Daniel J. Bernstein
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 for Sultan Thaha Airport
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 in Jambi, Indonesia
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Daniel Julius Bernstein (sometimes known simply as djb; born October 29, 1971) is a mathematician
A mathematician is a person whose primary area of study is the field of mathematics. Mathematicians are concerned with quantity, structure, space, and change....

, cryptologist, programmer
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, and professor
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 of mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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. He is the author of the computer software
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 programs qmail
qmail is a mail transfer agent that runs on Unix. It was written, starting December 1995, by Daniel J. Bernstein as a more secure replacement for the popular Sendmail program...

, publicfile, and djbdns
The djbdns software package is a DNS implementation created by Daniel J. Bernstein due to his frustrations with repeated BIND security holes. A $1000 prize for the first person to find a privilege escalation security hole in djbdns was awarded in March 2009 to Matthew Dempsky., djbdns's tinydns...

Bernstein earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics from New York University
New York University
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 (1991) and has a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley
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 (1995), where he studied under Hendrik Lenstra
Hendrik Lenstra
Hendrik Willem Lenstra, Jr. is a Dutch mathematician.-Biography:Lenstra received his doctorate from the University of Amsterdam in 1977 and became a professor there in 1978...


"So it's tempting to incorporate a smaller resolver library into qmail. [...] I'd no longer be able to blame the BIND authors and vendors for the fact that attackers can easily use DNS to steal mail." [From the file "THOUGHTS" of the qmail distribution]