in Dorset, heaths, fens, and moist woodlands, especially on acidic soils....

and Viola riviniana
Viola riviniana
Viola riviniana, the Common Dog-violet, is a species of the genus Viola. It is also called wood violet or dog violet. It is a perennial herb of woodland rides, grassland and shady hedge banks...

, grow.

The Dark Green Fritillary uses violets within Bracken mosaics frequently consisting of one-third Bracken
Bracken are several species of large, coarse ferns of the genus Pteridium. Ferns are vascular plants that have alternating generations, large plants that produce spores and small plants that produce sex cells . Brackens are in the family Dennstaedtiaceae, which are noted for their large, highly...

 and two-thirds grass
Grasses, or more technically graminoids, are monocotyledonous, usually herbaceous plants with narrow leaves growing from the base. They include the "true grasses", of the Poaceae family, as well as the sedges and the rushes . The true grasses include cereals, bamboo and the grasses of lawns ...

, often on the edges of suitable High Brown Fritillary
High Brown Fritillary
The High Brown Fritillary is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family, native from Europe across mainland Asia to Japan.The adults fly in July/August and lay eggs near to the larval food plants which are species of violets,...

habitat. Their distribution can be found on the NBN website.here
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